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Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas

CREATED BY PETERS @ julian peters comics

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  • Lance de Boyle May 10, 2021, 5:40 PM

    Rage against the dying of the light (blindness) as we move farther into darkness.
    Instead of “do I dare to eat a peach,” I wonder “do I dare to squeeze the trigger.”


  • gwbnyc May 10, 2021, 5:54 PM

    Dylan Thomas drinking one of numberless shots of whisky.

    The White Horse Tavern in New York. Where Thomas drank his last shot of whiskey.
    [And I’ve had my share as well — Van der Leun]

  • EX-Californian Pete May 10, 2021, 7:09 PM

    I had to chuckle when I saw that cartoon.
    Not because of the content or the message, but because of the coincidence- I’ve been thinking about building a flame thrower for a while, and today I was given most of the materials to make one.
    And it’s LEGAL in my state, too!
    It’ll definitely bring a helluva lot of LIGHT.

    The average price of an old WW2 model like the M2 or M2-2 is insanely high- usually around $20-30K. Way too much for my wallet.

    But a DIY one can be made from various plumbing parts, two steel bottles, (like welding tanks or fire extinguishers) a metal backpack frame, a couple of gauges, and a few odds-n-ends for less than $275.
    Depending on the size of the tanks and their maximum pressure ratings, it can “broadcast” up to 60-70 feet. This is going to be a fun project.

    I can’t think of a better “crowd control” tool that even the most rabid BLM or Antifag would be more scared sh*less of. Can you? If so, please let me know.

  • jwm May 10, 2021, 8:42 PM

    I dunno’, Pete. Legal or not, if you uncork your flamethrower on a bunch of unmentionables, you’re probably gonna’ get a hell of a fine, have to do community service, and worst of all, they’ll make you take a class in intersectionalistic racial sensitivity, or something.
    But, then again, maybe if you let the cops play with it for a while they’ll cut you loose with a warning.


  • Terry May 10, 2021, 8:44 PM

    @EX-Californian Pete

    Best call that interesting device, a noxious insect control unit. Could become a “too white” persons best defense against raging commie army ants in say Portland Oreo-goon.

    Please post a short video of your device in operation. Just curious.

  • ghostsniper May 11, 2021, 4:49 AM

    propane torch + 300mph leaf blower = tsunami super nova exploding air

  • Terry May 11, 2021, 7:49 AM


    Have you tested that idea? Could be a winner.

  • Andrew R May 11, 2021, 9:04 AM

    Pete, please keep us informed on the progress of your flamethrower project. If I can’t find an AR-15 in stock somewhere to spend my $1400 stimulus check on, I may have to just go and build my own flamethrower to compensate. Sounds like it might be more fun than Elon Musk’s Boring Company $500 flamethrower too.

    Gerard, thanks for putting up with us twisted sods. we appreciate it.

  • James ONeil May 11, 2021, 9:51 AM

    Just put together my IFAK kit based on https://www.simplysurvival.com/ifak-how-to-make/
    More and more I think all old men; refusing to go gentle, shooting Diablo 12 gauge pistols, reloading 209 primers, felling, bucking splitting a few cords of firewood, etc., or living really dangerously, going downtown, otta have one handy.

  • Tom Hyland May 11, 2021, 9:21 PM

    This started out briefly… very briefly, about Dylan Thomas’ most famous poem and then we got onto flamethrowers. George Carlin pondered this in depth, too.

  • Petercat May 12, 2021, 2:19 PM

    Can I mount a flamethrower turret on my car in case I get stuck in an Antifa Meat traffic jam?
    I could fit some huge tanks in the thing.
    Maybe a South African style frame mount on all four sides.