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Democrat Deer Stare into the Headlights of History – at the New American Digest

What can be going through a deer’s mind just before the deer’s head goes through the windshield? The dazzle? Something so bright that it overwhelms the flight impulse which always comes before the fight reaction? Or is it just “Wha. . . ?”

The tendency of deer to freeze when caught in the sudden glare of an oncoming disaster is so well recognized that it has evolved into the familiar catchphrase; a phase used for any life situation in which the threat is so overwhelming and sudden that no survival reaction is possible. Instead, the animal remains rooted in place — a dead parrot nailed to its perch, as it were.

We now see this dazzled perch nailing acted out daily along the Information Highway where an increasingly large number of our fellow citizens have assumed this dazed position on the highway of history. Like many ruminants they seem surprisingly content to stand spot-welded to the tarmac as the glare of progressive ruin and the promise of Democrat destruction rolls towards them, air horn suspiciously silent.

Some people think the deer are not innocent when they step into the headlights. Some people think the deer seek out their dazzled drop into oblivion. I’m starting to agree with this stone-cold estimate of their irreversible stupidity. 

To ensure they can neither flee nor fight, our current cohort of glare-frozen furbutts has elected a government whose actions mirror theirs in a kabuki of cowardice — a herd of Congressional and Senatorial Bambis, if you will. This part of the herd, as a reward for their obsessive compulsion towards embracing bankruptcy, the looting of the Constitution, the conversion of the military into eunuchs, the sanctification of institutionalized cowardice, and the worship of a drool-cup-filling President, is actually praised by the scribblers snorting among them.

The scribblers’ praise extends to the President as he dodders about in his Depends to universal swooning while making manifest the policies of treason he promised, though none dare call it so. Throughout the history of the Republic, we’ve seen many popular delusions of the mob rise and capture the nation, but we’ve never seen the towering tsunami of the mutual admiration society madness rise this high before. . . . .

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  • Rev.Bro. Generik Broderick September 14, 2022, 1:22 PM

    The age old joke about,”the last thing that goes through the bug’s mind…” brings up the new quandry; what if there already is a cranio-rectal inversion, what is that ‘last thing’? Points to ponder. Guess we’ll find out in a month or so. Enjoy the wait. Remember it’s much more painful for the blue ones. Stay frosty.

  • Anonymous September 15, 2022, 4:53 AM

    “everything goes black”


  • Dirk September 21, 2022, 8:34 PM

    I’m in the 18 deer range, maybe one or two more. It’s been my observation that the number above were actually Deer whom ran physically into the sides of my patrol vehicles,,,, Blazers.

    One of my worst jobs was I use to have to drive highway 139 from outside Tulelake to Co road 91, the Lookout cutoff road,…… putting vehicle struck Deer down.

    The highway patrol just couldn’t handle the trauma. I put many many hundreds of grossly wounded deer down it was a humanitarian thing. These were all huge northern Mule tail deer. Highway 139 to this days a killing fields roadway the numbers of deer crossing year around is staggering.

    I did Center Punch a couple at above 80mph, they kinda just well blow up. Being Modoc County Calif, the furthest north eastern county’s in Calif at 4200 to6500 ft. We ran huge bumpers. And a device named “ Deer Whistles”.

    At night the Deer would hear the Deer Whistles and look the direction the whistles were coming from.

    Gave a driver a second or two to take evasive action. I learned early on don’t swerve,,,, aim for the center of the road, lay on the horn or sirens and most often you miss the deer. Do not lock the brakes.

    Way bad shit happens when you anchored the brakes, especially in thoseK5 Blazers and Ford Bronco’s.

    Guns, gear, equipment ,even prisoners would seems to launch forwards. Kimdafun actually.