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Great CATch

Fans who helped save falling cat bring American flag to every Canes game

HT: Neo who has more from another angle.

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  • Mike Seyle September 12, 2021, 4:59 PM

    So I guess it’s safe to bring up the nice grilling kumbayah get-together again? I had my head down for a bit with all the vitriol. But 9/11 does affect us. I’m thinking it probably should.

  • guildofcannonballs September 12, 2021, 6:45 PM

    I listen to 1240 relevant radio, since I moved to WI to be near family, and it tells me I am living in mortal sin and my non-Catholic children will be doomed. https://relevantradio.com

    Fair enough.

    Please don’t act as though you are okay Catholic-wise because internent personalities such as Ann Barnhardt confirm you are okay via methods such as links or referalls.

    If I and my wife and children are living in mortal sin and therefore headed to Hell, that isn’t something when brought up should be shunted aside as drive-by trolling. It means literally everything.

    Catholicism is the most demanding concept I have encountered. My mother worships 7 days a week. Her politics and that of her church anger me but I have too much reverence toward the honoring of my mother and father to argue about it. Dad is a non-religous hero with Alzheimer’s who would have kicked me in the nuts for calling him a hero, but he was and is.

    I just drunkenly wonder on-line “hey how do people square this circle” considering Ann Barnhardt knows 10000x times more about Catholicism than what I do yet she seems okay with people who are living in mortal sin.

    You bet I am confused and worried, and I do consider Barnhardt a semi-hero for sacrificing material gain to spread her truth.

    God bless all, even though it hurts me to think, Communists too.

    • Casey Klahn September 13, 2021, 3:57 PM

      The Roman Catholics are awful to cats, but I fail to see your point? WTF does the RC church have to do with this post?

      Your interestingly strange skreed may have some merit if only it were on topic. Nah. I take that back: it’s meritless.