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Baltimore Lives Matter: The Lady in Red is Back in Black and White

And she’s a knockout.

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  • sharksauce September 22, 2020, 3:24 PM

    She is striking.

    And I don’t care how much security she has around her — she’s a badass for walking those blocks.

  • Phil Ossiferz Stone September 22, 2020, 5:51 PM

    She’s a minority within a minority, and she’s still blowing the ‘feel sorry for us po black folk’ horn. Piss on her. Tell me how she feels about the white kid riding on his bike in front of his neighbor’s house who got shot by a black thug and maybe I’ll listen. Maybe.

  • ghostsniper September 22, 2020, 5:58 PM

    steal from the productive and give to the parasites
    how original

  • Snakepit Kansas September 22, 2020, 6:05 PM

    Easy Turbo or we will put Ghost on your ass. We don’t roll that way here. You are not her voting clientele. Somehow, someway and somehow someone needs to show black America how to get off the Gubmit tit and make it in this great land of opportunity. It starts with faith in God, focus on school, hard work and not pumping out babies with no father. She is smart, articulate, logical and easy to look at. None of that is going to hurt her.

  • Zaphod September 22, 2020, 6:27 PM

    As the Late Great Jerry Pournelle always said, ‘Despair is a Sin’.

    Well, I’m a sinner.

    Kim Klacik is a better person than I am. More driven. Likely smarter. I accept this. And good for her.

    Still, when it comes to Kim Klacik vs. Human Biodiversity and the end product of a million years of selection for particular traits relevant for the highly unpredictable Sub-Saharan African ecology, I’m going to put my money into King Canute Tidal Engineering before a cent gets invested into turning Lagos by the Bay into Wakanda.

    Yes, she should try. Yes we can hope that Blacks will at least wake up enough to exit the Democrat Plantation. But still… I’m bound for the Innermost Circle, I guess.

  • Zaphod September 22, 2020, 6:29 PM

    Snakepit Kansas:

    Easy to Look At won’t do her any favours at all with the Black Matriarchy — vanishingly few of whom are easy to look at. And they know it.

  • Zaphod September 22, 2020, 6:32 PM

    A few years back Mencius Moldbug made an ostensibly tongue-in-cheek Modest Proposal that society institute a system of Involuntary Tutelage combined with support and sustenance for those members of society who repeatedly demonstrate that they are incapable of functioning as free autonomous beings.

    I tend to agree. Enlightened Chattel Slavery is the way forward. Can’t be worse than the Great Society.

  • ghostsniper September 23, 2020, 4:26 AM

    Gov’t slavery is a 2 way street.
    It steals from the productive then gives to the parasite.
    The productive becomes burdened and the parasite becomes dependent.
    Both sides become bitter and cynical, each believing they are owed something, but not getting it.
    Everything this rotten assed gov’t touches turns to shit.
    The only solution is to get the gov’t OUT of as much stuff as possible.
    No one can provide for your needs and wants better then you because only you know what those needs and wants are.

  • nunnya bidnez, jr September 23, 2020, 7:50 AM

    “The productive becomes burdened and the parasite becomes dependent.”

    The parasites who administer the “programs” are the most dependent ones; bureaucrats and clerks who skim 50% of the cost of all government handouts, while the supposed beneficiaries get stuck on a perpetual hamster wheel of slavery to the system.

  • Jack September 23, 2020, 9:01 AM

    Ms. Klacik is a far better example of 99% of black womanhood than I’ve seen or experienced and she should do well but nothing she can say, do or produce will alter the mind set of the pavement apes of Baltimore or any other burg in this he’ah USA.

    Wanna see a more accurate portrayal of Baltimore? Go to Amazon Prime/HBO and take on the series The Wire. You’ll see what that old lady is really all about and if it doesn’t approximate an urban Hell on Earth I don’t know what does.

    I’m a glass half empty kind of guy, I’ve been around 7 decades and I’ve lived all over so I tend to detect the smell of bullish*t when it hits my nostrils. Ms. Klacik seems to have been groomed and edumucated in the white school of thought and objectivity but she should be careful because in the typical black head, a thing might sound ‘good’ to the ear but it will usually taste horrible to the black tongue.

