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Drive-By: Black Pillers, chill out. Trump knows what he’s doing.

Why I Love President Trump by Chateau Heartiste

Everything about this video clip is high T goodness. Trump’s facial expressions, his cool under the pressure of a left-field question, the way he looks at the camera and only briefly visually acknowledges the sexy reporter, and of course his answers.

“male students haven’t been hurt by [sex with their teachers]” Politihack rating: 100% TRUE

“they’re going around bragging about it” Politihack rating: 100% TRUE

“i don’t see a lot of damage done” Politihack rating for both the stated and implied assertions: 100% TRUE. Teen boys are psychosexually different than teen girls. A right good fuck with a hot teacher isn’t gonna leave lasting emotional scars on a horny young man.

“i would say her husband cannot be happy” Politihack rating: 100% TRUMP

Black Pillers, chill out. Trump knows what he’s doing. He’s a master at out-maneuvering and mindfucking the media (and by the associative property, the Democrat Party).

It’s why I don’t take everything Trump says at face value. I take him seriously, but not literally. He says — in front of cackling hand-rubbing Feinstein — that he wants to ban guns? That’s the deception. He lies to his enemies — to America’s enemies — and that’s a good thing, because the Left plays for keeps. And Trump is the warrior we need to crush the Left.

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  • Johnny Appleseed March 1, 2018, 6:45 PM

    Agree 100%. Trump is not ideological so he can’t be held down to any one viewpoint. This is killing the left with their Alinsky-style attacks. Trump talk DACA but he knows Congress could never agree and the left wants it but not his wall. DACA will be shot down then not reinstated, all the while making Trump look like he’s not blocking it. It’s the same with these gun control comments. In politics, everybody is trying to pin outside events on Trump someway somehow. He is standing shoulder to shoulder with his accusers, not permitting triangulation. I doubt anything significant will come out of all the bluster, as usual in DC. But Trump is 20 moves ahead, the master he is.

  • NotquiteunBuckley March 1, 2018, 7:25 PM

    With all due respect Vanderleun, I think you’re out to lunch here.

    Trump givin’ ’em the business doesn’t need any Heartiste associations.

    Business is business.

    Art ain’t Heartiste, not from my understanding, based out of here sad as it may seem to some.

    The beauty is in the alignment of different interests from polor positions (opposite natch) using uncreative, simply Christian decency.

  • Andy Texan March 1, 2018, 8:08 PM

    Perhaps Trump will induce a gun-grabbing bill out of Demoncraps that can be used to rally the base in November but make it clear he has his fingers crossed lest they get fooled and stay home.

  • tim March 2, 2018, 7:10 AM

    For us on the Right with Trump we wonder what is going on but confident that in the end it’ll be alright, as he’s proven again and again…and again. It’s actually quite fascinating.

    For the Left it’s gott’a be like Tom Waits’ “What’s He Building”, as they become the obsessive lurker reduced to projecting nefarious fantasies onto their subject who’s obviously up to no good in their minds. As my Southern friends say, “Please their hearts.”


  • BillH March 2, 2018, 8:59 AM

    Nobody said draining the swamp was going to be pretty or painless, and it sure ain’t either one.

  • Richard March 2, 2018, 9:13 AM

    “[The more you watch the news, the angrier you’ll be…]”
    Yep. Just the sight of these yammering chuckleheads or the grating sounds of their voices is enough to cause a visceral reaction. Naturally, to avoid this unpleasantness, I avoid watching the “news” showgrams. Still, several nights ago I was cruising through the FTA offerings, and stumbled upon the local 9:00 PM agit-prop pablum. Apparently, ex-prezzy Boyfriend was in town and the XX chromosome co-anchor was positively ORGASMIC! ( XY soyboy blatherpuss had sort of a dopamine-infused look on his mug, as well. )
    I wondered what else had occurred that day in a major metropolitan region that was important, but not in compliance with the narrative; that was being ignored to cover the mash-note quality of the “reportage” of this flummadiddle.

  • Jim in Alaska March 2, 2018, 9:23 AM

    I said back during the election, and it still appears to be true; Every time Trump apparently puts his foot in his mouth, his opponents lose a few teeth.

  • Doug March 2, 2018, 10:13 AM

    Regarding Trump it is wisest to heed this: withhold judgement when he speaks; feel free to judge when he ACTS.

  • Steve March 2, 2018, 10:25 AM

    Yes, Trump answered a simple question without utterly beclowning himself. That IS good news. He must know what he’s doing. He answered a question from a pretty girl without grabbing her. Since it doesn’t involve a policy decision that he will immediately reverse in the next conversation it is a low risk response. Congratulations. I can see his brilliant plan to “mindfuck” the media by having every person he chose to work for him quit, get fired and/or get indicted & plead guilty. Pretty impressive level of denial. BTW in addition to his enemies, he lies to his wife, children, friends, employees, cabinet members, and every citizen every day as a matter of course and as a perfect expression of exactly who he is.

