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Never have I seen so large a population of insects at a single spot. All the traders have made it their centre. Here come hunters of every kind of game, builders in clay, cotton-weavers, leaf-cutters, architects in pasteboard, plasterers mixing mortar, carpenters boring wood, miners digging underground galleries, workers in gold-beaters’ skin, and many more. Fabre’s Book of Insects (1921) – The Public Domain Review

Mad Magazine Will Cease Publication Mad Magazine has announced that after the August issue it is going to cease publishing new material and will no longer be sold on newsstands. The beloved satire magazine, now owned by DC Comics, was published for nearly 70 years and gave us Alfred E. Neuman and the movie satires of Mort Drucker and Jack Davis.

Alphabet’s [GOOGLE’S] smart city will track its citizens, but promises to protect their data – Sidewalk was spun out of Alphabet on the promise of rebooting the smart-city concept through community engagement and understanding of local technology needs. The company won a bid to redevelop 800 acres of Toronto’s waterfront in October 2018, and it says it’s spent the past 18 months consulting with Toronto’s citizens and companies.

Kowloon Walled City: Life in the City of Darkness It was once thought to be the most densely populated place on earth, with 35,000 people crammed into a few tiny apartment blocks and more than 300 interconnected high-rise buildings, all constructed without contributions from a single architect.

Amazon’s Secret City Is Watching – Amazon’s public image as a cheerfully dependable “everything store” belies the vast and secretive behemoth that it has become — and how the products it’s building today could erode our privacy not just online but also in the physical world. Even as rival tech companies reassess their data practices, rethink their responsibilities, and call for new regulations, Amazon is doubling down on surveillance devices, disclaiming responsibility for how its technology is used, and dismissing concerns raised by academics, the media, politicians, and its own employees.

Engineers and Architects Are Already Designing Lunar Habitats The three most important factors in identifying a site for a lunar settlement are, as any realtor will tell you, location, location, location. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) has deemed the most enticing option to be a nice bit of property on the rim of the Shackleton Crater near the moon’s south pole. There’s strong evidence that permanently shadowed regions of the crater contain water ice from ancient comets—good for drinking, cooking food, bathing, making concrete, and splitting into oxygen and hydrogen for rocket propellant.

When people from Congo, the most backward place on earth, are turning up on the American southern border, it is fair to assume the West will be overrun by Africans. How many 85-IQ Africans does it take to sink the West? Detroit and Baltimore suggest a population that exceeds 25% is about the point where everything turns negative.

Painter Leng Jun is Master of Hyperrealistic PortraitsI want to push my painting skills to a higher level. What is the most difficult thing? To paint people,” Leng told CGNT. “For example, still life or rusted metals, they’re not something we see every day. People deal with people the most and people are most familiar with people. To portray people and make others believe is the hardest thing.”

Nothing Kept Me Up At Night the Way the Gorgon Stare Did. It’s a way of seeing everybody all the time. Fundamental to liberal democracy is the ability to have sacrosanct private spaces. That is where the life of civil society exists. It is where our own personal lives exist, where we are able to pursue our dreams and passions. And it is often where we hold power to account. When you uncover those spaces, you fundamentally put all of those things at risk. Gorgon Stare also creates a real and tangible fear. The thought that you are being observed from the sky will have a direct impact on your behavior. It will directly impinge upon your desires and your decisions when you enter into those spaces. One has to ask whether we want to live in a society where people are scared to organize around causes, or where they are scared to associate with their peers in a religious or political context. There is a real threat that needs to be taken seriously.

The street negroes are talking in ebonics & Mayor Pete is talking in gay & the conversation is hilarious.

I’ve decided to kick my barbeque game up several notches:

One Size Fits Slow  Automated cars will work like the Roomba – a brainless robot that operates within the confines of its programming – with you along for the (long) ride. To understand why the Great Slowdown is coming – if automated cars ever do – perform the following experiment: When you next drive to work, mindlessly obey every traffic law to the letter. Never exceed the posted speed limit – not even for the moment it takes to get up to speed.

Man learns the hard way mixing pufferfish and cocaine is a horrible idea  When he came to the ER, the man was not in good shape; he was throwing up, had weakness and difficulty speaking, and said that he had stomach pain, tearing chest pain and numb legs.

Canada’s rubbish comes home after a six-year journey to the Philippines The garbage set off a political row between the two countries, culminating in a threat by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to send it back to Canada himself. “Prepare a grand reception,” he said then. “Eat it if you want to.”
A Car For the Jet Age: Cool Pics of the 1956 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket   The Oldsmobile Golden Rocket was a two-seater show car built by Oldsmobile for the 1956 General Motors Motorama. The radically styled fiberglass concept, designed to resemble a rocket on wheels, was revised several times and displayed at various other auto shows, most notably at the 1957 Paris Motor Show where it generated much fanfare, 18 months after it was first revealed.

Ghosts of the Future — The door locks itself behind you. The lights turn on and off by themselves. A strange energy animates your house, and an unsettling, almost sentient presence watches you from its walls. Your house might be haunted, or it might be smart.

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  • Nori July 4, 2019, 10:25 PM

    Yes,Amazon,you are watching us every day in every conceivable way.Cataloging everything. Databasing virtually everything for when it may or not be needed.
    Hey,Bezos,you started out as a decent guy,which ca-ching into your account turned you into

  • Flyover July 5, 2019, 6:33 AM

    That eagle had a perfect breast stroke.

  • Richard July 5, 2019, 6:49 AM

    Regarding the demise of Mad magazine: Political correctness certainly has killed humor. Doesn’t the Left find humor in anything? Rhetorical question, of course.

  • John the River July 5, 2019, 7:12 AM

    Jeff, you know it’s getting a little bit obvious when every time I drop by your webstore I’m hit with several free or half price offers of your little spies; buy a book and get an Alexia, look at what current movies are out and fifty percent off a Echo.. etc.
    I was going to get an outside security camera until I saw that all of them “work with Alexia!”, hard pass.

  • Denny July 5, 2019, 10:36 AM

    At the rate of about 4000 a day, the left must find a lot of joy in butchering human children.