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“I could teach anybody to be a farmer. You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn. “

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  • gwbnyc March 7, 2020, 9:08 AM

    be sure you’re sitting on it, bloomberg

  • BillH March 7, 2020, 9:44 AM

    Bloomberg, like a lot of today’s billionaires, made his bucks manipulating information and money. Contrast with Henry Ford, A.G. Bell, Wilbur & Orville Wright et al. Shows you how far we’ve come, or sunk, or whatever.

  • Casey Klahn March 7, 2020, 10:03 AM

    This has proven that it wasn’t Trump’s money, alone, that created his win. The people aren’t so stupid as that; I do hate the media and the Left for the shit they say about us.

    Farmers. I’d much rather know a farmer than anyone from the Beltway. Those saggy-assed bastards. Not .01% of any of them would last a day on a farm.

  • Casey Klahn March 7, 2020, 10:16 AM

    While I’m at it, I’ll bitch about the Fux in Seattle.

    When I used to live there, it became trendy for awhile, to say “How would you like to be from Forks?” Meaning Forks, WA, which is one of three logging communities in the Evergreen State. Loggers are low-breed, i guess was the idea.

    So, I was guiding the Mt Rainier climbm and I was the number 2 guide of three of us with 12 clients and just picture us on the slanting ice slope of the east side, at I think it was 12,000 ft. The cuck of a lead guide pops off to me, “Imagine being from Forks?” I said, “well, my father was from Forks, and my grandfather, too.” He might have realized that his leadership as our lead guide was thin at that moment. He was a famous guy in Seattle, too. I piss on his grave, that cuck sonofabitch.

    Any logger in Forks, with rock hard biceps and a 5,000 calorie a day diet, could kill him instantly if it came down to it.

    Libs have nothing but contempt for people, and the more capable the citizen, the more contemptuous they are towards them. Imagine a farmer saying the stupid shit Brian Williams just said on the TV about 500 dollars. It’s unimaginable; farmers are seamless with the science of our Earth. Oh yeah. These are the crapweasels who’ve re-imagined farming as a shit-covered organic market. You pay extra for the shit covering, and never mind the bug holes and the small sizes of your organic veggies.

  • ghostsniper March 7, 2020, 12:34 PM

    It’s not unusual around here to see a tractor on the road pulling an attachment that goes all the way across the road and hangs off both sides, and that is in the folded up traveling position. Right. Maybe 40′ wide. And the tractor itself has 2 huge tires on each corner, maybe 8′ tall. It would eat a Prius for breakfast and shit easter eggs for the next 3 days. When he sees 4 vehicles backed up behind him he’ll pull over and let everybody pas, then back on the road again. We used to it.

    The Wagler farm down the road does soybeans one year and corn the next. A few years ago they installed an 8″ dia hose all over that field, underground. Down 1 row and back the next over and over, musta been miles and miles of hose. The end of the hose sticks up out of the ground close to the road and I’ve seen 20 or more semi tractor tankers lined up to pump their fertilizer in that hose. We’re about a mile away and for days after we can smell that ripe cow nectar like it was right here in the front yard and I don’t find it annoying at all. Come early Sept them stalks are 12′ tall and the ears are 14′ long and almost 4″ in dia. Eating 2 of them will fill ya up to the brim and you’ll have that shit all over the front of your shirt but you’ll be as happy as a clam. Some folks roast em but I’ve never been taken with the flavor or texture. I cut the base off with a razor sharp knife then put 2 on a big plate then in the nuker for exactly 8 mins. Take em out, careful, they’s hot as lava, grab the tassle and give it a good shake and the clean ear slides right out the husk with nary a hair to be seen. Where my salt and budda iz???

  • ghostsniper March 7, 2020, 2:49 PM

    14 INCHES!

  • Gnawbone Jack March 7, 2020, 4:14 PM

    Out here in the hills of fly-over country we’ve learned that when the farmers have a good year, most folks do as well. Working part time at the local hardware store, I see more common sense and reason from loggers, craftsmen and farmers than anything on display in the media.

  • Morgan K Freeberg March 7, 2020, 5:13 PM

    Mr. Klahn nailed it. Brian Williams replaces Warren “Best picture this year is La La Land!!” Beatty as the best example of living in a fictional reality created & reinforced throughout decades by a unicorn livelihood. When people say “I wouldn’t hire Hillary Clinton to so much as scoop up my dog’s droppings” they’re not necessarily talking about party affiliation or about being an unpleasant nasty unsophisticated woman. Some people just live in reality only so much as their situation requires that they do so, and then they have some situation that never requires that they do so. They shouldn’t be running anything anywhere.

  • John the River March 7, 2020, 6:35 PM

    Step five Mikey, spread fertilizer. In your case just open your mouth.

  • ghostsniper March 7, 2020, 6:49 PM

    Hey Gnawbone, you work at Bear Hardware?
    If so, you probably know Bruce. He’s a neighbor down the road by Echo Lake.

  • Auntie Analogue March 7, 2020, 9:09 PM

    Okay, y’all know the tune, so sing out! . . . :

    Old Mike Bloomberg had a farm
    Ee-Eye, Ee-eye . . . NOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Gnawbone Jack March 8, 2020, 4:28 AM

    10-4 ghostsniper. Read your comments here @ AD over the years and figured it was time…

  • M. Murcek March 8, 2020, 6:28 AM

    And now it’s come out that some of his campaign help was taking his money and telling people to vote for Bernie. That’s some operation you had there, Mikey…

  • ghostsniper March 8, 2020, 10:40 AM

    GJ, I’ll tell ya, I’ve been in a lot of hardware stores over the years and Bear is probably the best I’ve seen, though a little pricey. It’s very rare that they don’t have what ya need. Clean and orderly too. Curt runs a pretty tight ship. Are the tenderloins out there in Gnawbone as good as they were about 10 years ago or so before they shut down? Been meaning to stop in try one on but don’t get out that way much.

  • Nunnya Bidnez, jr March 8, 2020, 5:59 PM

    “I could teach anybody to be a …undertaker…. You dig a hole, you put a ….politician… in, you put dirt on top, add ….lye… , up comes the corn. “

    too soon?

  • Walter Sobchak March 8, 2020, 6:42 PM

    And crazy old Joe got his licks in to:

    At the end of December, Biden was explaining why his Climate Change Program won’t disrupt the lives of coal miners if it is enacted:

    “Anybody who can go down 3000 feet in a mine can sure as hell learn to program as well.”

    “Anybody who can throw coal into a furnace can learn how to program, for God’s sake!”