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Citizens with no guns are commanded: “Control your soul’s desire for freedom.”

But I guess you can sneak in a dog walk. . .

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  • OneGuy April 6, 2022, 12:10 PM

    When the government overturns the 2nd amendment we will then discover why Ketanji was nominated. Well that and all the other shit she will do as a Supreme.

    • Mike Austin April 6, 2022, 12:51 PM

      When “the government overturns the 2nd Amendment” the sky will still be blue, the grass will still be green and the wind will still blow. Erasing 27 words on a old piece of parchment that nobody cares about will accomplish exactly nothing. The problem for the ruling class will be then what it is now: how to get 500,000,000 guns out of the hands of 150,000,000 American citizens.

      The elites are degenerate, corrupt and perverted. They actually believe that by issuing some ukase that those affected will simply bow down and obey, as if we were Chinese.

  • ghostsniper April 6, 2022, 12:51 PM

    More US media mind manipulation delivered on the level of elementary school kids.

  • Mike Austin April 6, 2022, 1:16 PM

    Chinese culture and civilization go back more than 3000 years. In all that time it has produced not one Thomas Jefferson, not one Socrates, not one Samuel Adams, not one Thomas Hobbes, not one John Locke, not one Eli Whitney, not one Voltaire, not one Moliere, not one Thomas Aquinas, not one Dostoyevsky, not one Miguel de Cervantes.

    The China shown to the West is all Potemkin. Outside of a few showcase cities her population lives as did the Medieval peasantry.

    China has produced nothing like the Declaration of Independence or the US Bill of Rights or the Declaration of the Rights of Man or the Mayflower Compact or the Magna Carta.

    What China has produced is hundreds and hundreds of millions of slaves. They live like slaves, they fight like slaves, they suffer like slaves and they die like slaves. China has a culture and civilization that has brought nothing of worth to humanity. If she disappeared tomorrow who would mourn?

    The Chinese military would be a wallowing mess against a real military, as it faced in the Korean War. The US Army stacked Chinese corpses like cordwood. Her army is good at raping Buddhist nuns to death and bashing in babies heads. I give credit where credit is due.

    And I’m supposed to fear these people?

    • tim April 6, 2022, 1:45 PM

      All good points, Mike. But…

      “I’m supposed to fear these people?”

      The Chinese are very good at repressing (their) people, stealing technology and subsequently reverse engineering said technology.

      Combined with buying our politicians, tech giants, etc. yes, we should at least be extremely concerned about them.

      • Mike Austin April 6, 2022, 2:27 PM

        All that you wrote is true. And I am concerned about China, how she so easily bought US politicians of both parties and how she so easily infiltrated academia and the media. But those problems have to do with treason here in America. China could buy much of American influence because it was for sale. A well-built and sturdy electric chair—actually a series of them placed in the US Congress—would take care of all that.

        China’s ability to steal technology—beginning with Bill Clinton and Loral Space & Communications Ltd—can only go so far. Witness her almost comical attempts to land an aircraft on a carrier deck. She has yet to master one time what the US has been doing for almost 100 years. And a side note: There is a lot of nonsense about “Chinese hypersonic missiles” that can sink any American carrier. The evidence for such advanced technology is nonexistent unless one simply swallows whole Chinese propaganda. And if there were such a missile, then why would China build her own carriers?

        Really and truly, when usually normal folks begin to talk about China they go a bit goofy. Some of these types say really dumb things like “China is a superpower”. What? She cannot even reach Taiwan 90 miles from her own shore. Cuban illiterates have been floating 90 miles to the USA on inner tubes for 60 years, but China has no idea how to do it. Besides, the “Chinese superpower” has no blue water navy, and thus no way to project power outside of her own borders. Brutalizing her own people will have to do.

        And guess who the Chinese people idolize? Mao Zedong, a man who never bathed, who infected thousands of girls with syphilis, and who murdered 100,000,000 of his own citizens. Quite the guy!

        But we always must remember—because China certainly does—that one missile at her Three Gorges Dam would put one-third of China under water. End of problem.

        • Terry April 6, 2022, 3:35 PM

          Or put more simply, can Chinese people swim, if so, for how long?

        • Pebo April 6, 2022, 8:34 PM

          That same thing could have been done to the Red River lock and dams north of Hanoi years ago.

      • billrla April 7, 2022, 10:19 AM

        The Chinese are very good a complying. That’s what makes them Chinese.

        • Mike Austin April 7, 2022, 10:45 AM

          That’s what makes them slaves.

