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Broken: “Seem like every time you stop and turn around / Something else just hit the ground”

Berlin’s giant AquaDom hotel aquarium containing 1,500 fish explodes

“And now at the end of a long day time for a relaxing martini at the hotel bar. . . .”

All of which is a fine reason to both bemoan a broken world and broken mankind and still take joy in watching Sheryl Crow and Jason Isbell hit the groove and rock Bob Dylan’s Everything Is Broken

Broken lines, broken strings
Broken threads, broken springs
Broken idols, broken heads
People sleeping in broken beds
Ain’t no use jiving
Ain’t no use joking
Everything is broken

Broken bottles, broken plates
Broken switches, broken gates
Broken dishes, broken parts
Streets are filled with broken hearts
Broken words never meant to be spoken
Everything is broken

Seem like every time you stop and turn around
Something else just hit the ground

Broken cutters, broken saws
Broken buckles, broken laws
Broken bodies, broken bones
Broken voices on broken phones
Take a deep breath, feel like you’re choking
Everything is broken

Every time you leave and go off someplace
Things fall to pieces in my face

Broken hands on broken ploughs
Broken treaties, broken vows
Broken pipes, broken tools
People bending broken rules
Hound dog howling, bullfrog croaking
Everything is broken


{Item 4,800 of ADIII 12/17/2022}

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  • The Year Of The Clown December 17, 2022, 6:18 PM

    But, but, but…muh egalitarian Benetton rainbow utopia?

  • TrangBang68 December 17, 2022, 8:02 PM

    Jason Isbell is the shizzle

  • Horatio December 18, 2022, 4:58 AM

    KWS Band did it better


  • Callmelennie December 18, 2022, 5:31 AM

    This song about everything being broken was penned by Bob Dylan in 1989 .. at a time when NOTHING was broken. But apparently Bob had insights about the scene that evaded the cognition of lesser mortals

    And now, that everything is truly broken, where is Bob’s latest magnum opus of protest. And how about you, Conscience Of The Nation, Neil Young. You were so preciously shattered about 4 kids being killed at Kent State. What about the 4 million who died during and in the aftermath of the Fall of Saigon .. Four mil in Indochine, Four mil in Indochine … (Why? .. Why? .. Why?)

    What about the 4 people who died on Jan 6 .. two of whom were clearly murdered. Why no “Four Dead at Capitol” … Four dead at Capitol, four dead at Capitol .. (Oh, the horror!)

    Dont get me started …

    • Dirk December 18, 2022, 9:05 AM

      Great observations. While it’s broke bad, we’ve not seen how bad it’s gonna get.

      The key is to manage to navigate the shit show easily. Living on top of a mountain has its advantages.

      Oregons HB114, perhaps the harshest in the nations going to go down in flames. Nobody in the enforcement side of govt intends to comply, they clearly recognize the Unconstitutional communist written for wha it is.

      • ghostsniper December 18, 2022, 9:41 AM

        Seems you Oreganians need some lessons on how to control your wimmenz. The top 3 people in favor of that criminal law are wimmenz. Wimmenz that need taken out behind the shed. Currently a man has stepped up and put a choke collar on this act of tyranny. He’s the person that should work the hickory switch behind the shed. Round em up, march em out there so they can get their just dessert. BTW, as a natural human rule, I don’t allow other people to dictate much of anything regarding anything I am involved with. People that feel the need to involve themselves in the natural rights of other people clearly have too much free time on their hands and need to be strapped to the wheel for such a period that it is determined they have learned the error of their ways.

        Read all about it here:

  • Hyland December 18, 2022, 9:23 AM

    Here the World Economic Forum is described as a cult. In order for them to prevail they instigate the breakage. Some profound analogy for your consideration…