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God Bless Robert E Lee by Johnny Cash

When Robert E Lee surrendered the Confederacy Jefferson Davis was upset about it
He said how dare that man resent an order
Form the president of the Confederate States of America
Then somebody told him that General Lee had made the decision himself
In order to save lives because he felt that the battle comin’ up
Would cost about twenty thousand lives on both sides
And he said two hundred and forty thousand dead already is enough

So this song is not about the North or the South but about the bloody brother war
Brother against brother father against son the war that nobody won
And for all those lives that were saved I gotta say Dod bless Robert E Lee

Well the mansion where the General used to live is burning down
Cotton fields are blue with Sherman’s troupes
I overheard a Yankee say yesterday Nashville fell
So I’m on my way to join the fight General Lee might need my help

But look away look away Dixie I don’t want them to see
What they’re doing to my Dixie God bless Robert E Lee

Sherman’s troupes burned Atlanta and the flames lit up the sky
And those of us who survived it are watchin’ my Dixie die

But today at Appamattox General Lee sat down
And surrender to the Yankees and Ulysees S Grant

So look away look away Dixie…
I won’t ever stop loving you my Dixie till they put me in the ground
And the last words they probably hear from me are God bless Robert E Lee

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  • Hale Adams July 4, 2020, 4:44 PM

    … and in surrendering when he did, he got very generous terms for himself and his men from General Grant. The description of the act of surrender, when the CS troops marched to the appointed place to stack arms, brings a lump to my throat — the defeated men quietly and dejectedly marching along as the approach the Union troops lining the road, and then the command rings out from the Union side, “PRESENT ….. ARMS!”. The Confederate troops respond in kind, and pull themselves together and march proudly to the site, stack their arms, and march away, awed that they had been given one last honor before disbanding forever.

    It’s too bad that, in the wake of Lincoln’s assassination, Secretary of War Stanton cracked down on the terms of future surrenders, making them considerably less generous. Gotta punish those goddamn Rebels, dontcha know.

    It’s unChristian to wish that there’s a special place in Hell for men like Benjamin Butler and other Radical Republicans, but I sometimes wonder if it ever occurred to them (in this world, or shown to them in the next) just what problems their general assholery caused.

    Hale Adams
    Pikesville, People’s still-mostly-Democratic Republic of Maryland

  • Nori July 5, 2020, 7:26 AM

    It may be unChristian,but Amen to that,Mr Hale.
    The men who fought that vicious war were a better class of human than many of the politicos who watched from afar. The generals all graduated from West Point;they knew each other. The respect accorded to Lee and his men at the end was genuine,and the right thing to do.

    Seldom mentioned is that General Lee was stripped of his home,Arlington. It is a beautiful place,and a fitting tribute to America’s veterans.
    Wonder if the witless rabid mob will turn their sights there. Place is full of Confederates,and other “white supremacists”. Quite a few black and brown men rest there too.
    No,it’s doubtful BLM/Antifa will show up at Arlington. Even their tiny insect brains must sense that if they did,the true meaning of “Terrible,swift sword” would become evident,immediately.