    I suspect she’s showing her naivety. Inner city blacks might look fit but they aren’t of the same caliber that rebuilt Rockridge.

  • Bill Henry September 23, 2020, 9:02 AM

    We have heard her type of nonsense over and over… “Baltimore fell into ruin is because it was abandoned by it’s leaders”… that is crap..

    Baltimore was abandoned because black criminals made it uninhabitable.
    It is a wasteland devoid of enterprise because those inside of it chose to act like locusts instead of men…

  • azlibertarian September 23, 2020, 9:28 AM

    Don’t get me wrong….I like this Kim Klacik. The lady has got some balls on her. She’s out there shaking up the establishment and they don’t like her for that. Anyone who pisses off the establishment (especially the D-establishment) is someone who has my attention.

    However, our underclass has become used to their government cheese. So when Klacik tells us that her plan includes .gov loan guarantees to get those 17,000 abandoned homes occupied, that’s just another schmear of cheese. Likewise the incentives to open businesses in those neighborhoods, clean up the trash, etc. Everything she’s proposing for Baltimore will mean pumping money into B-more….money which will come from somewhere else. It either gets transferred from wealthy districts or it gets printed out of thin air (probably some of both). And throwing money at the problems of urban America is something that we’ve done for a loooooong time.

    In fairness, it isn’t just the underclass that has become used to their cheese. Tax breaks, farm and other business subsidies, Social Security, on, and on, and on. We all like our cheese.

    I wish her all the best, and I do hope that she wins her election. But I don’t think that I can hope that her plan–as she describes it–succeeds.

  • azlibertarian September 23, 2020, 9:33 AM

    @Bill Henry…
    …Baltimore was abandoned because black criminals made it uninhabitable.
    It is a wasteland devoid of enterprise because those inside of it chose to act like locusts instead of men…

    I’ll second Jack’s recommendation to a look at The Wire. The black community is certainly capable of “acting like locusts”….something that we’ve amply seen this summer. However, the political community can do the same. The HBO series will take you some time to work through–and it is admittedly fiction–but it will demonstrate that the system has locusts throughout.

  • Bill Henry September 23, 2020, 9:57 AM


    You are correct to say the political system has locusts embedded within..

    My point is not nullified… the primary driving force behind innovation, enterprise and community prosperity within cities/localities is driven from the ground up. People get the government(s) they elect and deserve…

  • Jack September 23, 2020, 12:55 PM

    I have a better solution to Baltimore than what might initially meet the eye. Bring in the wrecking balls, dump trucks and implosion experts and bull doze these areas, including the streets and avenues that serve them, to the bare ground.

    Haul off the debris and turn all of those vast expanses of crime and their inner city negro reproduction hovels into public green areas with trees and a steady flow of cops with dogs and paddy wagons, idling on the nearest corners, for as long as it is necessary to convince the chosen people it’s time to move on.

    And don’t forget…..watch The Wire. You’ll see aspects of Baltimore (and every other proudly ruled democratic party crap hole), that will never be seen in print. Fiction it may be but it is as close to reality as you’ll ever be able to go without being robbed, beaten to a bloody pulp, stabbed, shot, raped or having your own personal heroin overdose. Guaranteed.

  • Snakepit Kansas September 23, 2020, 3:03 PM

    Maybe I am wishfully thinking. Maybe she is naive. With Him, all things are possible. This nation needs a catalyst and Divine Intervention. Someone like Kim could make it happen. Make the blueprint for turning ghettos into prosperous areas.

  • ghostsniper September 23, 2020, 6:04 PM

    @Jack, you were doing OK until you got to the part in the very first word that committed MORE stolen money to the lost cause.

    Look, decent people already have written that place off and do not want to spend even one more cent on what always turns out the same way. You have at least 60 years of proven and very costly history that shows savages cannot change their spots.

  • Zaphod September 23, 2020, 7:18 PM

    May I also put in a word for the Z Man and his excellent blog. He lives in Baltimore and knows the score.

  • Jack September 24, 2020, 6:58 AM

    Ghost, I was talking about ways to run the trash out of the city and turn their jungle into a green belt but you are more right. There is no point at throwing more money at a place or people who are inherently and incurably sick. Let these dogs return to their own vomit and curl up next to it at night.