  • Dirk April 6, 2022, 3:46 PM

    Citizens with no guns, literally built two 80% lowers this afternoon, minus the stocks, their A5 recoil systems, I lack two VLTOR stocks. Which may be here today.

    I’m always amused when the boys and girls elected think they get to translate peoples rights, IE the 2nd. The amusing part is, the Constitution defines exactly what the boys and girls club can’t touch.

    AND, I just say that gov Abbot of Texas, is now busing illegals to down town Washington DC! Depositing em on their streets.

    • ghostsniper April 7, 2022, 4:13 AM

      Dirk, Who do you recommend for the lowers? I’m ready to buy.
      Also, got any tips? Thanks.

      • Dirk April 7, 2022, 10:16 AM

        Ghost, I do have recommendations. I’ve come to prefer the 5D Tactical 80% lowers they have a couple features I see as upgrades. End of the day how much money do you want to spend. I’ve got over 100 lower builds. God only knows the numbers in our “church group”

        I own many Jigs, from different companies, by far the best Jigs the “5D Tactical”,,,, Jig. The trick is keeping the router bit sharp, the bite gets dull, becomes problematic.

        We “ our church group”. Have machining time down to right at 25 minutes, again it’s important to not force the bit to cut, let the bit move itself.

        Here’s how I usually build, I use top shelf lower kits, and recoil systems. I can tell you the gold standards the VLTOR A5 recoil. The USMC consider this the single most important upgrade, bang for the buck.

        I prefer to use Colt lower parts kits, I recently built two Grisselle lower kits, very impressive high quality. LMT, BCM, VLTOR, Sons of Liberty, AERO high grade are fantastic lower kits. Their are other good kits available

        Again this is my preferred way. After I cut the lower, I take another 15/20 minutes cleaning up rough edges, with jewelers files, flat and round, sometimes 600/800 grit sandpaper. When I’m done with that, I wash the lower in Dawn soap and sun dry. A heater vent or hair dryer works fine.

        Install the trigger first, don’t forget to use the recoil spring in the lower trigger group. I put the grip on next making sure the safety retention pins gtg. Next the mag retention button, plunger don’t forget the spring.

        Slide lock system, it’s easy. Take your time. You can do the build anyway that works for you. No specific way. Then I install the VLTOR enhanced recoil system, screw the tube in, make sure the upper release pins got the plunger and spring in place. The tube will screw down on the pin and plunger. Also do not forget to torque the stop nut, you will come back after the builds, complete to stake the collar.

        I use Craine O rings, however the past year I’ve left what the factory uses until there worn out.

        Honestly spend the money, buy the best you can. I usually use LMT enhanced BCG’s, they have a 3rd, hole, which holds the bolt lug a scosch longer, dumps a bit more gas before it cycles. This LMT BCG, with the VLTOR A5 , is a huge upgrade. I also use a gas block on any rifle I’ll use a suppressor on. Just makes sense. Right now their a Noveske product.

        I prefer straight triggers, that’s just me. I usually eventually drop a new straight Trigger a sealed trigger, at 2 pounds.

        Uppers, honestly purchase a complete upper. You can get a 500.00 . Set up, or spend the money on a high end one. If your m4s for plinking, a low end one’s fine. I tend to build as if my life’s gonna count on the rifle in the future.

        I’m. A big fan of Noveske’s Afgan series of barrels, or Wilson Combats. Again many many outstanding selections.a couple of friends, are lead rangemasters over at Thunder Ranch, Clint Smiths place.

        Their driving Gisselle rifles and ones shooting a “ sons of liberty unit”. My other friends are running AERO high end parts. I’ve got AERO’ s I’ve built, and gifted to family and friends.

        Sights, please do not use MagPul, spend the money on good kit. My all time go to sights are TROY flip ups, night dots, and all my rifles have the HK hooded front sights. A major upgrade sight. Will make you a fraction of a second quicker when your presenting the rifle in stressful situations.

        Red dots, lots and lots of good red dots out their. I prefer T1s and T2s, but I’m not in dangerous places anymore. I’ve been placing holosuns red dots on my pistols and rifles. I’ve dropped em, ran em into rocks fences no issues.

        Lastly if your running a red dot, please install back up sights. A secondary sighting systems critical. We were just talking thru this BUIS strategy. Jack was telling me he’s seeing a lot of shooters arriving at shoot school W/out BUIS sights.

        Life’s about choices. Red dots run on batteries, or are solar backed up. Theirs potential for failure.

        Again you choice. Last thing I run my Troy sights, at a zero zero position, that’s simply means my red dot is centered on the sight posts, front and rear. I run ALL my rifles and pistols like this.

