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After 20 years I often ask myself why I do this daily…

And at some moments, some  strange unpredictable moments, God gives me a reminder: 

Dear Gerard,
Thank you. 

Today I had no words for T. and J. as their son A., under 2 years, goes into surgery for a biopsy of cancer in his brain.  So I did not use any of my words. Instead, I posted the photo you provided along with the Emily Dickenson poem On Tribulation for they are surely going through tribulation along with their son. I followed with the quote you provided from Psalm 127. 

Years ago I told them my advice was to go get married NOW if they were truly in love, when they explained (in so many words) they didn’t know if they could wait. They were both of deep Christian faith, but … and anyway, they eloped and got married right away. A. is their third beautiful child.

I know, and they know if he should die they will meet him again one day in heaven but they hope and pray God will let them keep him for a while longer as he is so precious to them. 

Thank you again & Many Blessings, 

R. D.   – Pastor ||Calvary Chapel

And so… and so…
Even though I well know
This brings no dough,
On we go… on we go… on