  • Eskyman March 2, 2018, 11:02 AM

    There are sure a lot of people that miss Obama. Remember how he always told our enemies exactly what our military was doing? Boy, what honesty and transparency! Yes, it’s sad that our guys got killed with all that honesty and transparency, but them’s the breaks, right?

    Those same people probably hate seeing a magician’s act. They’d see the rabbit coming out of the hat and say, “yeah, but show me how that rabbit got into that hat, or I’m not buying it!” Then they’d storm out of the theatre and demand their money back! After all, any magician worth his salt should be able to show how he does what he does, every step of the way; what does he have to hide? Bonus: he wouldn’t even need a pretty girl in revealing clothing, which is only a distraction!

    Lots of demand for transparent magicians, I would imagine. Then everyone would know that there’s no actual magic involved, and it’s all a show. Yeah, you’d miss the oooh’ing and the ahhh’ing, and there wouldn’t be any drama, but it’d all be transparent!

    Me, I’ll take President Trump as he is. I see the economy booming, regulations slashed, unemployment at historic lows, disastrous trade deals renegotiated, glowball warmening thrown on the trashheap, the “war on coal” ended, ISIS virtually eliminated- the list goes on and on; it’s a pity that the “news” never mentions any of these things. They just hate slight-of-hand, they prefer absolute truth (from Republicans) or outright lies promoted as the truth (from Democrats.)

    I’m sure that has nothing to do with the fact that these “news” people are all “Democrats with bylines,” like Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds has labelled them!

  • tim March 2, 2018, 11:57 AM

    Yea that Trump, the bar is set so low. We’re willing to overlook a lot.

    Like his domestic terrorist friend who helped him start his campaign and his racist preacher. Plus that time he made some crack about “typical black person”. Freakin’ Trump, what a racist.

    Trumps leaves four Americans, including our ambassador, to die without rendering any assistance. Then blaming on a “video”. What a schmuck.

    How about his ATF sending guns to Mexico, WTF? Trumps buddies the NRA were probably was involved.

    Let’s not forget about that deal with Iran, letting them skate on their nuclear ambitions and giving them billions. And trading high vale terrorists for a traitor. Freakin’ Trump is an idiot.

    Also weaponizing the IRS to spy on liberal groups. Dude is like Nixon.

    Not to mention using the FISA courts and the NSA to spy on Hillary Clinton and her campaign. That’s just proves what a fascist Trump truly is.

    We really should have voted Hillary in, that woman had it going on. Not a smidgen of improprieties, corruption or graft. Never was involved in any shaddy business, always proved she was a person of integrity, values and morals. Happily married to a wonderful, faithful, honest man, who himself constantly showed to be above reproach. Especially in regards to showing respect to women.

  • Ishmael March 2, 2018, 3:26 PM

    The fact that someone as simple-minded as Trump seems to be doing fairly well only proves how intentionally destructive previous administrations were. Don is a goof, but not evil. And that’s the main problem for the unprincipled .gov & corp undead out there…

  • Vanderleun March 2, 2018, 4:00 PM

    Ah yes…. ye olde “simple-minded” concept when it comes to Trump. I love to see this fetid drool cup emptied and then reflect on the simple-mind that succeeded in building, development, television, and married supermodels for decades and then, with no previous experience in the field at all, became — against all odds — the President of the United States of America… and is, to date, winning and succeeding.

    I’d call you Ishmael, but you are far too dense to be worthy of that storied name.

    Just out of curiosity, what’s your top ten list of life achievements and current net worth? Just askin’.

  • Jaynie March 3, 2018, 4:56 AM

    Richard, I usually wonder the same thing – what actually the news is not reporting as they dwell on the minutia of beltway politics and gossip.

    When I tune Sirius to MSM, just to get piqued, I often wonder whether the producers would consider the savings if they simply fired everyone and ran a loop audio, “we hate Trump, we can’t stand him, we hate Trump, see us hate…” Pretty much amount to the same stuff that their stations are airing now.

  • Ishmael March 3, 2018, 1:13 PM

    It’s a mistake to assign atributes to Trump that are not evident. To say “he didn’t really mean what he said” when he says something obviously stupid is dangerously pathetic. It’s as sad as “I’m with her no matter what”. The rabid Trump apoligist retoric is worrysome. I voted for Trump (actually against Clinton), but feel we must remain discerning. Trump’s rambleings and disjointed, repetitive run-on verbage is but one example of his mental fog, and I don’t believe that this is “all part of his plan”…

    I’ve enjoyed the show so far, and much of the political change. But soon Trump will blunder horribly. It’s coming. And it will be paramount for Trump supporters to call him out on it or it will just get worse.

    ok, I’m gone – -alias Ishmael

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