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God Help Us Now

Lock down all towns
Everybody slow down
Give ’em everything you have
Mask up, vax up
Get your body trashed up
Better do what they ask

It’s alright, okay
Sorry, but ya can’t pray
Gotta keep the church doors closed
No superstitions
A saint politician
Will tell ya what you need to know

Citizen fools
And brand new rules
Make everyone a hero now
So keep your distance
No resistance
Only do what you’re allowed

Cash that check
Go dance in the wreck
But just don’t speak your mind
Get your facts from the paid contracts
‘Cause never would they tell a lie

They don’t know me
And they don’t own me

Oh God help us all
Look what we’ve become
Oh God help us all
And fix what we have done

See no evil
Bow to the needle
Didn’t we turn out great?
Sick is the new health
Poor is the new wealth
Truth is whatever they say

Expert lectures
Media protectors
Tell me who to love and hate
Jail in the network
Hail to the Zuck-burg
Head down, just behave

Liberty, freedom, angels, demons
Someone’s in control
(Well) no way, no how
I wouldn’t say it too loud
Don’t you know they’re on patrol?

Need more likes
Post up, let’s fight
There’s no way that you’re wrong
Gott listen to the science
‘Cause it’s all about compliance
You agree or you’re gone

They don’t know me
And they don’t own me

Oh God help us all
Look what we’ve become
Oh God help us all
And fix what we have done

Sell my info
Hacked in, don’t know
Show me what I need to buy
Sex consumption, no corruption
Just as advertised

You’ve been labeled
And I’ve enabled
Better apologize
Racist slander
Time to organize

Shot, bang, who’s next?
Brain dead, useless
Show it on the TV screen
Tell me who to vote for
Gotta to start a new war
Wouldn’t want to live in peace

Divide and Conquer
Weak, not stronger
Everybody know your place
Do it now, won’t hurt
Dig into your own dirt
Virtue found it’s grave

They don’t know me
And they don’t own me

Oh God help us all
Look what we’ve become
Oh God help us all
And fix what we have done

Incite violence
Enforce silence
Mainstream message
Won’t you guide us?
You know what is best
For our own good

Anti-this and anti-that
Cancel this and cancel that
Take it to the streets
And the neighborhoods

Worship actors
Food and drugs
Brand yourself
Give them your blood
Don’t believe your eyes
Don’t look around

Fake news, rumors,
Ok boomer
Ignorance will stain our future
Will ya make it through
Or burn it down?

Oh God!
Oh God!
Help us all
Oh God!
Help us all

Oh God!
Oh God!
Help us all
Oh God!
Help us all

Oh God!
Oh God!
Help us all
Oh God!
Help us all

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  • Surly Belligerent Rabble November 20, 2022, 8:18 AM

    Bob Dylan style! See what going along to get along has got us?
    It’s not ending well is it.
    Hell will come, The Lion will come.

  • Terry November 20, 2022, 12:32 PM

    Gov instilled fire & ice for control of a population consisting of sheep and mice.
    Wear your mask, fool. Drink the cool-aid and accept the bullet into the back of your skull.

  • Dirk November 21, 2022, 9:20 AM

    Awesome, O God save us!

    God can’t save us, however, God has given us reason and Rationale, to make choices, and tough calls!

    It was our founding fathers who clearly understood the need to address Tyranny with a final solution.

    Do you get that, putting communists in jail just opens the door for indoctrination into the penal systems, as Islam has, ain’t nothing but American-born jihadists cold-blooded killers coming out of our gladiator schools” Prisons”?

    The roots of the Liberty tree require blood, these fuckers need to be DRT, ain’t nothing personal, we’ll yea it is personal for me.

    Those gladiator schools are just a side thought, it is OUR GOVT, who is Communist. The men, the women feeding the beast, are as guilty as those card-carrying mother fuckers. They can not go unchecked.

    Each of their contributions requires corrective action.

    Many years ago I argued with some of the smarter guys over on WRSA, regarding BitCoin and Ponzi Status. They were all investing in BitCoin, even than ten years maybe thirteen years ago, my argument was this is tied to dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

    Simply put, even then this BitCoin did not pass the sniff test. Sadly those guys were good decent men, I honestly hope they didn’t lose anything.

    Life IS the lesson. Life should be a daily education, we quit learning we die. I’ve lived a lot of life, it is God himself who provided those life’s lessons, frankly, some of those lessons were sooooo painful, I didn’t know if I would ever recover, but then I recalled scripture, God gives us no more than we can handle. These incidents were bone-crushing, people died, and I’d committed the ultimate sin.

    I’m back at church these days, I still think are present in the church are all hypocrites, but we are a nation founded on god and laws. One of the Communist dictates is to silence churches, families, and education. They’ve been very successful.

    Did you know in the ’70s,,,,83 percent of this nation regularly attended some sort of church, those numbers, according to the preacher yesterday are at 22%, and academia is the number one problem regarding indoctrination. “ I’ve not verified these numbers, but they sound reasonable to us.

    At Halloween when the children come to the door tricker treating, we ask each a simple question, often the answers to the question. These are kids mostly within the public education system.

    We are shocked, sometimes amused at the answers. Public education has failed, especially crushing to my wife a 38-year K-3 teacher.

    The problem/ problems are not going to solve themselves, votings a joke, yet I feel duty bound to continue.

    Communists and outsiders stole another election, and everybody says O WELL, back to Sunday football a 12-pack of Coors lite. Think about what I just wrote, COMMUNIST the LEFT just stole another election. Mother fuckers these are fighting words.

    Is it not crystal clear those running govt are incapable or unwilling to fix the problem? Florida fixed their problem, they are an example of how voting should be.

    Communists will just find another way, they have dedicated men and women working on this daily, making big money. You would think patriotism, being a patriot would have some sort of moral value to them. End of the day moral values doesn’t feed the family, selling communism does.

    Theirs a shooting war coming, our govt is the problem our election system is a major contributing factor. Our education system in my humble opinion IS the Major contributor. Media is the third wheel of the degradation of our nation. How fucking dare you lie to us. These groups got a serious curb-stomping coming. That’s simply not enough! If you support the communist lies, you die.

    Three Can Keep A Secret IF Two Are Dead. ‘Otis Buck Garrett’, a Hells Angel Oakland chapter VP told me that one day, as I drove him to jail, back in the late 80s. He was repeating something one of our founding fathers said back pre-constitution.

    There are many truths, but this above is an absolute. Your Govts scared shitless of we the people. So much so that they are willing to segment the very rules that have held this nation together.

    In fact, it is the willingness of our Govt to not follow our laws that have signed their death sentence. Ain’t no cure for a rogue Gman, a rogue politician it’s the rope, the gun.

    I’ve mentioned this here, before, a book titled “Turner Diaries” is disgusting, I hate it, yet I buy the book by the dozen and gift them to patriots, men and women yes many women who recognize these people live outside the rules of society, there is but one simple solution for them.

    Friends, The Chair IS Against The Wall!