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Civil War? Not So Fast.

Keep Your Powder Dry says Sarah Hoyt…
For Now…

Excerpted fromKeep Your Powder Dry says Sarah Hoyt

Across the country, they are failing. What they succeeded in doing, in fact, was destroy what remained of the credibility and finances of the institutions they control.

So, yes, they want a civil war. That’s their Hail Mary pass. That’s their only chance. If we remain free and functioning as a society, they’re done, and they know it. This is also why they’re openly fantasizing about fraud.

This is not the behavior of people who subscribe to an ascendant, powerful philosophy. This is the behavior of ants whose hill has been dug up.

There is a book, and I wish I knew which, only I think I rather hated the book, and that it was one of those mainstream things that I read because I had to, which had an insane description that stuck with me.

It was talking about a little boy with a boil. The little boy was very proud of that boil and watched it swell, and become huge and red, and admired the sheen of the stretched skin. Yeah, it hurt a bit, but look how big, how beautiful it was. And then someone (I don’t remember who) lanced it, and all this yellow, bad-smelling stuff came pouring out. And he cried because the stuff was revolting, and he no longer had his big shining boil.

That is kind of what I’m seeing. All this bad-smelling, yellow/green corruption you’re seeing? It was always there. In fact, the modern left have become uniformly horrible human beings because the cover of the institutions meant their corruption was never found, so they could do whatever they wanted with no fear. My guess is that the sewer-like effluvium we’ve not yet seen is much worse than we can guess at. Worse than anything we can dream of because we are not by and large insane.

BUT just because you didn’t see it, weren’t aware of it before, or were briefly aware of it, and then it was covered over, it doesn’t mean things weren’t as bad before. I think they were worse.

The new tech was enough to lance the boil. Oh, not fully. But enough for us to see some of what’s inside. Enough for the left to be unable to keep it all secret, and pretend only crazy people oppose their program, and that they’re the best there is.

And that’s what scares them. If the boil is fully cut open, we’ll all see what it holds and it will heal. Sunlight and the disinfectant of people’s disgust will destroy their cozy corruption. They can’t stand it. They want to destroy our ability to open that boil more. And only a complete collapse of society will give them that power again.

This is why they’re pushing so hard for civil war.

The question is, why should we give it to them?

Yes, it might become inevitable. But that point is not now. Hell, the point might not come if they win through massive fraud. It might, though. Depends on what they do with that, and how far towards North Korea they manage to take us. My guess is, like Obama, they’ll find they’re not as powerful as they think they’d be. And also that the levels of fraud will generate more resistance than they dream of. I could be wrong.

Am I saying there won’t be a time to fight? Who? Me? One of you gave my husband a shirt saying “I’m with the excitable Latina.” You know better.

I’m just saying that though I too long for a clear confrontation, one that will finally lay everything bare…. That’s not the way reality works. We’re not in a movie.

Listen to those in the comments who have experienced civil war and insurrection. Or read (real) histories of the revolutionary war and the civil war. Once the shooting starts, things get murky, and high principles get lost.

Yes, we got very lucky with the revolutionary war, and to a certain extent with the civil war — it could have been worse, believe it or not, even if the changes to our government set up the seeds of the current mess — but do you want to roll for a third time? Before it’s absolutely needed? Really?

Sure, the time might come — and unfortunately not far off — to live free or die. But if the time comes it must be done with forethought and in the certainty it won’t lead to what we’re trying to avoid. Trusting the left to poke us into it, and thinking it will turn out all right is a fool’s game.

This is no time to go wobbly. If the republic can be saved at the ballot box, the cartridge box should stay shut. Full and ready, but shut.

In the end, we win, they lose. Unless we start falling for their — weak — mind games.

Be not afraid!

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  • Anonymous September 28, 2020, 3:30 PM

    “This is the behavior of ants whose hill has been dug up.” Did you ever scuff your foot over a fire ant hill and watch what happens? That is what Trump did to them. They are running around trying to bite him and us. Funny in a pathetic way. But they are dangerous. We need an Amdro election to eradicate them.

  • jwm September 28, 2020, 4:51 PM

    Good analogy re: Amdro- If anyone has ever played with the stuff it’s quite a show. Picture accidentally driving a full beer truck loaded with Colt 45 into a BLM riot.
    Amdro looks sort of like grainy corn meal, but the instant those granules hit the ground the fire ants come charging out of the nest like a geyser. They swarm all over. They can’t get hold of it fast enough, and they carry every last grain of it down into the nest.
    Where it poisons them all.


  • ghostsniper September 28, 2020, 5:55 PM

    Us Florida crackers have a more direct way of dealing with fire ant mounds. FIRE!
    Dump a load of gas right on the top and throw a match. Wa-WHOOOOMFF!

  • Andrew X September 28, 2020, 7:09 PM

    I am reminded of Kurt Schlicter’s observation –

    The Left has a volume control dial that they use for political violence. They dial it up when the opportunity arises, they dial it back when circumstances show it to be in their interest to do so.

    The Right has no such dial. The Right has an On/Off switch.

    America, you do not want to see ‘On’. You would not like ‘On’.

  • H September 29, 2020, 3:16 AM

    America has seen that “On” switch before. As examples, the various and sundry Indian wars, Shiloh/Gettysburg/et al, and/or the border war between Missouri and Kansas (see The Devil Knows How to Ride for a good history of the latter).

