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Have a Red Veterans Day: A message from Dirk

What we are experiencing is a new strategy. The left cannot, will not allow the great news of a red wave to seal the deal. So the press froze it in play.

Their tactics have broken even the strongest of hard-core right men and women. At some level we wanted,we demanded that excitement from that Red Wave. We fucking earned that wave, dammit. Yet the media and the blue team stole even that.

The outcome will be the same, the excitement of The Red Wave was suppressed. Brilliant actually,

Look at the spin on the events past few days, the Right’s wicked pissed,and is fighting. What was and will be gained in the end, when TOTALS of vote counts are in will be tainted by our fighting, our anger.

A very small example is I was initially wicked pissed off at Trump. Yet after I saw the correct numbers, Trump was wildly successful, I was pissed that Trump went after Desantis, how dare he attack the most successful politician this election.

Florida went the distance and shut the left-wing nonsense down before it was allowed to happen. Not so in the other states. Florida shut down the lies pre-election allowed for zero wiggle room, zero room for the left to talk shit, to continue what their strategy plans been across the nation.

Again brilliant actually. Look at the outcomes in every other state. Pandemonium. . . wicked pissed-off right-wingers, calling bullshit on everything, everyone.

WE WON!, no matter how you look at it, the numbers don’t lie.

This ain’t over until it’s over, so pull your heads out of your asses, quit talking nonsense, or psychobabble, lies, half-truths, and straight-up bullshit. While the blue states play silly games, go PT, shoot another mag, pop a target in the head at 1000m. Quit overreacting. When we do we are doing exactly what the left has programmed us to do. They’re laughing at our ignorance. They’re playing us. But a lot of blues got kicked to the curb, and a lot more blues about to get kicked to the curb.

The red team did an outstanding job, I believe when vote counting was done and said, we will be in a good/er spot, certainly much better than 24 months ago.

NOTHING pushes my button more than Biden on TV with that smirk that bullshit line, “ I’m not changing a thing”. The fuck you’re not president douchebag. You and the Dems got owned. We The People just don’t realize it yet. Because the conservatives got owned by a blue prank.

Lastly: Here in Oregon bill 114, the anti-gun bill is 50/50, was picking up a few shotguns yesterday, and the gun store was flooded with customers, buying guns to be under the date, should it break bad.

I scored a Beretta 303 semi-auto shotgun 12, an 870 shorty 20, and a Winchester model 12, 12 ga. Ten pounds of Varget.

Elsewhere a court in Texas has overturned ATF on the 80% lowers ban. The courts explained that ATF doesn’t make laws, they enforce those laws. The window for 80% purchases of Mrs and any 80% pistols is open again. If you didn’t stock up, now is your opportunity.

Happy Veterans Day, to my brother and sister Vets.


Julia Carpenter, 11, sits at her grandmother’s grave, World War II United States Marine Corp veteran Mary Winston, at the National Cemetery in Bourne, Mass., Friday afternoon, Nov. 11

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  • Casey Klahn November 11, 2022, 10:35 PM

    Happy Veteran’s Day, Dirk. VetDay greetings to all present.

  • Hoss November 12, 2022, 6:28 AM

    A late happy Veteran’s Day to you Dirk and everyone else who served.

  • Terry November 12, 2022, 3:18 PM

    I never celebrate veterans day. I lost several friends in Nam. The politicians war for dollars. Horrid death, torture & maiming operation for false/fake reasons.

  • Dirk November 12, 2022, 8:31 PM

    It’s a play on words or intent. There is nothing happy about Vets Day, I ponder my response for the past fifty years, is it happy vets day or is it fuck vets day, etc, you guys get it. We all lost someone or something.

    I literally love you guys, I’m honored to be among you all, well do anything to get my brothers and sister thru, we will assist as we can.

    Funny story to share. We are at an Airbnb on the McKinzie river in a small barrio named “Mckinzie bridge’ maybe fifty miles upriver from Eugene Oregon, watching the Oregon DUCKS play UDUB, University of Washington…….fantastic game.

    These people this close to EUGENE eat sleep and shit Ducks football. We had a blast not to mention six 27-ounce Oregon home-brewed beers. The wife poured down two bottles of killer red wine, with our newfound friends whom we’ve sworn allegiance to, but will never see again.

    As we sat, I reviewed the faces the smiles the commitment to the bar, the Ducks, the gay men their wives or husbands, and the lesbian women their life partners.

    Yet I wish my straight as hell wife sat shoulder to shoulder and shared a wonderful evening, Football being the theme. We drank we eat, we shared stories of life, dreams, and even failures.

    We sprang for the last round, 230.00 dollars, was our honor to do so. As we left names numbers and empty promises were shared. Frankly I enjoyed the evening, I enjoyed the people. We are different, should a fight come down, I honestly don’t imagine many of our new best friends fighting along side us for our believes our values.

    While I’m in no hurry to send any of them to hell, around 27 ounces of Oregon home-brewed beer we found common ground. Common likes, common sports values. We had a blast, my right hand never far from my custom Glock 19, or the two twenty-round support magazines.

    I’m happy today wasn’t the day I needed my tools, I’m happy we were able to find some common ground, politics, religion or sexual preference came up. Prolly best for everybody present.

    Oregon prop 114 passed, simply stated the single most intrusive set of gun laws ever penned. I don’t believe from an objective point of view this 114 is even close to constitutional in its application.

    Tina Kotex a straight-up communist, won the Oregon governor’s seat. The majority of elected sheriffs have stated their refusal to support 114, and those sheriffs agreed on the law, as penned is unconstitutional.

    The left continues to push, the right continues to sit on our hands, and good honorable men and women will only sit on their hands for so long. With the pressure of the left put on the right, I just don’t see the good men and women in the state of Oregon chilling much longer.

    TIC TOC. My friend,

  • Vanderleun November 13, 2022, 1:46 PM

    Here’s something a little late, but always right on time.

  • FREDERICK BAUMANN November 15, 2022, 11:40 AM

    Julia Carpenter, 11, sits at her grandmother’s grave, World War II United States Marine Corp veteran Mary Winston, at the National Cemetery in Bourne, Mass., Friday afternoon, Nov. 11


    Julia Carpenter, 11, sits at the grave of her grandmother, World War II US Marine Corps veteran Mary Winston, at the National Cemetery in Bourne, Mass., on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2022.