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“A Fun Job”: Inside the traumatic life of a Facebook moderator

Strange female with a crew-cut at 1:26: “Um, I thought I was gonna be reading Facebook posts all day, so people going, you know, everybody posts their business on Facebook, so I was gonna read everybody’s stuff and then be able to, you know, decide if it has to stay up or come down, so, I thought it would be a fun job.”

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  • Richard June 19, 2019, 1:18 PM

    Didn’t get past the opening disclaimer. Stopped the video and read some of the comments. Decided I would be much better off not seeing whatever pathological behavior is being offered up. Bizarre times we’re sojourning through when people are proudly displaying their personal freak. As an old dude who assiduously guards his privacy, I’ve never understood the appeal of the various social media platforms. I get it, that it’s a generational thing, but still aren’t most people governed by some sort of self-imposed limits?

  • Casey Klahn June 19, 2019, 1:31 PM

    I wouldn’t get in the Uber with those freaks driving! I wouldn’t let them sit my cat for an hour.

    They read my facebuhk posts? Eeeeww.

  • ghostsniper June 19, 2019, 1:44 PM

    jesus christ, look at what americans have turned into, right before your very eyes, in real time.
    I didn’t look at the vid and won’t.
    I’m suffering from idiocracy exposure overload.
    “Where my brew iz?”

  • Bunny June 19, 2019, 2:47 PM

    Give the video a chance. However off-putting their physical appearances, those people have something enlightening to say about the crappiness of FaceBook. Of course, we already knew about that, but the moderator job, at least in their cases, has got to be one of the worst jobs in the world. I couldn’t do it. And GS, you should NOT watch. It deals with animal cruelty, among other things.

  • jwm June 19, 2019, 3:55 PM

    I saw one video on facebarf that made it past the censors. It was PETA demonstration. A guy on stage in an SM mask held a white hot cattle branding iron. The branding surface on the thing was lager than a handprint. He proceeded to apply that iron to the thigh of a 20 some year old beautiful blonde girl. I almost barfed. Had I been there I’d have killed the bastard in cold blood. I can just imagine spending a day nuking that shit off the internet.


  • Auntie Analogue June 19, 2019, 6:17 PM

    “Row well, and live.”

  • ghostsniper June 19, 2019, 6:40 PM

    OK, I looked.
    A 5 min video stretched to 13 mins.
    I didn’t learn anything worthwhile, I’m not better off, and it wasn’t entertaining.

    I have no direct experience with fagbook, and don’t really understand the point of it.
    It’s purpose has been explained to me but it requires an aspect of human behavior I seem to be lacking. I was also told that fagbook is 99% bullshit and it’s primary function is gossip and that plenty of gossipers try to cover up by claiming business purposes even though no business has ever been derived from it except for advertising. I got this info from a person that was in at the programming level from day one.

    The video showed, once again, the reason why I can barely tolerate anyone.

  • jwm June 19, 2019, 8:27 PM

    The only reason I got on FB was to stay current with the bicycling clubs here in So Cal. I was club prez, so I kinda’ had to. All our rides and events are announced and posted there. Now I’m using it to post weekly links to my Lost Canyon Blog as well. It makes for a nicely selected bunch of folks. I know most of them first hand and am acquainted with all but a few. Gerard always has a good link or two when he’s on as well. But I don’t use it for news or current events. Other than bitching about So Cal most everyone in my feed keeps politics out of it.
    But if it wasn’t for the bike stuff I wouldn’t bother.


  • Doug June 19, 2019, 9:03 PM

    Can we all agree that Ferret Face needs a MAJOR ass kicking? Hell, I’d volunteer to toss a rock solid milkshake at his scrawny ass if I ever encountered that wet noodle of a fag.

  • PA Cat June 20, 2019, 3:05 AM

    Can we all agree that Ferret Face needs a MAJOR ass kicking?

    I’ve always been amused by the fact that FF’s name means “sugar mountain” in German. He does sit atop a mountain of sweet, sweet cash and associated privileges. Another fun fact: when I entered his full last name into the search function of an online German/English dictionary, the spell check coughed, shall we say, and suggested I might be looking for either “Bloodsucker” or “Cocksucker.”
    Ah, the joys of Schadenfreude.

  • ghostsniper June 20, 2019, 4:41 AM

    “Can we all agree that Ferret Face needs a MAJOR ass kicking?”
    No more so than you should for practicing your vocation.
    People “choose” to be Zuckers puppet, to do his bidding, even though they have full authority to deny him. I’d guess it is one more ailment associated with lifestyles of ease that seems to have affected everyone to some degree these days.

    I’m pulling out. Slowly but surely and it’s been a long time coming. I’m spending less time online and finding other things to do. Frankly, I’m tired of the bullshit, and it seems about 80% of everything online is just that. If I zoom back, way back, it appears an act of desperation. All internet participants desperately seeking something and never finding it, only finding appeasement – a shallow excuse. Add in the whole notion of losing your identity through nefarious shenanigans and all of it becomes more a decision of personal security. Normally, people don’t come onto my property unannounced or without permission so why do I allow them onto my desk? The farther you step back from the illusion the clearer you can see. To be clear, I didn’t abandon the internet, it abandoned me. 20 years ago I thought it was going to be the greatest advancement in human creativity but instead it too has been dragged into the gutter like just about everything else these days. There are still nuggets worthiness to be found but the search becomes ever more arduous. I’m in the last chapter of my self written book titled “My Life” and I don’t want to waste it to gossipers and bullshit. One day I just won’t be here any more. Now get out of here and go do something meaningful with your worthless existence.

