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Boomers at Sunset: Mick Jagger has a few things to share with you about the last couple of years

We took it on the chin
The numbers were so grim
Bossed around by pricks
Stiffen upper lips, yeah
Pacing in the yard
You’re trying to take the Mick
You must think I’m really thick
Looking at the graphs with a magnifying glass
Cancel all the tours, football’s fake applause, yeah
No more travel brochures
Virtual premieres
I’ve got nothing left to wear

Looking out from these prison walls
You got to rob Peter if you’re paying Paul
But it’s easy, easy
Everything’s gonna get really freaky
Alright on the night
Soon it’ll bе a memory you’re trying to remеmber to forget

That’s a pretty mask
But never take a chance
TikTok stupid dance
Took a samba class (Yeah)
I landed on my ass
Trying to write a tune
You better hook me up to Zoom

See my Poncey books
Teach myself to cook
Way too much TV, it’s lobotomizing me
Yeah, think I’ve put on weight
I’ll have another drink, then I’ll clean the kitchen sink

We escaped from the prison walls
Open the windows and open the doors
But its easy, easy
Everything’s gonna get really freaky
Alright on the night
It’s gonna be a garden of earthly delights
Yeah, it’s easy, sleazy
Everything’s smooth and greasy
Yeah, easy, believe me
It’ll only be a memory you’re trying to remember to forget

Shooting the vaccine
Bill Gates is in my bloodstream
It’s mind control
The earth is flat and cold
It’s never warming up
The arctic’s turned to slush
The second coming’s late
And there’s aliens in the deep state

Now we’re out of these prison walls
You gotta pay Peter if you’re robbing Paul
But it’s easy, easy
Everything’s gonna be really freaky
Alright on the night
We’re all headed back to paradise
Yeah, easy, believe me
It’ll be a memory you’re trying to remember to forget

Easy, cheesy, everybody sing “Please Please Me”
It’ll be a memory you’re trying to remember to forget

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  • Mr Bill November 30, 2021, 11:00 AM

    Next on the cancel list…

  • Joel November 30, 2021, 3:34 PM

    Well now I feel really smart. I cancelled him 50-odd years ago and avoided the rush.

  • Dirk November 30, 2021, 6:59 PM

    The Stones,,,,, are history continuing to repeat itself. Just wrapped up their latest tour, in Florida. Our sister in law, sprang for Vagas tickets. 1200.00 “2nd row,,,,center”. Flew the red eye out of Reno, to and home.

    We got to watch her cell phone recordings.

    Maybe it’s just me, but in their late 70s, I think I’m just going to continue to enjoy the ride, at home. Something about 70yr olds ,,,,,and rock n roll, on stage,,,,,,,don’t work for me.

    Anyway just shared this set, with a group of sorority girls from UNR, Reno, they cook dinner for the Veterans house weekly, as a community outreach project. All had seen the Vid already.

    What fun, we could hear the two dozen girls as we made our way to the kitchen. Rounded the corner, and ALL the vets, their wives had looks of horror on their faces. We started laughing,,,,,, Carole and me plopped down right in the middle of the college ladies, what fun to spend an hour with.

    Amazing what one can learn from Sorority girls in an hour,,,,, most were freshman, or soph, all from the Bay Area, there first time away from home. The girls talked of college WOK bullshit going on in the college system, told us, it’s here at UNR, but the kids don’t care for the nonsense.

    Most we’re Nursing, and Early Education majors, so far.

  • James ONeil December 1, 2021, 11:43 AM

    Remember children, every cigarette you smoke adds another year to Mick Jagger’s life! 😉

  • SteveS December 1, 2021, 9:36 PM

    Dirk, I tend to agree with you about 70 year olds on a rock stage, including the Rolling Bones.
    But then I give you, “iGGY”!!!