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At last an answer to the eternal question, “Who’s a good GIRL?”

“Trump should give her a medal then adopt her and take her to every rally on Air Force One. People would camp out for a month. He would pick up 3,000,000 votes.”

AGAIN I must ask, “What have humans ever done that we deserve dogs?”

Hero Dog Injured In Syrian Raid Said To Be Making Full Recovery : Though the canine was slightly wounded in the mission, the dog is making a full recovery. “The dog is still in theater, returning to duty with its handlers,” Milley said.

The dog’s name and backstory are being kept under wraps for now. “We’re protecting the dog’s identity,” Milley said.

Usually ranked as noncommissioned officers, a higher rank than the dog’s handler and a way of instilling respect for the dogs, military canines are routinely part of sensitive and dangerous missions carried out by special operations forces, according to Ron Aiello, a retired Marine who runs the nonprofit U.S. War Dogs Association. “They’re kind of the first line of defense. Their job is to detect any type of danger that’s out front.”

In special operations, the dog breed of choice is usually the Belgian Malinois, the kind of dog that assisted in the Saturday mission against Baghdadi. It is also the same breed that was deployed to hunt down Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

The breed resembles a German shepherd but is smaller and with shorter hair, a valuable asset when on patrol in the hot deserts of the Middle East.

“They’re going into high-security areas on very dangerous missions, and those dogs will train with those troops for weeks,” Aiello said.

And that can sometimes mean the dogs parachute out of planes, descend by rope out of helicopters with their handlers and swim to shore from a submarine.

The four-legged special operations members are also typically outfitted with night vision and a video camera that the dog’s handler watches in real-time. If danger is spotted, the dog will sit, signaling the troops to stop.

“They have to be intelligent, and they have to be very strong,” Aiello said.

Aiello, who in the 1960s, with his canine partner Stormy, was part of one of the first Marine scout dog teams to be deployed, now focuses on the needs of America’s “canine veterans.”

War zone dogs do more than sniff out improvised explosive devices, Aiello said. They also serve as morale-boosters to soldiers. Handlers and the military dogs, in particular, form strong bonds in conflict zones.

But then there was CNN (or a reasonable facsimile):

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  • Joyfully October 29, 2019, 12:04 PM


    The above link is an art project dedicated tge Wounded Warrior Dogs and fits nicely with your commendation. Pax

  • Casey Klahn October 29, 2019, 12:43 PM

    War dogs are hard to beat. They have hearing and smell that are far, far out of proportion to a human’s senses. Couple that with smarts, training, loyalty and morality (yes, I said that), these dogs are an enemies’ worst nightmare.

    For taking out 3 of his children, and injuring our dog, Bag Daddy should be killed ten more times.

    If I were in DC right now, I’d have him smell that Ukie-American LTC’s butt – the one testifying shit against POTUS. No – my sense of smell works fine from here/ don’t need the dog. This character is supposedly an infantry officer, in DC and working with the NSC, but a little pudgy (WTF?) and in the wrong uniform. No medals for valor, telling a story about his FEELS about the Ukraine phone call. Hmmmm.

    Watch as the shit show gets real, now. The dems have 180-ed their strategy, and are saying the kangaroo court will be public and televised. Cue: Indian children, gay dogs, single moms, trans-sailors, talking whales…all to tell stories about the mean Mr. Trump. At the same time, we have a criminal investigation of Biden, Clinton and Obama, essentially, for the Russia hoax. If this were a novel, I’d say it was too far-fetched. DC is the lowest form of human waste and for some inexplicable reason is in charge of the country. Am I in an episode of the Twilight Zone here?

  • Monty James October 30, 2019, 8:43 AM

    Trump didn’t tell Schiff about ISIS raid because he’s the ‘biggest leaker in Washington’:


    “Everyone not cleared for this material must now leave the room.” As Congressman Adam Schiff left the secure facility, he heard the briefing officer say, “Sit. Stay. Who’s a good girl?”


  • Nori October 30, 2019, 8:39 PM

    Trump’s WarDogs are real,and relentless.

    The swampRot is being taken down.
    They’ll double-down on stupid;enjoy the s**t-show.

  • MMinLamesa October 30, 2019, 10:13 PM

    CNN would fuck up a wet dream.