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How Not To Get Shot by a Soldier

“The thing to remember is that while just about every revolution you read about does involve a crowd of people rushing at armed men, those people usually end up dead or in a lot of pain. You should expect to have the same thing happen to you. Putting on a Kefiyah or a pair of Birkenstocks does not exempt you from the laws of physics, or the code of common sense. Putting your wacky beliefs about a pedophile who rode a flying horse in a dream aside, if you attack someone, you should expect them to respond. And if they have a gun, they will respond with bullets.

“At that point you will either become a martyr or the world’s ugliest man….

“He does not particularly care what you believe, just that you not attack him while you are believing it. To you he is only a rage puppet in a political or religious narrative. To him, once you attack you are nothing more than a moving target. Understanding this will help you to not get shot. Failing to understand this is how martyrs are made. But the thing about martyrdom is that the health plan is terrible and there’s no long term prospects to it at all….

“When you pick up a knife or a rock or a gun, you are not facing the politicians or the generals who answer to them. You are facing men who bear you no particular ill will, but do want to get home to their families that night or that month or that week. And if you do anything that risks interfering with that, they will shoot you.

“They are just guarding the front lines. They are not politicians. They just have guns and know how to use them. And if you attack them, you will die. And in that moment you will realize that neither your moving poems or your Koran, will do you the least bit of good. Because while you have the passion, they have the training. And the best to not be shot by men trained in the art of violence, is to put down the knife, the rock or the gun and walk the other way.”

FROM THE Invaluable Sultan Knish

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  • Casey Klahn May 16, 2018, 9:55 AM

    Think a bit harder, though. Getting shot by a soldier just might be the bonus points a Lefty wants; think asymmetrically.

    Re: Kent State.

  • ghostsniper May 16, 2018, 10:44 AM

    If getting killed is a bonus, I don’t want none.
    I’d rather be on the other end of the gun.
    As far as all that “battle lines bein’ formed…” stuff goes, if you want to be a victim jump right in.

  • Jim in Alaska May 16, 2018, 11:19 AM

    Hum. Thinking a bit more realistically rather than harder, I suspect the vast majority of lefties do not want to be shot be solders, but if the 3 other lefties on each side of him get shot, he’s cool with that.