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Boomer Anthems: “My Life” by Billy Joel

I once taught the lyrics to this song to the band of a traveling French Circus one long night in Cognac, France back in the days of ’79. That’s another story of …

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  • bfwebster June 19, 2020, 8:52 PM

    Heh. When I was moving towards marrying my ex-wife’s best friend (and I did; happily married for 34 years next Wednesday), I found out at one point that the two of them had gotten together and were comparing notes. I was…not amused. I made Sandra (my wife-to-be) a mixtape and put this song near the front. She was highly amused but also got the point.

    And, yes, they’re still best friends. When Sandra & I finally married, we moved into a house just 5 or 6 blocks from Marla (my former wife), since Marla & I had joint custody of our kids. Marla found, bought, and applied to the back of her Vanagon a bumper sticker that read, “My best friend ran away with my husband — and I miss her.” We thought it was hilarious, the neighborhood was a bit scandalized.