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Breadcrumbs In the Labyrinth
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Breadcrumbs In the Labyrinth

  1. The biggest impact the Right can make at this stage of conflict is to destroy, damage, or neutralize Lefty Institutions. But Lefty Institutions are massive cultural power centers. Universities, Media, Bureaucracies, Organizations/Foundations, Cities. The Right is not big enough or organized enough to really destroy Lefty Institutions.
  2. In 1972, before “special handling”, the entire black student body at Temple University Law School failed. They burned down the law library. Such behavior was a novelty at the time.
  3. In the end, we have to convert, or pogrom them, or they will pogrom us. Expelling Muslims is supposedly unthinkably wicked, but Muslims are always expelling each other, usually for obvious and excellent reasons, and no one blinks an eye.
  4. The Cold Civil War The government apparatus identifies with the ruling class’s interests, proclivities, and tastes, and almost unanimously with the Democratic Party. As it uses government power to press those interests, proclivities, and tastes upon the ruled, it acts as a partisan state.
  5. The blasphemy case against Bret Weinstein, and its four lessons for professors   If a mob comes for you, there is a good chance that the president of your university will side with the mob and validate its narrative (as the presidents at Yale and Evergreen have done, although the presidents at Middlebury and Claremont McKenna did not).
  6. The true cost of renewable energy : The cost of renewables is assessed without regard for the fact that renewables are intermittent and unpredictable. Sometimes the sun shines, some times it does not, sometimes the wind blows, sometimes it does not, sometimes it blows too hard and the windmills must shut down. This creates a burden on the grid, and the need for backup power, and this backup power and grid load is not costed or funded.
  7. My sitting room door is older than America. I heat one room with a cast-iron wood burner and dry my clothes on a line strung above it. I don’t travel. Don’t dine out. Carry no debt. Take no dole. Own no mobile phone, television or alarm clock.