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Harvey Weinstein Sentencing Speeches starring Mike Obama w/ Whoopie Goldberg as Darth Vader

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  • John The River February 29, 2020, 5:32 AM

    Couldn’t watch that video, too long and started with the worlds ugliest transgender woman in the world.

    But I’d just like to say, Don’t get cocky!

  • Jack February 29, 2020, 6:07 AM

    You’re confused Mr. Obama. Harvey’s close association with you says all anyone needs to know about you. Try not to be jealous but Harvey the Hutt is much closer to Hillary than you.

  • Anon February 29, 2020, 7:47 AM

    Mr Weinstein is a jerk. But my gut tells me that every woman who went to his suites shaved their legs and put on their best dress and were prepared to do whatever for that break into show biz. What we have here is a collection of women who had second thoughts about what they did and now want to blame him. Given our legal system where it is virtually impossible to defend yourself from a rape charge the second thought groupies will succeed in their revenge.

    I suspect that if they had done the same thing to get their kid into Harvard that the prosecutor would be going after them instead. Just saying…

  • Anne Lee February 29, 2020, 9:36 AM

    I too am wary of an over confidence in the Trump re-election. Here in the Rocky Mountain state where I live the left has done everything possible to lay the groundwork for a fraudulent election. Our R senator is up for re-election as is our only congress person. The left HAS TO have this state this year and as I said, they are doing everything possible. What I am always curious about is this: who, or what group puts up the BIG–REALLY BIG–bucks to make this happen? I have been aware of their bringing in “agents of change” in the past. These people come from other states and usually have advanced degrees in some social studies of some sort–the MA in Community Organizing from Florida is one degree that I am aware of living in newly built apartments. This is a state whose only large industries are agriculture, tourism, and timber–the folks coming into the populated cities will never work in these industries. Let me give you one example: A gal was supervising the unloading of the moving van bringing in her household goods. She was about 45 years old and I stopped to say hello and introduce myself. Asked her where she was from–“Chicago”, she said. I asked her why she chose to move here–” I am newly divorced and they got me a job”, she said. When I asked her where she would be working –“The University”, she said. Because it was a university job and her moving van was larger sized, I expected her to be a professional from a particular field, when I asked her response was stunning–“I’ll be hostessing in the faculty dining room. Take cash, and making sure the tables are set up for lunch and events.” Two years later she was one of the leaders of the “pussy hat” march.

  • Vanderleun February 29, 2020, 10:23 AM

    Yes, it is indeed alarming when you start to see how deeply organized and broadly funded all these communists and their fellow-travelers are.

  • John the River February 29, 2020, 12:15 PM

    ” broadly funded “; with our money, since they are not generally the productive ones in our country. But they have learned, and learned well, that forming, growing, and tapping the political redistribution of wealth and advantage can be very lucrative.
    And now, in the run up to this crucial election, the piper calls the tune.