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In America the Fire Last Time Fuels the Fire Next Time

“Would you like to live in a home or do you want to live in a yurt?”Nate Wadsworth

Faithful readers of American Digest are acquaninted with The Essential Craftsman, a YouTube channel featuring Scott Wadsworth of Oregon. It is one of the most interesting and decent channels you can follow.

But there is also the podcast channel Essential Craftsman 2 which is anchored by Wadsworth son and partner Nate Wadsworth. This is a long-format discussion channel featuring experts in various fields of construction and any other subject that engages Nate’s interest.

Today’s enlightening and information episode is  Lumber, Logs, and Timber on Fire with John Blodgett about all things wood, including the management of our forests and the fires that ravaged the west coast of the United States in 2020.

I’ve trimmed this hour-long discussion to the section that takes a hard and uncompromising look at the causes and effects of the advent of “Forest Fire Season” in the US and how it came to be and why it isn’t going away anytime soon. And, no, it has nothing to do with global climate warming change and a lot to do with the current crazed goverment and the drooling morons that support current forest policy.

The whole podcast is valuable but this section cuts to the quick.


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  • ghostsniper March 4, 2021, 1:41 PM

    I imagine the average person believes forests are pristine like the manicured ones in the movies, but the truth is somewhat diff. On our little spot O’Turf about 3/4 of it is dense forest with very steep terrain going in various directions. Traversing our spot from north to south at night is not for the meek. No, not at all. If you try you will most likely get your ass beat and if you do get to the to the side you won’t be worth a fuk.

    I have no idea, really, but I’d estimate there are 100,000 trees on our property, from 4′ saplings to 80′ oaks. There is a fair amount of deadfall, more so than you would imagine. In a less harsh terrain I’d try to clean it up. But raw timber is heavy, requiring heavy machinery to deal with it and there is just no way in hell to get machinery back in there. So the deadfall just lays there, accumulating.

    There are areas back there, on the steeply sloped places, where the deadfall is criss-crossed 4,6, 8 or more layers deep. Moss and fungus covered, you can’t walk on them. Nor do you want to. Scoping out the other trees in those areas shows many many more trees angled trepiditiously patiently waiting their turn to join the heap on the forest floor.

    Eventually all trees go molecular but it takes a long, long time. Decades. We’ve been here 15 years now and there are downed trees in our woods that having fallen before we came here, and are still almost full size, with very little decay. They are decayed, but if you sink a chainsaw blade into them you will instantly see they are still very solid. Not crumbly like those that have been laying there for 30-40 years or more.

    In the summer, when it is dry and hot, the deadfall and all that tanglefoot around it can become dangerous regarding fire. My understanding is that this has never happened around here because the hot-dry season doesn’t last long enough for things to escalate to the level of a fire. So yeah, if you have heat (the climate) and fuel (dead trees and tanglefoot) and air you have all the makings of combustion, cept for ignition.

    On a large scale there is probably no way to prevent forest fires but with proper management by entities that have reason or vested interest they can probably be controlled somewhat. Overall, I’m guessing, as with anything dangerous, if you keep distance between yourself and danger you have little to worry about. If you don’t, you do, and you can take precautions, which I have outlined here before.

  • Teresa Pittman March 4, 2021, 6:25 PM

    I used to work for the government tree nursery, back in the 70s. They grew trees for replanting, hired lots of hippies to go out and plant trees. The area around the nursery was well maintained (built by the CCC guys) and there was an arboretum planted with exotic trees back in the 30s. But the government got less interested in doing all of that. They started closing down facilities and hiring cheaper workers. They traded the facility to the county for some timber land. Makes me sad to see the houses there falling apart. And the arboretum was overgrown years ago, with most of the trees dying. They could go back to sane forest management, but that won’t happen. The enviros in charge now think that letting it go wild is the best way to handle it. Don’t salvage any dead trees because that might be profitable to a logging company. They would rather see people get burned out.

  • Casey Klahn March 4, 2021, 9:04 PM

    Timber is an economic term. Commies don’t like commerce.

    Loggers do not do things against their own interest.

    Just think of the economy available in caring for the woods. But no! Tha environment!

    This is why I said, half in jest but actually in sober thought: on day 1, Trump should’ve put padlocks on the door to the Dept of the Interior, seized all of the hard drives, and issued pink slips and subpoenas to everyone mid management and above. Same with the other alphabets; FBI, CIA.

    Now…look where we are.

    I asked my dad, who logged the PNW big timber and so did my grandpas: what about old growth? He said you can’t log old growth, it’s all punk inside anyway. Later, he said: “if they don’t cut it down, it’ll just fall down.” I challenge anyone to outthink that logic.

  • EX-Californian Pete March 5, 2021, 8:33 AM

    From what I understand, very few Californians, and even less residents of other states know that the previous Governor of Commiefornia, Jerry Brown, VETOED (and for no reason at all) a wildfire mitigation bill in 2016- voted in by BOTH parties, that would have prevented the Camp Fire and other deadly fires in Commiefornia.

    In other words, both PG&E and Jerry Brown are technically mass murderers by their ignorance and ineptitude.

    Yet, somehow, no one has been charged with murder, or even homicide by negligence.
    Liberals are truly the spawn of Satan.