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On the Most Ancient Virus to Infect the Human Soul

“With the advent of the “Palestinian cause” becoming chic in Western, European, and Liberal circles being infected by virus has once more become acceptable to exhibit socially.”

Antisemitism is not a sign, a symbol, a bullet or a gas. It is a Virus. It is the oldest known virus to infest the human soul. In those infected, the virus is clever enough to mask it’s existence by renaming itself as “anti-Zionism.” Through the renaming of this ancient disease as a “political problem,” infected souls can transmit the virus to their friends, families. They can spread their disease at their schools and in their their community, church, or nation. The virus is also transmitted by exchanging infected fantasies with infected ideologues. By changing it’s name the disease made it possible for many to deny that they have contracted the virus, and that their souls are chancre-ridden and rotting. This facilitates the current outbreak.

Yes, antisemitism is a clever virus and this shape-shifting is one of its oldest methods of perpetuating itself. Like other viruses currently feasting on humans, this one always has a pleasure principle associated with it. It feels good to get it and we live in the plague years of “If it feels good, do it.” Those whose moral immune systems have been previously compromised by other pleasure-born diseases have souls which are particularly susceptible to this virus.

The origin of the virus is unknown, but many suspect the area to be Bablyon and Sumur with an early leap across borders into Egypt. It was later transmitted through not-so-casual contact to much of the world by traders out of Northern Africa and the Roman Empire.

During the period following the fall of Rome, the virus found traction in early Christianity as a common carrier. In this host it thrived, and was able to survive and spread for many centuries. Of late, many parts of Christianity, now that it has become fragmented, have rejected the virus and those who host it, but strains of the virus can still be found at the center of many subsets of the Christian faith today.

Islam, of course, is the not-that-new major religion to not only host the virus, but to celebrate being infected with it, and to actively take measures to make sure that, within the body of Islam, the virus can thrive and expand. What to do about this new and virulent strain of the virus is something that is now consuming a great deal of the attention and treasure of Western Civilization.

In the past, treatment of the virus involved the application of large amounts of steel and fire, but this age is still experimenting with targeted surgery of the infected parts of Islam to see if a less Draconian cure is possible. Recent events confirm that this sort of microsurgery will probably be ineffective since the virus seems to have become the host.

Flare-ups of the virus have been common across Europe throughout the last 2 millennia, but an overwhelming series of eruptions in Europe from England through the lands controlled by the USSR, required a global intervention before the conflagration was deemed to be put out. This, of course was an illusion, since like the root burns engendered by forest fires, it only smoldered underground in the human and social hosts for decades before erupting once again in the vast Petri dish of the Middle East.

With the advent of the “Palestinian cause” becoming chic in Western, European, and Liberal circles — driven at first by Socialist Progressive romanticism in the late 1960s and early 1970s — being infected by virus has once more become acceptable to exhibit socially in certain ways. Indeed, in many circles and societies, having the virus has lately become a highly prized fashion accessory to popular academic, media, and state ideologies. It is now actually a badge of pride in many Western circles to appear at various events wearing gold-plated buboes inset with multi-faceted Kaposi’s sarcoma that contain the virus at their core. Many now believe this intellectual adornment to actually be beautiful.

In a recent mutation, the virus has shown that it can leap the blood/brain barrier and actually infect Jews — if they feel safe within their “advanced” society. The current term for this mutation is “Juicebox Mafia” in which self-styled “intellectuals” of Jewish lineage actually feel it is “intelligent” to call for a world in which it is easier for Arabs and other Islamic groups to kill Jews wholesale. This sort of strange host to the virus is replacing the previous host termed “the self-hating Jew.” The reason for the rise of the Juicebox Mafia is unclear, but it may well have to do with desires for celebrity and paychecks that exceed the desire to live.

The virus, because it is an ancient and clever virus, can lie dormant for years, and like HIV, can mutate around a lot of therapies designed to destroy it.

As noted above, in the recent past, it has been shown that large doses of steel and fire can eradicate the virus in some populations, but only for a time. A cure is promised, but seems to be always delayed. The only measures that work are, at best, prophylactic. Another strategy is strict monitoring to prevent the spread of the virus. This seemed to be holding the virus at bay for decades. Lately, however, this method has broken down. The virus, like terrorism, has recently been able to piggy-back on the world-circling data-stream, and infect individuals and groups previously deemed immune. The current strain has indeed become so virulent that large blocks of Jewish people, in Europe, America and even Israel, have become infested.