        And one last thing, a shout out. A gent in AZ got me into red dots, I already had em, but after several. Text exchanges I was convince. Bill Buppert was the guy. Simply put, Bills right.

        Ghost everybody here does it differently. They may have built more guns, I don’t know. So perhaps the question should be opened up to,all here, sort of,an opportunity to learn new ways.

        Ghost, if you purchase the lower, but don’t want the expense of the build gig, hit me off line, I’m happy to machine a lower for you.

        • billrla April 7, 2022, 10:32 AM

          Good tips. Troy it is. LMT looks interesting for BCGs.

        • ghostsniper April 7, 2022, 7:20 PM

          Thanks Dirk. I’ll read what you wrote several times, maybe save it to pdf for future ref. 3 years ago I built my first AR with no outside help. It was a learning experiment, made plenty of mistakes, nothing more money wouldn’t solve. In the end I ended up with a gun that far exceeded my expectations. Spikes lower, Black Rain upper and barrel. Troy front end, and on and on. Plenty of extra parts, alternate parts, etc. I know the first 80% lower build is the most expensive one due to the jigs, bits, etc., and I’m fine with that. I have most tools for gunsmithing and various metalwork, good router and drillpress. Thanks.

        • ghostsniper April 7, 2022, 7:26 PM

          We have a saying around here, “Red dots don’t lie”. Yes to holosun. Everybody I know has some, I have at least 6. Flip ups on everything, and all glass is on QD. We work our guns pretty hard and fix em when they break. Our group is small, less than squad size, and very tight. Working on comms too. One of us is going to scale a cell tower and install a repeater, at night. That ought to be fun.

  • ThisIsNotNutella April 6, 2022, 5:27 PM

    Literary conceits aside, when was the last time you received a US Government communication acknowledging the existence of your Soul?

    For another commenter or two above… I find it hard to reconcile a nation of ‘medieval peasants’ hidden behind a paper-thin Potemkin facade of blinged out humungous technocities with what I’ve seen in my mainland travels. And how do these Potemkin Villagers manage to manufacture virtually everything you consume? I mean what does that say about you that you can be economically swamped by a bunch of third-rate incapable of original thought stagnant for 3000 years chinky chinks?

    Cogdis anyone?

    China is not your friend. Chinese have very different ideas about many things including governance. The populace doesn’t have guns. It also doesn’t have Black criminals running amok and You-know-who enablers not jailing them and persecuting any Whites who stand up to them. They are heavily censored online.. but what is mostly censored is Trannydom and Metoo-ing and people who would whip up witch hunts.

    It’s not your friend.. Doesn’t have to be your enemy… Does some some shit looks pretty weird when viewed in clips… also has a grifting diaspora of Gordon Changs and other misfits who live overseas and make bank criticising it… Killed a lot of its own people. In the PAST. Hasn’t killed nearly as many random fellaheen as the USA…. But Dissident Americans would do well to try to avoid mindless stereotypes. Not productive.

    China is just totally different. No shame in not getting it. Nobody can fully grok the place. But there’s shame in lashing out at foreign scapegoats when the real shame should be one’s own national and civilizational collapse… not their rise. We all need scapegoats… being human and all. Find ones closer to home… not ones over there with nukes.

    At least China is ruled (tyrannised if you must insist) by Chinese. There’s that, too.

  • gwbnyc April 6, 2022, 8:18 PM

    -I’ll have what she’s having.

  • Quent April 7, 2022, 9:00 AM

    Ah, yes, the magical ‘guns,’ which are somehow going to save the day. Who will wield the Rings of Power? Will it be the geriatrics like me? Will it be the guys who like to wear camo and run around in the woods playing soldier? Many of you will remember the comedy generated by the Militia Movement in the ’90s. Will it be Generation Z? And what will happen when their sacks of cheese sandwiches run out? I know there will be big arguments about who gets to use those ‘military style’ $40 drones which are sold on ebay.

  • Dirk April 7, 2022, 10:22 AM

    Quent, fair question, we started asking it 30/40 hrs ago, more importantly we decided to prepare. We have the tools, to include Drones. Anything that’s a force multipliers a good investment for me.

    Should we end up slugging it out with others my uniform will be polo shirts shorts and Crocs. End of the day we’ve discovered just how effective drones can be.

    The important parts, don’t be where They think you are.

    Tic Toc!
    Where you finding em for 40.00? Our big Mavis II’s are 2k, our newest smaller units are 110.00 with an extra battery.

    Where are these forty dollar units sold?

  • billrla April 7, 2022, 10:34 AM

    All these Shanghai lockdown videos look like a replay of the tried and true hair-on-fire scare tactics of early 2020.