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  • Nori April 3, 2020, 8:50 PM

    That looks like a good place to herd all the progtards to. Lure them in with non-gendered green tea & nasty burnt taste soy lattes,Starbucks style.
    All are Welcome.

    Yesterday I passed the neighborhood park,a pleasant,grassy,treed place. Two young guys were shootin’ hoops at the small court,and nearby,a young mother was seated in the playground area,attending to her baby in the stroller. Two other small children were investigating the slide & swings. The weather here in AZ is gorgeous now,perfect temps and brilliant blue skies.

    Passed by there today. The B-ball court was roped off with yellow & black “caution” tape.
    The playground area even more so.
    There was a small group,family maybe,lounging under a tree a ways from the yellow-tape scary areas.
    Drove around it twice wondering WTF had happened in less than 24 hrs?
    Yeah,I get that kids are bacterial/viral vectors of doomsday,and everything we or they touch will make us die horribly unless constantly sanitized to the nth degree.
    But,seriously? Humanity managed to survive and prosper in the eons before antivirals & antibiotics,somehow.
    Are we that pussified we are not allowed to enjoy fresh air unless properly authorized?

  • Jimmy April 3, 2020, 9:48 PM

    Nori – up here in Washington State, you are now forbidden from fishing in state waters. Even by yourself. How fishing is connected to the Chinese Virus is anyone’s guess – as long as you’re a Democrat.

    Gerard, I do actually think we’re on a countdown timer to an unimaginable SHTF outcome.