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Enya – Only Time (9/11 Tribute)

Note: I don’t remember how soon after 9/11 I saw this (or something very close to it) on the new and fresh WorldWideWeb. It would have been very soon after 9/11 — a week or two. At that time my day job was as the Vice-President in charge of Penthouse.com. As you can imagine it was, in those early much more innocent days, a popular paysite and it made a good deal of money for Penthouse.

At that time bandwidth was a very expensive part of putting a large site online and I bought bandwidth by the trainload.

At the same time, this was not a “video” but something made of coding called “Flash.” That made this video very very large and very expensive to have online for a private individual. I found the man who created this and hosted it and who was being rapidly impoverished by the bandwidth charges. Because I had “extra bandwidth” I took this on and the memorial was hosted by Penthouse right up until the time Penthouse crashed and burned a year and a half later. (It was purchased, ironically, by the hosting service that provided the bandwidth, later to be known as AdultFriendFinder.)

I hosted it because it was something I could do. In those days there was very little you could do, but what you could do you did.

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  • Gordon Scott September 11, 2021, 5:23 PM

    Thank you for posting this.

  • Walter Sobchak September 11, 2021, 7:17 PM

    If I were speaking to Jacob right now,
    I would say, I’ve always loved the story of your ladder,
    with the angels going up and down,
    Once, when I was a child, I even dreamed I saw it.
    I was in a field, and the clouds parted, and there it was.
    And it looked like a long crowded highway,
    the red lights were the angels going up
    and the white lights were the angels going down.
    But it was only a dream.

    But last week, I wasn’t dreaming, and I saw it.
    I saw your ladder, its silver poles, and rungs of glass,
    and I saw the angels falling down, and they were so fast, fleeting,
    and they were so beautiful … and terrible.
    and I saw in a cloud of white and gray,
    thousands of angels going up, up, up…

    And if I could, I would ask Jacob
    if he wishes he could forget the vision of his ladder,
    the way I wish I could forget mine.

    (Zoe Klein)