  • Richard June 20, 2019, 6:10 AM

    “…but the moderator job, at least in their cases, has got to be one of the worst jobs in the world.”++++
    As you stare into the abyss, the abyss is staring back. No thank you.

  • John the River June 20, 2019, 6:21 AM

    To the folks that say, in defense, there’s this one thing I do that have to get on FB for.

    Having a blog page is both cheap and easy, just pick a hosting agent (gonna be moving mine soon) that isn’t a SJW.
    Have fun!

  • NealinNevada June 20, 2019, 7:36 AM

    No thanks to FB…never let it be a part of me. I” just sit here with Traveller on my lap and enjoy the day.

  • Casey Klahn June 20, 2019, 3:27 PM

    I have worked hard all my life, and when I left the last paycheck I swore I’d never darken the doorway of an employer again. That was, I think, about 14 years ago, give or take. Now, I’d be absolutely useless at any regular job.

    Turns out my actual employer is…wait for it. Facebook! That’s where I scare up sales and student enrollments. Talk about getting out of the frying pan, and going right into the fire!

    It’s kind of hot in this working environment, too. Smells like sulphur. And the devil himself wears a Zuckerborg mask. His demonic minions can be seen on the video posted.

    I’m hoping for some sort of break from this workplace. Maybe a nice, cool gulag.

  • ghostsniper June 20, 2019, 6:08 PM

    I stopped settling for paychecks and surly employers in 1986 and never once have I done any advertising. Never had the need, nor the time and expense, to mess with it. All of my business comes from direct referral, word of mouth. Every now and then someone will call me “shopping” for an architectural designer and I will quote them an unusually high dollar amount to scare them away. If you have to ask you’re too cheap and will be a major pain in the ass. After 14 years, if you are still “scaring up work” then you should exam your business model.
    Just a friendly suggestion.

  • Casey Klahn June 20, 2019, 9:46 PM

    Ghost: I’ll be on Julia Street next. Back to physical locations, finally. It has been a bloodletting among the gallery biz, but things are coming together. They are back, and I am, too.

    Of course, I blame Obama for the economic slump. I chose not to participate; to be self-representing. But, as per the topic, the fucking e-market has been taken over by zombies.

    Really, I just stay in this game to see what kind of weird bullshit will happen next.

  • Snakepit Kansas June 21, 2019, 5:07 AM

    Slightly off topic but while driving down the road the other day I saw this bumper stick on some Euroweenie car. Since it was red, white and blue I thought it might be patriotic. No. It read “PROUD PARENT OF A CHILD WHO HATES DONALD TRUMP”. I cannot help myself and also when I see numbnuts with BERNIE stickers on their car, I want to see their face. So I drive up next to the Euroweenie car and the child is in a car seat and looks to be about three years old. Quite impressive that such a young child could study, discern and formulate an independent decision to hate our President. I thought hate was a bad thing. The driver was some crazy looking gal with purple hair. No further explanations required.

  • Larry Geiger June 21, 2019, 5:19 AM

    JWM – Get off FaceBook for your cycling group and use MeetUp. It is much more efficient and does not carry the FaceBook overhead.

  • ghostsniper June 21, 2019, 9:54 AM

    Casey: “Really, I just stay in this game to see what kind of weird bullshit will happen next.”
    I hear ya. That’s the thing for a lot of us, “How weerd is this stuff going to get before it implodes?”
    But yeah, doing your own thing is the only way to live as you get to make (almost) all the rules. Why would anyone settle for less? (shrug)

    Snake: “I cannot help myself….I want to see their face.”
    I got the same problem. I’m always curious to know what true idiots look like and try to get next to them for a peak.

    Larry: It seems JWM is using FB as sort of a condensed communication hub and he sees no harm in it. From my perspective it’s not just FB that is the problem but mostly the people that hang there. Birds of a feather and all that. Until they are actually and tangibly negatively affected by it they have no issue with FB. The problem is that when FB does cause you a problem it is too late to avoid it. A rattlesnake can’t kill you if you don’t fuck with it, intentionally or not.

  • jwm June 22, 2019, 8:31 AM

    Just a note: the “outlaw” bicycling scene has thousands of people in it all over the world. Our small club is connected with dozens of groups and hundreds of people here in So Cal alone. Yes, it would be all kinds of cool to get the whole sub culture to migrate over to Gab. ai. or some other platform. I’ll get right on the business of asking the zillions of folks out there to do it. As detestable as FB is, 90% of what goes on there is just us human beings doing what we do, which is talk to and gossip about friends and acquaintances. Not much sinister going on there. We post events, and comments: “Cool bike!” “Good times!” That is about the depth of it. I have no doubt that some folks make FB their whole little world. Their problem, not mine.


  • Bunny June 22, 2019, 11:53 AM

    FaceBook: a place for communication, human interaction, preening, moral and otherwise, pointless argument, time wasting, procrastination, swarming, and doxxing. But that can also be done on any comment section on the internet. Humans are funny!

  • ghostsniper June 22, 2019, 8:14 PM

    I’m a member of several local woodworking groups that have monthly meetings and I get email reminders each month about the date and time of the next meeting. And reminders about the reminders, etc., etc. Then there are the people that retardedly “reply to all” and tell everybody that they won’t be able to attend because of car problems. Then more retards pile on offering rides, etc. Sometimes there are 40 or more emails before the dust settles. Several times every month I almost pull the trigger and ask to be unsubscribed, but I never do. I just put up with it. I don’t need all these reminders and the baggage that goes with it. So in that regard I can see where a FB entry could be beneficial. Then people could check in as they see need to find out about the meetings rather than everybody getting bombarded with unnecessary emails.