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“Goodbye Kids:” To Hell in a Biden Basket

“The time has come when we are at war with NATO and the collective West.” — Russian Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu

And the time has also come when the United States, led by a shadow government known collectively as “The White House,” is represented by a mouth-breathing, incontinent old man held together by his wife’s amalgam of instant oatmeal, neck bolts, baling wire, and Adderall suppositories. Thus, slowly the world turns and step by step, inch by inch, heads right toward Niagra Falls.

Last night President Putin declared that he was ready to defend the territorial integrity of Russia by any means at hand. This morning the West’s propaganda machines (aka The Media) want its illiterati to think he’s a power-crazed totalitarian and went to war with only the aim of conquering the Ukraine. That goal may or may not be true. Most mouth-breathing morons in the “collective West” believe that Russia has done this “without provocation.”

On the contrary, my dear Watson, the West has been poking the Russian bear for decades while pouring a full-tilt “Hate Russia” propaganda stream into the echoing brain-pans of their citizenry. Think of all the standard villains the Russians have replaced in our films and novels and other weapons of mass distraction over the last 20 years. Your standard villains such as oh, “The Hun,” “The Krauts,” “The Nips,” “The Korean Commies,” “The Chinese Commies,” “The Commies,” “The Viet Cong,” “The Black Panthers,” “The Muslims,” “The Mexican Banditos;” all have been replaced by “The Russians” (Mafia or Otherwise.) This relentless demonization has been so successful that the West, with the “US White House” leading the parade, is heading right into the blind alley of nuclear destruction.

This “Hate Thy Russkies” campaign has been so successful that many of Biden’s 81 Million dead voters are cheering nuclear war on. Clearly, since they are willing to elect a bowl floater as president to avoid ‘mean tweets’ they are ready to go along with having the sun pay a visit to the surface of the earth.

Really? Let’s review:

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  • ghostsniper September 22, 2022, 2:15 PM

    Is it possible that when the US criminals black swan russia with a nuke the biggest assault against them will be from within?

    Just scanned down google news headlines and the lying has jumped to the stratosphere.
    signed, the Winter Soldier

  • Casey Klahn September 22, 2022, 5:41 PM

    I just made my military assessment over at the new site. I used words like praetorian, and some others that start with an “f”.

  • CONservative Inc Stomper September 23, 2022, 7:12 AM

    There….FIXED the opening, you GOPsucking, DeepUndercucking mutt: And the time has also come when the United States, led by a Uniparty political class controlled by ruling elite puppetmasters is represented by a mouth-breathing, incontinent old man…….

  • David Zincavage September 23, 2022, 8:49 AM

    Putin perfidiously violated the Budapest Memorandum of 1994 in which Russia and numerous other countries guaranteed Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty in return for her surrendering her large stock of nuclear weapons.

    Putin also outrageously violated the Post-1945 understanding that the borders of European states are not to be altered by force.

    Russia started a war of aggression against a neighbor which was no threat, spouting the same sort of extravagant and shameless lies that Germany resorted to to justify the same sort of lawless aggressions that started WWII. Russia has violated the Geneva Convention. Russia has kidnapped non-combatant civilians. And Russia has insolently challenged the civilized states of Western Europe and America, asserting a supposed right to restore an empire by force, invading and occupying and imposing Russia’s traditional corrupt and lawless Oriental Despotism on peaceful and more civilized peoples.

    The notion that “unwashed Russia,” in Lermontov’s phrase, represents some sort of defender and custodian of Christianity and conservative values is a puerile fantasy. Russia is about as qualified for such a role as Mongolia or Haiti.

    • Balzoa September 23, 2022, 10:26 AM

      This current conflict was initiated by the Obama/Biden orchestrated coup that replaced the politically neutral and duly elected government of Victor Yanukovych with a virulently anti-Russian government. That new government, fascist in nature, was (and remains) almost as corrupt as Joe and Hunter Biden. Had the US election not been stolen, this Western fueled fiasco would not have taken place.

      Instead, Ukrainian forces have been bombarding the Donbass region ever since 2014 resulting in many deaths. The Ukrainians in Donbass are largely ethnic Russians who have resided there for generations. There will be referenda over this weekend, and if the people vote to be annexed by Russia, which they probably will, there will be a hot war instead of a “Special Military Operation.”

      Much of the EU and NATO countries will be going hungry and freezing their butts off this winter. Their economies are in the tank, fuel prices are through the roof, and their political “leaders” are directly responsible. They are downright stupid as well. The ordinary people will soon discover that stupidity kills. Meanwhile Russia’s economy is flourishing. Their closer ties with China will probably result in the demise of the petro-dollar, further damaging the US economy.

      Vote Democrack!

  • HH September 24, 2022, 5:44 AM

    Don’t forget about South Africa. Hollowood and the Ivy League hated South Africa for a long time.