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Check the Health Weather in Your Zip Code

This is the live link to the US Health Weather Map by Kinsa

The Caveats Are:

How to read these charts:
The map above shows you how much influenza-like illness above the normal expected levels we have detected since March 1.

The time series chart allows you to compare Kinsa’s observations of the influenza-like illness level in the U.S., in orange and red, against where we’d expect them to be, in blue, and see how that relationship has changed over the past few weeks

Overview and Methods
The U.S. Health Weather Map is a visualization of seasonal illness linked to fever – specifically influenza-like illness. The aggregate, anonymized data visualized here is a product of Kinsa’s network of Smart Thermometers and accompanying mobile applications, and Kinsa is providing this map and associated charts as a public service.

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  • James ONeil April 8, 2020, 12:04 PM

    Tried entering my zip code, 99705, but, alas the map doesn’t cover North Pole Alaska.

    None the less, looking out my windows, I can be assured there is not one winnie the flu or any other influenza-like victim or carrier within a quarter mile of me.

  • Gordon Scott April 8, 2020, 5:46 PM

    Yeah, this site is very, very interesting. There are a ton of numbers out there, and most of them do not compare well to others. Different states, different counties within states, different countries…all of them are reporting numbers differently.

    But this one is just one measurement, reported the same way everywhere in the US. It’s basic, but it’s also very informative. What it reveals to me is that among folks who own $65 digital thermometers and who agree to take their temperature every day, social distancing seems to work very well.