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“Come back officers!” No Refunds where “the dumbest among us” hold sway

Your fast lane to Utopia is a fast lane to Hell. It’s easier to walk into getting lost than walk out of it.

MATT CHRISTIANSEN takes a look at the BLM-Defund-Police cities and their recent moves to re-attract officers to their blood-soaked dungheaps.

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  • Andrew X August 5, 2021, 9:01 AM

    You can make fish soup out of an aquarium.
    Now, make an aquarium out of fish soup.

    Not so ancient (1990’s) Russian proverb.

  • EX-Californian Pete August 5, 2021, 9:27 AM

    I see no problem with libtards killing other libtards- it’s probably as effective (if not more) for taking criminals off the streets than policing by LEOs. And no taxpayer-funded trials and public defenders needed.
    Why would anyone with a badge want to work in Portland? I think we should start talking about de-funding the Secret Service agents that protect Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Cuomo, etc., etc……

  • enn ess August 5, 2021, 9:51 AM

    The bad part, and always has been, is that the people that really need LEO & law enforcement are denied it. It’s always been about the elite and their protection and lifestyles. And yet very few, if any, of them can even figure out the most basic things that must be done to support their lifestyles, as in providing everything they need to live the way they do.
    Well, the groceries are always on the shelf, we don’t know how but they always have been, and you can’t change that. Cause we say so.

  • gwbnyc August 5, 2021, 9:56 AM

    desperately seeking Ted Wheeler


  • Dirk August 5, 2021, 10:59 AM

    Sadly we are witnessing the selection of a lower intellect in enforcement jobs. In my day, we were hired because we could think on our feet, make extremely difficult choices, with little fact, but a lot of life’s experiences.

    We were expected to be accountable for our actions, equally important our “ Inactions”, self-correct and accept our fate for critical issues handled poorly. There are but a few jobs in this world wherein a man or a woman makes life-taking choices in split 1/2 seconds.

    Life-saving is optimum, unfortunately, many situations are a shit storm freight train headed towards you at breakneck speed.

    Today’s recruits are “ drafted” on their willingness to take orders, follow ANY orders, especially unlawful orders. What the citizens will never realize is this “Police Cannons and Ethics”, are in place to protect management, government, not the employee. End of the day it is the street cop who’s held accountable for his actions, and admins’ lack of actions.

    Trust me, I got shit wrong, a couple of times wayyyyyyyy wrong. My frank honesty and factual self-reporting is what saved my career. Was a time frank honestly was EVERYTHING!

    When a police officer is summoned to court anymore, it’s a matter of who the jury likes best, not right or wrong.

    Your community defense attorneys know the good cops from the bad. They live in your community also, while they have a very important job to do. Their sense of fairness, community safety is NEVER far from their cross-examination of the police officer on the stand.

    I did more police work with public defenders over a cup of coffee for our community than I ever did on the streets. I OWE our communities defense attorneys a lot, good decent men and women, with a shit job!


  • ghostsniper August 5, 2021, 12:13 PM

    enn ess sed: “…the people that really need LEO & law enforcement are denied it.”
    Don’t be ridiculous, nothing of the such is occurring.
    Anybody can have all the protection they want, as long as they pay for it. It’s always been this way.

  • ghostsniper August 5, 2021, 12:17 PM

    Dirk sed: “In my day, we were hired because we could think on our feet, make extremely difficult choices, with little fact, but a lot of life’s experiences.”
    And he is right, with the most right part being the “think on our feet” part. It’s just not happening now, and for all the usual reasons you are seeing gov’t fail across the board.

    Dirk, and anybody else, take a look at this link for some detail in all of this, by the person most responsible for the antigov’t attitude I possess, by way of him slapping me upside the head a few times in usenet back in the 90’s.


  • Jack August 5, 2021, 12:47 PM

    Common sense should tell anyone who thinks they would like to make a career in law enforcement to stop thinking about it find some other way to make your bones and your biscuits. Only a 3 speed bozo would want to be a cop in today’s world.

  • Lance de Boyle August 5, 2021, 1:05 PM
  • Mike-SMO August 5, 2021, 11:48 PM

    Lift up your eyes, Chilluns. Compton (California) was a great success. There will be more and the “good” police will just be in the way.

    “They” have finally decided that the ghetto descendants of the “defectives” sold into slavery in West Africa, are never going to change. American cities are failing for a number of reasons, especially the predators lurking in the alley and parking lot. In Compton, the state encouraged the influx of a Hispanic population. The Hispanic gangs targeted the Black ghetto gang-bangers, their friends and families. Compton is now ~60% plus Hispanic with little violent crime. “Open Borders” will provide more “troops” to drive Team Ghetto out of the cities. The “Pols” will get more grift and the “investors” in property will make profits on the newly envigorated city. The burning and looting by Antifa/BLM wasn’t mindless. That was clearing the land for the new population. A traditional and effective police force would just interferre in the transition.

    The “wrinkle”, boys and girls, is the surrounding area. South LA is beach-to-mountain ghetto. Moving Team Ghetto out of Compton was easy. Most American cities are surrounded by “White” suburbs. Hence the drive for “Gun Control” since if Team Ghetto is afraid of the suburban White, who might defend himself, his family, his home, and his neighbors, then they might not flee the Invasion of the Illegals, thus preventing the “pols” from harvesting their grift and keep the property investors from making a profit (sales/rents). When the cities die, the owners of the buildings, and the associated infrastructure, will take it in the neck and then probably get hit again building new out in the suburbs. The new Hispanic gangsters will demand a “cut”, but that is just business in the city. There is always someone in line for a piece of the action in the city.

    Lift your eyes. It ain’t that hard to see the plan. If you think that,”it just doesn’t make any sense”, it means that you just haven’t paid attention.

