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Communist China aka “Here Comes Everybody!”

COMMODITY CITY With Subtitles as the detritus of the day rolls over the inmates.

Commodity City is an observational documentary exploring the daily lives of vendors who work in the largest wholesale consumer market in the world: the Yiwu Markets in China.

Yiwu Wholesale Market Guide

“YIWU WHOLESALE MARKET have international trade city, Binwang market, Huangyuan market 3 markets, Yiwu Wholesale Market have 43 industry, 1900 series, 170 million kinds products. Yiwu market products include art works, ornaments, hardwares, daily use goods, rain gears, electronics, toys, cosmetics, stationary and sporting goods, socks, food staffs, clcoks and watches, tapes, needle cottons, textiles, neckties, clothes etc all daily use insutrial products. Inside, ornaments, socks, toys output and sales occupy 1/3 of all national market. Best price and good quliry, have all the things one desires, its quite competitive in international market.”

Yiwu International Trade City has five shopping districts, each the size of several warehouses combined. This mega center occupies about 46 million sq. ft., with 62,000 booths inside. From 9 am to 5 pm, over 100,000 suppliers exhibit 400,000 different kinds of products and 65% of these products are exported to over 215 countries and regions.

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  • Monty James May 23, 2018, 3:31 PM

    A better deal than the rice paddies or a sweatshop, I suppose. Looks cleaner, at least. But you just know some guy is spending twelve hours a day in a stall with one, and only one, model of sex toy reaching 14 feet high on the pegboard, clamshell packaged in all different colors.