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For Those About to Rock… Jim Breuer Is My New Spirit Animal

That’s it. I’m redrafting my “Final Instructions.”

[Prescription for an Evening Viewing: An adult beverage of choice or three bong hits. Full screen. Speakers Up. “We salute you…”]

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  • ghostsniper December 2, 2021, 5:31 PM

    I’ll say it: “Omicron” doesn’t exist. “Omicron” is the cover story for the poisoning deaths from the coerced injections, AND an excuse for Big Pharma to declare that everyone must start over and be injected with another brand-new poison.
    If you can’t see this OBVIOUS ploy, then… I don’t know what to tell you. This is so obvious that it is laughable.

    “Omicron” has EXACTLY the same symptoms as the Poison DeathJabs, but ODDLY, no symptoms of a CoronaVirus cold – just heart damage, clotting, immune system destruction, miscarriages, etc. So, the more deaths and injuries there are from the DeathJabs, the more it feeds the “Omicron” fictional cover story, and the more there will be howling for an ENTIRELY NEW CYCLE OF DEATHJABS. The cover story not only “protects” the murderers, it makes every death they cause FEED AN INCREASE OF THEIR POWER.


    I’ll take it a step further. The past ten months have been a trial – a trial for the eugenicist, Malthusian Covigarchs to determine the lethality of the injections. I strongly suspect that there have been batches of placebo, and now that they have an idea of the lethality of the “hot” batches, they are launching this “Omicron” story in order to launch an ENTIRELY NEW round of death injections, totally apart from the doses heretofore disseminated, under the cover story of “fighting the Omicron”. The next round of poison injections will be even more lethal, and much more widely dispersed, and EVERYTHING will be blamed on the non-existent “Omicron”.


    I’ll keep saying it in the hopes that every time I say it, someone else will understand: Barring supernatural intervention, this will NEVER, EVER END without HOT WAR. This will never “pass” or “fade away” without the PHYSICAL excision of these oligarchs and their minions from all positions of power. PERIOD.

    They want 90% of the human population exterminated. Death IS THEIR OBJECTIVE. The hot war has already begun… but only one side is fighting, and the weapons aren’t bombs or guns, but syringes.


  • John Venlet December 3, 2021, 5:31 AM

    I wonder if Breuer got the cannon idea from the British?

  • jpac December 3, 2021, 7:11 AM

    Well, if it’s all the same to you, I’ll just spark up a fatty. Because…bong water.

  • Tom Hyland December 3, 2021, 7:43 AM

    Does anyone remember Scott Adams… cartoonist aka the “Great Predictor?” He was entertaining leading up to the 2016 election as he called it early on that Trump was going to take it. After that I quit watching him because he got rather boring. As smart as this guy is it still amazes me how smart people can be so stupid. https://voxday.net/2021/12/02/the-tide-is-turning/

    • ghostsniper December 3, 2021, 8:33 AM

      I never thought he was smart, not for a second.

      I did, however, question the mentality of people that thought he was.

      Gullible doofuses easily duped.

      Here’s the thing. As one becomes more popular to the masses they open themselves to scrutinization by the super powers and everybody has dirt they’d like to not have smeared all over the place. Adams, like so many others, got to the point where he needed to be taken down a peg or two, a friendly reminder of who’s the boss and why he should consider toning it down. The higher you climb the farther you fall. I’ll stay down here in the gutter.

  • Tom Hyland December 3, 2021, 2:41 PM

    Smart is too vague, too widespread a term. He’s clever… and he invented a pretty good gig which has reaped a fortune and he’s got a smokin’ hot girlfriend but I don’t envy the dude whatsoever. One quirk he’s got is he’s in love with his brain and he’s very boring. I suppose people still cling to his every word but I signed off four years ago. All the rest you say about getting too uppity and the many pegs we bust asswise on the way down? Bingo. And he’s certifiably fuckin’ stupid for getting vaxxed.

  • Annie Rose December 4, 2021, 7:16 AM

    When my mean, narcissist mom passed away and we began the 3+ hour drive across the state of Oklahoma to take her ashes to her wind swept dead prairie grass plot in a tiny country lane cemetery, my husband once again proposed his 2-40 solution for disposing of her remains: 2 windows rolled down in our car while driving 40 miles per hour and pouring the ashes out the window. Man, was it tempting. If we could have done the cannon send off, we would have been rolling in the dough from all the people who would have paid to see her blast off this mortal coil, including the poor nurses she venomously abused in her final hours. That would have been some party.