  • Sam L. August 6, 2021, 7:37 AM

    The STUPID is STRONG in these ones. Portland, Minneapolis..esTUPIDO!

  • Dirk August 6, 2021, 8:31 AM

    Assuming that guy doing the show is billy beck? . Don’t know him, never watched him, many of my associates think he walks on water. He appears to have Reason down and the ability to teach common sense.

    When I was in service the single most important doctrine was a simple idea titled “ The Reasonable Man Doctrine”. Simply stated in each and every situation “what’s reasonable” that question applies to both sides of the puzzle. From the cops prospective,,,,,,,, and also from the perps point of reasonable.

    I spoke of life experiences, and application, how does a cop apply street smarts. What are desirable outcomes , and what WILL go wrong. All of this is based on this simple tool” Who What Where When Why and How”

    In the shooting of the driver, what a shit show. You have how many cops trying to be cops. All are barking commands, non are consistent in language or standardized.

    A tool designed to save lives, the taser, was thought to be deployed. Why? What’s more dangerous then a 4000 pound weapon with a taser driver at the wheel. What is the potentials or citizens to be hurt, by poor police tactics.

    Their is a solution. The first officer on the call does all the communication face to face. Others presen handle all radio comm’s. A fuckimg supervisor arrives, knowing literally zero about what the situation is, except from monitoring radio traffic, she sticks her nose right in the middle of the event, likely stirring the situation.

    Why these guys didn’t cuff and place the poor bastard in their cruiser is curious. Remove the suspect from the scene away from associates is a deescalation tool. It’s standard.

    What s witnessed is murder II, unintentional killing of another. The lady cop should have been investigated and arrested for her actions. Her reckless actions even though they were a mistake can not be overlooked. Require her arrest and prosecution.

    The second situation another shit show. Verbal orders counteracting. Each other. “ put your arms out the window, then “ turn the vehicle off” how the fuck is that done. I would tell anybody listening that piss poor police communication commands are the single most deadly situation on the streets.
    One cop talks the rest shut their pie hole, and observe.

    It’s interesting just how ineffective police verbal communications are. White, Blacks Mexicans orentals all learn a language, however the meaning of words, and structure are different. What clearly effective communications in their minds, is as clear as mud to the suspects. . Add stress or a shit show, gets even worse.

    Police departments are aware of the issues, but view the language barrier as taboo. They will not correct te issue with standardized words with standardized meaning. It’s a shit show.

    I’ve worked with great cops who could hardly speak English, yet excelled in their prospective ethnic groups. Face it, Hispanic communities require Hispanic speakers. Etc etc.

    I’ve been in shootings were in the Hispanic police officer reverted back to his native language, unconsciously, every command was in Spanish the suspects were black, not of Hispanic descent. Begged me to tell them what Rico was saying. I felt I had no choice but to intervene or bad bad shit was going to happen.

    When Rico realized his mistake he reverted back to English, frankly his English left a lot to be desired. He had a very poor command of the English language. Again he excelled in communication amongst his fellow Hispanics, an outstanding police officer.

    I mentioned NEW cops are being recruited. Cannons and ethical policies are to protect admin and govt. today’s cops are rarely prepared for the job, literally zero life experience, no mil experience, if they have mil experience, they often suffer from PTSD or TBI, hiring is difficult at best.

    Some agencies have gone to hiring only college degreed officers. Great theory. These people are bright, know the laws inside out. They lack perhaps the most important ingredient,,,,, Street smarts. Many have piss poor skills sets, it is unfair to put em thru FTO training and release em to the streets, when they can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

    A fucking disaster in many applications.

    Use to be old cops wise street cops sat on hiring boards. Not the case anymore. City hall personal are doing the hiring. Using a standard procedure. Great for city hall, not so great for street cops.

    I’ll close with this. Often the best cops were the guys who grew up on the streets, we’re tough but have street smarts. Understand just how things work, are able to,quickly connect the dots. Not many of those guys out their anymore.

    Hell on job applications agency’s are now asking if you’ve used street drugs in the past 90 days!!! WTF.

    Police problems are a product of piss poor management, cops who were and are vine climbers, never did much effective work on the streets, worked the system for their benefit, not the citizens of their communities.

    We are in trouble!!!!!. Until citizens of communities hold accountable those who hire police, and police the police. IA cops are often the biggest abusers. When poor street cops with ambition are promoted because their suck asses, there’s a problem. Anymore police management are hired to fill quotas sanctioned at the fed level. Not because their good cops but because of their skin color or gender.

    Had the honor of working with some awesome men and women of color.

    Think it was 1998 when SCOTUS judge Skillia, basically wrote a definitive police job description.

    Investigate crimes.
    Arrest criminals
    Protect the infrastructure? My police world changed on this one. Protect govt over We The People, na I don’t think so.

    Govt is the problem always has been. I’ll have no part in protecting the bastards from We The People. Within law enforcement that’s what’s changing. Training is designed to make it, govt against the people. The games tainted. Top down!

    Bee retired thirteen years now, still qual for federal weapons carry permits biannually. I see the old dept admin Guys at ever qual. I don’t ever miss an opportunity to tell them what piles of shit they really are. Their mice not men.

    Oddly they see me pulling in they scatter. I don’t get it,


  • Thud Muffle August 6, 2021, 8:46 AM

    Once again as predicted years ago, once the Boomers with their costumes, pretentiousness and school play public drama achieved primacy the SHTF.

  • Arty August 6, 2021, 8:10 PM

    Thud Muffle, I tend to agree. The smartest generation outsmarted themselves but they’ll never admit it. The conceit runs deep with that crowd, they’d rather see it all burn down than admit they don’t know everything. Or maybe it’s just the liberals of that generation.