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Call for Votes: Psaki and Obama need to respond to hard questions.

Delivered with a shovel. To the face.

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  • Dan Patterson May 3, 2022, 3:52 AM

    This treason and treachery will not end until they fear you.

    Does it look like “they” are afraid of “you”?

    No dipshit, they are afraid of nothing and they are laughing at you. Laughing at your intense interest in the shiny baubles strewn on the floor to distract you (Wuhan lab, injection of who-knows-what, pronouns, climate change. All bullshit meant to deflect and camouflage). And brother is it ever working! If school-aged kids had been given anything close to an education over the past generationis the wave of outrage would be unstoppable by now. But that has not happened, and it’s been, what, 50 years in the making?

    So let’s put another group of arthritic granddads and great aunts together, let’s make another empty-handed firm pledge to support and defend the Constitution, rally around a flag pole blue hair puffed, squinting through CVS readers, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Let “them” know you are by God standing firm, here and now. Yessir. You know, grass-roots activism. Popular front. Voice of the people, and all that.

    Yeah. Like the Tea Party, like the Truckers Freedom Convoy, like the Election Fraud Investigation, like the Constitutional right to a speedy trial for the Jan 6th protesters.

    Let’s not, and say we did. It’ll do about as much good as signing another petition, calling your representative, and writing mean tweets. In other words nothing. No it will not mean a damned thing to stand on your principles, let the world know you have prayerful focus, and worry about where the culture we once knew is buried. No it will not. And here is another piece of truth for you: God does NOT have this, God is not involved in these actions; they are the end product of tyranny and evil from men and it is up to men to stop it. No storm is coming, no fury unleashed, and no secret army of angels will descend to rescue us from our torment. Stop believing that fairy tale nonsense.

    What does matter is action. The past century is a graveyard for people who fretted and fumed, stomped and dithered, and never made a decision, never took action. What that action is, well, that is a damned good question because the culture is against acts of self defense. Do you want to be that guy, the one with a black hoodie and an AR scaring the neighbors? Are you the one targeted by DHS because you talked about the DC Swamp in a bar? What action can be taken? Hell, if I knew that I wouldn’t be at my keyboard venting like a maniac at 6:30 on Tuesday.

    Invasions and mutiny are not stopped by words, they are not prevented by firm demands for truth and justice. They are stopped by shot and shell, history proves it and please show me where I’m wrong. I have no answers for what action can reasonably be taken, and I am firmly aware of the risks of speaking against the present administration with all the goons and fools and petty tyrants; piss on every one of them. Like most of you, I am looking for a solution that does not involve me getting my ass beaten by cops and my life ruined, but like the patriots of 1776 those options may now be behind us.

    • ghostsniper May 3, 2022, 4:34 AM

      Agreed Dan.
      Outwardly there is little any of us can do, in my opinion. The danger of being harassed, caged, or killed are too great to be the squeaky wheel. There are at least 435 criminals on the top of the ladder and they see no need to change their ways. The rest of must make our way as we see fit. I’m pretty certain things will continue as is, and get worse along the way, until such time that the top heavy ladder topples. Little by little, or all at once.

      For some time now, at least a decade, I have been cultivating local relationships but with extreme caution. The walls, and the trees, have eyes and ears. As with Ukraine, as with NYFC, as with LA, etc., I have little concern as they do not directly effect me. Same with Hollywood, academia, most popular science, sports, and on and on. All of these things and more are so much static in pipeline of mostly irrelevant “information” we are bombarded with constantly. It’s like standing in a horizontal hale storm hoping to catch a walnut with the teeth while avoiding the gnats.

      We’re digging and improving earth this week and next and hoping our efforts now will be rewarding at the end of summer. I’d like to have a milk cow, 4 horses, 20 chickens, but our meager acreage won’t support all of that. So I associate with people that do have that stuff and perhaps I can trade some of my things and my skills, and learn some new things.

    • Mike Austin May 3, 2022, 9:43 AM

      Dan is having a bad day.

      • Dan Patterson May 3, 2022, 9:58 AM

        I wish that’s all it was.

  • Tom Hyland May 3, 2022, 6:39 AM

    The Obama spook puts the spook in spooky. Nobody will admit where he came from but it appears his grandma, who was head of the Social Security Administration in Hawaii provided him with an SS number from a deceased woman from Connecticut.

    Obama’s white mommy was CIA. Looks like Obama Sr. was not his daddy. Looks very much like those two daughters are not the biological offspring of Obama and his “wife” Big Mike.

    Except for Howard Taft who went on to the Supreme Court, Obama is the first President to stay in DC. Looks like he was assisting Hillary in spying on Trump when the latter rode down the escalator. To deflect the glaring discrepancies of the birth certificate, that savvy children were able to recognize, Obama declared the assassination of Osama bin Laden mission accomplished… just a couple of days later. Nobody was allowed to view the corpse because the American people couldn’t have handled how icky he was. A bullet between the eyes. Too icky. Throw him in the ocean…. and believe that story. Too icky.

    Remember Saddam Hussein at the end of a rope? Remember Ghadafi sodomized with a bayonet and beaten to a pulp on the hood of a pickup truck? Obama couldn’t allow anyone to view the remains of OBL… it would have crippled our great nation. Now Obama is applauding the hand-picked goons who will decide the truth.

    When is this John Durham guy going to hand out an indictment? Is he paid by Obama? I agree with Dan Patterson… only the threat of hot lead allows circumstances to take a decided turn for the better.

    • Jack May 3, 2022, 6:49 AM

      I too agree with Patterson with a slight variation. Only applied hot lead allows circumstances to take a decided turn for the better. 99.99% of these leftist thugs, including that red headed mouthpiece, should receive a half ounce of high speed howdy-do in the kisser. The remainder should be buried under a Supermax.

      • Mike Austin May 3, 2022, 1:10 PM

        Each Supermax should function in the same manner as did the French prisons during the Terror (1789 – 1794): as mere holding cells for the guilty until the next tumbrils arrived to take them on their journey to Madame Guillotine. Once emptied, each Supermax would be repopulated until America would at last be free of the treasonous parasites who rule over her.

        The proscriptions of Sulla and the 2nd Triumvirate come to mind.

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