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Emails to Mario: “Did you vote to elect some twenty-something moderators with a kill switch? Me, neither.”

BCC from Dave Stealey 2:18 AM (5 hours ago) to Mario

Hola Mario,

I haven’t emailed you (or anyone else) for quite a while. You see, my computer hates me.  Or maybe it’s possessed, and I need to hire a priest to exorcize it… Anyway, I just ran across a video. Here’s the link:

The hard truth about blacks and slavery that can’t be said .. [Take a minute and give a listen.]

You can’t say that. I can’t say it, either. Not that we’d want to, but it’s the sort of thing the Bill of Rights was written for.

I heard YouTube banned this video (within ± 10 milliseconds), to ‘protect’ us. From what, they don’t say. But bitchute still has it up. As of now, anyway.

Kids are deciding what we’re allowed to watch! Which means they can also decide which videos we’re not allowed to watch. Like the one above. 

Did you vote to elect some twenty-something moderators with a kill switch? Me, neither.

Why is YouTube “guiding” the public’s thinking?  It’s scary seeing how effective these tactics are. Anyone who doesn’t think they’re effective should try going out in public and saying what the guy in that video said. They’d be lucky to avoid getting arrested!  Better yet, go out in public and tell everyone you meet that you voted for Donald Trump. But first, you’d better have on a good pair of running shoes (and pack something else…!)

We’re in a situation now where the media can demonize someone who got more votes than any previous candidate. Whether it’s TeeVee, the newspapers, national news magazines, or the internet, any mention of The Donald will be negative.

It’s getting worse, too. Yahoo and other “news” portals have eliminated their Comments section. They won’t admit it, but it’s because they don’t want any other narratives. (Take a look at what Yahoo posts as “news” now. It’s pure propaganda because now that they’ve canceled their Comment section, they can write anything they want, no matter how inflammatory it is.)

Yahoo routinely calls Trump a liar and a criminal, despite the fact that more than two dozen FBI investigators were unable to find a single actionable case of wrongdoing after 3+ years of digging, with an unlimited budget to play with and staffed with Mueller’s hand-selected agents: 

Here’s the agents’ test. They had to pass it in order to be accepted for their special assignment: 

Mueller: “Why do you want to be on this task force, Agent Smith?”
Agent Smith: “Cuz I hate Trump! Grrr-r-r-r! 
Mueller: “Attaboy, Smith! You’re now a member of the Get Trump Task Force™ !”)  

Could any elected congressman in the House or Senate be investigated like that, and come out of it as clean as Trump? Nancy Pelosi and the Clintons would have their felonies piling up starting on Day One. But the media is either silent, or they put their spin on it by implying that Trump must be guilty… of something. 

The media has indoctrinated the public to the point that just hearing the name ‘Trump’ spins up the mouth breathers sitting in front of their tee-vee sets. They hate someone they don’t know and never met. All they know about him was misinformation poured into their vacant noggins by the same Media Borg that controls their puppet strings:

Nincompoop:  “Trump is a liar!”
Alien Visting Earth For The First Time:  “Oh? What did he lie about?”
Nincompoop:  “He lies about everything! ”
Alien:  “But what, specifically…?”
Nincompoop:  “What are you, some kind of right-wing nut job?!”

The media never says anything good about The Donald (unless it’s followed by “…but…”). For example, Joe Public never hears this:

Donald Trump has been named repeatedly by the public in the annual Gallup Poll’s long running (since 1946) Top Ten list of American men. Trump was named as one of the 10 most respected and best liked public personalities by a survey of average Americans. (Gallup’s margin of error is within ±3%).  

Gallup’s annual list isn’t limited to Americans; respondents can name anyone in the world (there’s a separate “Top Ten” list for women — and maybe next year Gallup will expand its list to include all 73 ‘genders’. Would that surprise you…? I didn’t think so — which is really scary!)

Last year Trump even beat Obama and the Pope in the most recent Gallup poll, displacing Obama for the #1 spot for the first time.  But watching the ’news’ reports, you’d think there’s nothing good about the Evil Orange Man. Can you recall a single article about President Trump that was, on balance, complimentary? Every ’news’ broadcast and article was nothing more than anti-Trump propaganda. 

