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An On-Camera Swatting : Here’s what it’s like when nobody gets shot.

Pool later posted a screenshot to Twitter purportedly showing several officers outside. The show’s chief technological officer approached the officers and calmed them down before any violent action could have occurred, Pool said.

The podcaster promised to post footage of the incident on Friday.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the incident in a press release, saying deputies were dispatched to Pool’s property at approximately 8:15 p.m. “for the report of two people having been shot and the suspect threatening suicide.” A member of the Maryland State Police who arrived at the scene informed the deputies it could be a swatting incident while they were en route.

The deputies responded by noting the exigent circumstances and said they were “going to check and address and confirm the safety of the occupants,” the sheriff’s office said.

“A check was conducted, and it was verified that no one was hurt or threatening suicide. Upon completion of the check of the address, Deputies exited the property,” the statement continued.

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