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Marketing That Little Minx or “the Gun as Girlfriend”

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.”

I’m 22. And very petite. My size is actually one of my greatest harms since I tuck so easily into your pocket or purse. And I’d love to spend some time with you. Take me along and I’ll keep you company for plinking or protection. One cute thing about me is that my barrel tilts up at the touch of ab usson. Lets you chamber my first round and start shooting like quick! (You don’t have to be a big muscle man to pull back my slide.) My magazine, also push-button, holds 7 rounds. Or use me single shot. Get me, Minx 22, or for a little more punch, my big sister, Jetfire 25. Or for a beautiful brochure featuring me and all my brothers and sisters == 22, 25, 32, 380, 9mm calibers — write Dept 2 GA 5.

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  • ghostsniper July 6, 2018, 4:18 AM

    Currently, that’s a Beretta Model 21 Bobcat in .22.

    The mag holds 7, and you can tilt the barrel up with that lever just behind the trigger on the left side, and slide an 8th one in that barrel. Pull the trigger and the 8th one fires, automatically chambering the next one. So it’s possible to carry it with a round chambered but not shootable unless the trigger is pulled in double action manner.

    Mine is INOX, which is a silver satin finish, (matches my much larger Beretta 92FS INOX) with heavily stippled custom grips, and it resides comfortably and unannounced in my right pocket when I leave the estancia.

    Put it right up against the target and pull the trigger as fast as you can 8 times. Drop the empty mag with the button in the middle/rear of the left grip and insert a 2nd one, yank the slide back, let go, and you’re ready for the next termination. It’s a sweety.

  • bob sykes July 6, 2018, 4:25 AM

    The .22 lr is not to be despised. Perfectly good for deterrence:


  • dave July 6, 2018, 4:52 AM

    I believe that weapon takes 22 short ammunition.

  • JeffG July 6, 2018, 6:19 AM

    The Minx takes 22 shorts. I would love to buy one if I see one for sale. The 22lr version is the Bobcat and is currently available. They are fun guns to shoot and barely noticeable in a front pocket.

  • ghostsniper July 6, 2018, 12:36 PM

    I didn’t know that JeffG. I had heard of the Minx but thought it was an older model, and didn’t know it did shorts. My Bobcat will not do shorts, I tried, but it didn’t produce enough force to cycle the bolt. Well, it will shoot 1 short, and that’s it. None of my other .22 guns will fire shorts neither. So I have about 400 rds of shorts and nothing to shoot them in. My shopping for a Ruger Mark model, not for shorts or anything, but just because. I had one long ago and now wish I hadn’t sold it.

  • OhioGuy July 6, 2018, 1:16 PM

    GS …. look for a revolver or a lever action / bolt long gun
    and buy some heavy Aguila .22 for them

    your ears will love that 60 gr. round and your intended targets will not

  • ghostsniper July 6, 2018, 6:38 PM

    I already have levers bolts and a peacemaker 45 and aguila is my standard rimfire, and federal, but I want a Ruger Mark to replace one I had, and the higher capacity.

  • Snakepit Kansas July 7, 2018, 7:12 AM

    Cute little 22s. I like to carry a medium or full sized 9mm. Sig 225 or Glock 17. Occasionally my old Gubmint Model .45. Although I have owned such in the past, the Beretta has an odd safety that my thumb does not easily find. Maybe more practice would have solved that. 22s are good for varmints, training and plinking. I would prefer not to engage in a fight with a Bobcat. If the gun, regardless of size or caliber, is buried in a purse or coat pocket, it may not be quickly retrieved. When driving, I keep my heater between the seat and console, which is legal in Kansas. When outside of the vehicle it is holstered over my right kidney under a $4 wal-mart shirt.

  • ghostsniper July 7, 2018, 8:42 PM

    @Snake, you must have big hands. The above Minx model differs from the Bobcat in that the Bobcat has the safety at the top/rear of the left grip. My hands are medium and I have no problem working that safety. However, if I have 7 in the mag and one in the pipe there is no real reason to engage the safety as the gun won’t fire unless the trigger is pulled, which in dbl action mode, takes quite a bit more power than if the hammer is already back. My Bobcat resides in my desk drawer loaded and 1 in the pipe in an Uncle Mike’s black ballistic nylon case but when I carry it I do so uncased in my right front britches pocket with safety off. I mostly practice Remus’s rule regarding safety, “Avoid crowds”, and so far it has worked perfectly.

  • Snakepit Kansas July 8, 2018, 5:28 AM

    Forgive me as I was not clear. The full size Beretta 92 models are the ones that I have trouble in reaching the safety.

  • ghostsniper July 8, 2018, 6:37 AM

    Then maybe you have smaller hands?
    Just put 300 rds thru my 92 yesterday and got it out again just now.
    My medium hands have no problem reaching the safety, slide release, and mag dump with my right thumb. However I have to reposition slightly to reach the mag release properly. A 92 may not be for everybody.

    A friend bought a black 92 and brought it over back about 2000 and as soon as I wrapped my fingers around it I was smitten…had to have one immediately. It perfectly fit my hand like other gun before or since, though the custom grip on my AR comes very close. Was gonna get a black one but the place I was buying it at only had a silver so I got it. Glad I did.