The anti-Trump negativity that goes on 24/7/365 is indoctrinating everyone the way Big Media wants us thinking. I feel it myself; I get defensive when I read something about President Trump — who was much better for my wallet than the President before him — and a hell of a lot better for my wallet than the drooling airhead we’re saddled with now. But the media handles Biden with kid gloves, when he’d be a better advertisement for an Alzheimer’s drug cocktail. And his kid is a chip off the old block:

[Sorry, my computer still hates me.  I can’t get the pic to appear here. It only shows at the end of this email, no matter how hard I kick it.]

OK, that’s my rant du jour. It’s 2:15 a.m. right now, and I miss getting drunk this time o’ nite. What’s really scary is the fact that I don’t have any desire for alcohol.  Maybe I’ll start studying for the priesthood…

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  • Casey Klahn July 1, 2021, 9:29 AM

    Over a moth ago, I wrote (I rarely write these creeps) my state reps and senator about how the state of WA is forcing my children’s high school to strip it’s mascot away. It was The Indians. The state wants no native american mascots on state stuff. I simply told the congress critters that the name was given as an honorarium; as a tribute. That is fucking obvious. Does one name one’s sports team thus-and-such in order to abuse the honoree? The upshot of stripping honors to Indians is that they will now be forgotten, slowly but surely. My hometown is 900% an Indian name; it is well fuktup (I say that bursting with pride) and so Indian that no one can pronounce it correctly, not even the Indians! It is a thing of beauty and joy. The name is: Hoquiam. It means hungry for wood. It is entirely unique, and so much so, that in the day before caucasians arrived, one tribe north of a tiny tidal river could not understand the language of the next tribe south of the river. God, I love shit like that. It is so unpronounceable, that we Hoquiamites have arguments over the pronunciation (mine, passed down by my father, is the correct one: we say “Ho-Kyim”.

    My state govt. is retarded. That much is obvious. Fast Forward. The senator wrote me back, and commiserated with me. Yesterday, one of the (retardo) reps wrote me back. He’s GOPe. All my state government from the east side are GOPe. He said that he was now sorry that he’d voted for that bill. He’s a gold-plated idiot.

    OK. Here’s my main point: Gmail, in it’s infinite wisdom, flagged the email from my republican representative. They had big scare letters in red, with an exclamation point on it. Don’t open this email from your state representative was the message.

    Perhaps gmail was right, anyway. It was, after all, an imbecilic correspondence.

  • ghostsniper July 1, 2021, 10:04 AM

    They fuck up everything they have ever touched.
    You have to be subhuman to not know this or deny its true.

  • Jack July 1, 2021, 11:51 AM

    T.J is a level headed guy who speaks the truth and he hates fucked up blacks. And he is right.

    The sob should be in Congress and be given a license to slam heads together until he just can’t slam ’em any longer but he’d probably enjoy it too much and wouldn’t be able to quit. Not that being unable to quit would bother anyone.

  • Jewel July 1, 2021, 12:05 PM

    Chris Rock said this 25 years ago. He wouldn’t be brave enough to say it now.

  • ghostsniper July 2, 2021, 4:48 AM

    I’m looking forward to the day some lone wolf takes out a popular media mouth.
    Takes video of the whole thing.
    The beating and the blubbering bawling.
    The pounding of the hands and feet with a hammer.
    The blowing off of the whole head.
    The dragging of the gutted flaming corpse.
    The abandonment in the rural ditch.
    All of it on bitchute.
    I’m salivating.
    Hope it starts with the potato.

  • Donald Sensing July 2, 2021, 8:22 AM

    Casey Klahn, you are so wrong! I mean, look how wonderful race relations are since we banished that black woman from the label on bottles of syrup! When they finally banish all Indian names from sports teams, surely you know that the year of jubilee will have arrived, amirite?

  • James ONeil July 2, 2021, 9:35 AM

    I do have, a bone to pick with that video maker.

    I see it as a prime example of cultural appropriation and denigration of folks of a certain ethnicity.

    He blatantly and continuously repeats the word n______ , which is terribly demeaning of the poor southern Scotch Irish emphasizing their inability to correctly pronounce the word negro.

  • Foo July 3, 2021, 7:43 AM