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Effects of Residual Japanese Radiation Levels Becoming Clearer

Now there’s a group of silver-mining dummies out to mimic the human world, with the first-ever mannequin idol group from Japan, made up of 60 members from a mine in Asago, in Hyogo Prefecture….. Just like a regular idol group, each member has a different look and personality. Those with a keen eye, though, may have spotted one mannequin that looked a little too lifelike, and that’s because it’s actually Asago’s City Mayor, or “Shicho” in Japanese, who has thrown his support behind the project by making a cameo appearance in the clip. Ginzan Boyz: Japan’s newest idol group, made up of underground mannequins 

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  • Jewel July 27, 2017, 7:38 PM

    It started eons ago, with the creation of the realest fake food you’ve ever seen, but never could eat. Pure torment. Now they’ve successfully created sterile people. They’ve pretty much sterilized themselves.