As history demonstrates, there is no immunity to be had from the virus. The only strategy that seems to work is abstinence. This is accomplished by a rigorous rejection of all attempts by the virus to establish itself within an individual host. Constant monitoring and the suppression through education or other means of outbreaks in groups or ideologies or nations is also required.

Since the virus has been present in human hosts for well over 4,000 years, hopes for eradication in our lifetime are slim. Hopes for eradication in the future are better in civilized countries if, and only if, members of the generations now living and infected with the virus become dedicated to not passing it on to future generations. The virus is found nowhere else in nature except within the human host. If it is denied transmission to the young, it can be eliminated from the world in three generations. If… but only if.

Outlook? Not favorable.

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  • John the River July 14, 2017, 3:17 PM

    Amen! (or should that be Oy vey!)

    Never meet a person I knew to be Jewish until college. Turned out to be a Jewish commuter college on LI. Liked them a lot (especially the girls).

    Years later I was shocked to hear my own father regurgitate the Palestinian hardline about Jews and Israel.

    I worked for a prick in retail who was a Jew, fairly sure he would have been a prick as a Baptist.

    My primary care doctor is a Jew.

    I read a lot of history, in science and medicine, I notice a lot of Jews.

    Lately I’ve noticed antisemitism in some of the comments on the Alt-Right sites. Not many, and not the more intelligent commenters. But I think it might be a good idea to challenge those commenters that next time I see it.

    Have a good day, Gerald.

  • Nori July 14, 2017, 4:41 PM

    Excellent analogy. Viruses are notoriously difficult to eradicate,partly due to their ability to mutate.
    Recently I’ve noticed a graphic showing photos of the top tier media honchos,with a Star of David by their heads,making the rounds in comments. It’s creepy. Personally,I think Jeff Zucker is an untalented horse’s ass,but let him do his job and continue torpedoing the ClownShip CNN. It’s true there are lots of Jews in media, arts, banking, and STEM-reason is, their parents stressed the importance of education. Education breeds success,and success breeds envy. Compare the literacy rates in Israel to any other ME country. Envy drives the hatred.

  • orcadrvr July 14, 2017, 4:55 PM

    Thanks Gerard.

  • Casey Klahn July 14, 2017, 5:20 PM

    I recently looked up the FBI, and other more reliable sources, on anti-religious crime (they called it, euphemistically and legally at the same time: “hate crime”). The Jews get proportionately double more than the next guys down the line. It is a remarkable stat: Jews are hated hands down much, much more than any other religious group. Cain was jealous of Abel, too, you recall.
    My family has lost all of the Judaism that we had on us in Germany; my grandmother immigrated here under the name of Steinberg. She must’ve felt a clean break would be like some kind of cultural disinfectant. I know for a fact her family who stayed behind had, ahem, quit a lot of trouble after that time.
    When I hear conservatives say anything at all that is anti Semitic, I take a look through their hollow head and see Satan peering in the other ear.
    Get over the Jewish people, FFS. They’re a race, and you’re just a fellow traveller. There is a meta narrative behind the unfair treatment of Judaism, and it behooves you to consider the what and the why of it all. Oh, I see. You’re better than the Jews.
    Let me put it another way. Say something shitty about Pollacks, or negroes, or Indians. You’ve made a prejudicial statement, and AFAIC, it’s not much more than a steamy cultural statement, and I think we can get over that. I’ve been shit on for being from the West, and for being a reservist and not an active military guy. I’ve taken shit for what side of the track I came from. What of it? I’m in charge of getting on with life, and if you’ve got an opinion of me, you can just as well see my hand to talk to.
    But, anti-Semitism is a whole ‘nother order of shit talk. You know that, deep down.

  • Old Surfer July 14, 2017, 5:52 PM

    Unfortunately, this is cropping up on GAB, the only “social media” I bother with, and I object whenever I can. It isn’t winning me a lot of up-votes near as I can tell. Thanks for this post, I linked it to GAB.

  • twolaneflash July 14, 2017, 6:35 PM

    Recently, after the birth of my first grandson, I asked my daughter if he would be circumcised. She replied: “Have you ever seen an uncircumcised penis, Dad? They’re ugly! He’d NEVER get a blow job!”. ‘Nuff said.