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Boomer Benchmarks: Ball of Confusion

I always read

and today I read…

“Impeachment” circusDark FateCalifornia taxing/regulating good honest people out of the state“woke” Tomb RaiderGillettebullet train…the pigtail climate change bratNikethe eleven thousand “scientists”MuellerDick’sObamaCaredemocrat candidates for President, including Ban-Them-All BloomieCommon CorePG&E’s power gridblaming the wildfires on “climate change”

It occurs to me that out of all the sources of misery we experience lately, there is a pattern of surprise, of lots of build-up before a payoff that falls short, and then a frenzy of scapegoating afterward. And this is all done by creative persons and creative groups who didn’t expect the disappointment, in fact who apparently hadn’t even factored in failure as a possibility. They weren’t particularly stupid or incompetent — they just never seriously considered that their delivery could bomb. That they’d ever be sent back to the drawing board. That there’d ever be a moment of judging or assessment at all. Their attitude seems to be “I worked really hard on this, so, ya know…uh, here. Now where’s my bonus?”

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  • Nori November 16, 2019, 7:48 PM

    Peek in the Well.