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If You Can’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover What Reason Do You Have for Buying It?

The Decade in Book Covers | The Casual Optimist


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  • ghostsniper February 7, 2020, 8:57 AM

    I bought this book based primarily on it’s cover.
    Still have it.

  • Jack Turk February 7, 2020, 9:21 AM

    Sooooo cool to see the book from Stuart Dybek! He was my English professor for creative writing at Western Michigan University back in the late 1970s. Awesome human being, great teacher, and a wonderful writer.

  • James ONeil February 7, 2020, 10:39 AM

    I mush admit I have bought many a book judging by it’s title.

    For example who could have resisted, back in 1984, buying The Moon’s Fire Eating Daughter, by John Myers Myers?

  • Vanderleun February 7, 2020, 11:08 AM

    I had that Goldsworthy book too. Fantastic.

  • Rob De Witt February 7, 2020, 11:31 AM


    Apostrophes, chillun.