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Snowflakes Melting In the Labyrinth

“And then Trump (Not My President) taps… it was a tap… taps Putin on the back and…. THERE…THERE is your COLLUSION, people… and then Trump (Not My President) blinks…. and Putin blinks back… and Morse Code they are collaborating.”

The NY Times claims it made an —honest mistake” about Palin: If the Times (or any other newspaper) claims it made an “honest mistake” in a story, shouldn’t its mistake be based on—you know—-something? Or can it be an honest mistake to just make s*** up?

Unfortunate typos of our time: Gotham City fags fly half-staff: Adam West, dead at 88, had special connection to fans

The Massachusetts Bay Colony passed its first law limiting the excesses of dress in 1634, when it prohibited citizens from wearing “new fashions, or long hair, or anything of the like nature.” That meant no silver or gold hatbands, girdles, or belts, and no cloth woven with gold thread or lace. It was also forbidden to create clothes with more than two slashes in the sleeves (a style meant to reveal one’s rich and fancy undergarments). Anyone who wore such items would have to forfeit them if caught. RTWT: The Hidden Rules of the Puritan Fashion Police – Atlas Obscura

The Roman recipe – a mix of volcanic ash, lime (calcium oxide), seawater and lumps of volcanic rock – held together piers, breakwaters and harbours. Moreover, in contrast to modern materials, the ancient water-based structures became stronger over time. RTWT at: Why Roman concrete still stands strong while modern version decays.

H*ll most of the editors, publishers and writers in my field seem to be women. It reminds me of being in an all girls’ school in middle On Being Persona Non Grata

Boyfriend’s getting dressed ethos:1. Is it clean? 2. Does it kind of look clean? 3. Does it look clean from space? Advice Goddess Blog

Feelings, nothing more than feelings: Volunteers set up an “empathy” tent at dueling pro- and anti-Trump protests on Saturday in Sacramento to reduce violent clashes. RTWT at: – – Breitbart

Whether it’s international politics, war in the Middle East or the world of the Beltway nothing seems to work the way it did.  The old order is lying like a corpse on the floor and yet the pundits standing around can provide no clue as to who the murderer is. Unstable

 High School Life 1970-1972: Yearbook Pictures From Your Average American School |

If America attacks North Korea, or Russia, or China, we will read of it the day after. The central government, and only the central government, decides. | Fred On Everything

Dear Lord, Send world ending comet right now. Thanking you in advance.

There’s a buttload of money in anal rejuvenation.Just ask Dr. Evan Goldstein, a Manhattan surgeon who has pioneered the practice of making buttholes beautiful and more sexually compatible through

RTWT at: People are dropping $25,000 to get anal Botox

 Vanity Geographic | Goodbye, America (in a photo) ===>>