    All those assholes lusting for CWII don’t know their history and would doom everyone else to repeat it.

  • Jack September 29, 2020, 7:40 AM

    Ghost, when I was a kid I approached the annihilation of the Brazilian Fire Ant just as you described. One Spring morning my middle brother and I wanted to fish on the low and flat bank of my grandparent’s pond but the place was infested with large and high mounds so we poured about half of a 5 gallon tank of Regular on those 20’+/- of scattered mounds, let it soak in a bit and then we lit’em up.

    The sound was just as you describe and the ants were obliterated in seconds in a fiery carnage that has to be seen and experienced to believe.

    My grandfather, who was well known for taking a gasoline soaked horse feed sack, wrapping it around a pita bread sized yellow jacket nest and yanking them down from their ceiling perch without being stung, came along shortly after and read us a riot act in Cajun French that I can still hear. I think he was just pissed that he didn’t light those ants up.

    I never found the nerve to do his feed sack trick on yellow jackets. Fire is those devils’ only friend.

  • ghostsniper September 29, 2020, 7:50 AM

    Jack sed: “I never found the nerve to do his feed sack trick on yellow jackets.”
    I know someone that paid $300 for one about 16″ dia, dead of course, so she could display it on the front porch or her purchased log cabin. She called me over a couple years later to spray “something” on it cause the jackets had taken over. I laughed and told her she’s gonna hafta call a professional cause I don’t have “something” to spray on it.

  • Jack September 29, 2020, 8:07 AM

    Ghost, I’ve seen a bunch of big nests but none quite that large. It’s probably worth every dime she paid for it too. Yellow jackets are nasty sons-of-bitches and other than maybe the Africanized honey bee or a hornet I don’t know of any pint sized critter with a meaner disposition.

  • Dirk Williams September 29, 2020, 8:13 AM

    Civil War?, God I hope not. Yet we feel the need to continue on, preparing, planning, stocking, and inviting those ” right folks”

    While I’m here, I feel the need to say this. It is absolutely critical that We The People, put up a protective wall, a safe haven for our freedom’s writers. A place they can go, to continue to correctly educate the world on “What it should be”.

    Not a single doubt in my mind, our author, here, and the others will be hunted like dogs if this tips left. ” They” simply can’t have freedom, or freedom of thought circulate.

    For you serious folk, please plan on opening up your AO, your security, your hearts, and offer up a safe haven, for these men and women to go, be safe, do their work, and get the info out there.

    When we find “Gems” such as our host here on AD, it’s a no brainier, sanctuary safety, security, MUST be established for the good of all. Without these men and women’s goodwill, their crystal clear vision, we lose.

    While we may all see it, feel it, taste it, we all can’t put it into words, words that impact our freedoms, our nation like these folk.

    Some men are sheepdogs, some bakers, others are plumbers, all contribute to the objective. The gifted writers, those standouts, those wordsmiths who savor every word, so descriptively, are the glue that binds.

    End of the day, WE gotta make sure they’re GTG, and not on the run.


  • Anne September 29, 2020, 8:18 AM

    What does GTG stand for?

  • Vanderleun September 29, 2020, 9:14 AM

    Good to Go.

  • jwm September 29, 2020, 9:29 AM

    A little OT but worth noting.
    Anonymous Conservative, home of R/K theory, and Q-anon updates and links is gone. A click on the bookmark gives only a white screen, “Access Denied” in tiny text at the upper right. Not even a 404 message. Q-maps also gone. Regardless of what you may think of the whole Q-anon thing, *SOMEONE* thinks it’s dangerous enough to nuke the site from orbit. Another note from William Briggs. Corona death rate plunging to insignificant levels. Mask nazi’s double down on the non-compliant. Shit’s getting scary.


  • Sam L. September 29, 2020, 9:36 AM


  • James ONeil September 29, 2020, 10:33 AM

    Among the 433 comments over on Sarah’s site I said:
    “I tend to agree with you Sarah, but but but I find myself putting a lot of yea buts after many of the points you made quite well.

    Yea but my homies wouldn’t even think of stacking bodies, though discreetly disposing of same might be considered in certain situations.

    Yea but and yep, it’s been going on for a long time and I’m all for turning the other cheek but, after four one runs out of cheeks.

    More each and every day the the rabid insanity of the left is apparent in spite of the media’s attempts to hide it. Is the affliction treatable? I hope so as the only alternative I can come up with is the way one cures a rabid dog.

    Sitting up here on top of the world I’m, so far, spared seeing or experiencing the worst excesses but I wonder how long decent folks in the lower forty eight can accept or ignore an environment where in they’re harassed at restaurants if they fail to raise their fist in a black power salute, view city blocks burned to the ground, see friends killed because they might be President Trump supporters, see any representation of law and order vilified, view out of town hooligans bused in to terrorize their neighborhoods?

    No matter what the results are come November, the road ahead is rocky.

    One last yea but, Sarah; Yea but in spite of my rant, keep shouting, a voice of reason, loud and clear, young lady, if enough people join in on the chorus y’all just might (& no, I am not indulging in hyperbole.) save the world!”

  • Skorpion September 29, 2020, 5:47 PM

    Ghost & the other ant-fighters: You might like this classic tale of the ultimate ant invasion, and how one man and his crew on a South American plantation fight it:


  • ghostsniper September 30, 2020, 4:02 AM

    @Skorp, I saw the title and new right away it was this 1954 movie, one of my fav’s.