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Equidistant in Time Musical Interludes #2

Anne Barnhardt is back with her series, Equidistance: Gershwin to Chopin with these classical choices: “ARSH 2017 to ARSH 1924, “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin, equidistant in time to Frederic Chopin Piano Concerto Number 1, ARSH 1830 to ARSH 1924 (close enough).”

I’ll see her Chopin to Gershwin and raise her….

The Worlds Oldest Recorded Music “The Lost Chord” 1888 ….

Is as far removed from the Hit Parade hit of Georgia Gibbs – Kiss Of Fire -in 1952 ….

As Harry Styles 2017 debut album hit single Sign of the Times is from Kiss of Fire.

A continuation of The Barnhardt Redemption – American Digest

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