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AD Readers Report In from RiotZone, Minneapolis

I guess the cops don’t watch CNN

Gordon Scottll writes in Outraged, they came, protested, and then did a little shopping:

Today things got worse. They began to use social media to organize looting in St. Paul, and some of the suburbs. Target has now closed and boarded up 26 stores. CVS and Walgreens have closed all stores inside the beltway. That is not the only looted Cub grocery store; I’m not sure how many at this point. But the one nearest me on North Broadway was under siege. And someone called one of the nearby biker groups. They all roared past my house–there were a lot–and to the Cub. I do not know any more than that.

The initial damage attacks were caused by Antifa. The looting began just because they figured that the cops were more or less trapped in the 3rd precinct, and even though Target was just across the street, that the cops would not respond. The cops did not respond.

Now in some of the other towns the police are being a bit more aggressive.

I am very sure there are at least 200 who made the trip from Chicago to take advantage of the opportunities for property liberation here. More will come.

Both St. Paul’s and Minneapolis’ mayors are in very deep over their heads. The governor appears to be also. He’s managed to rack up nursing home deaths such that 80 percent of Minnesota deaths are there, and they’re STILL shipping sick people to them. Now this…the National Guard should have been put on alert Thursday morning. Instead the governor waited until 4 p.m. It takes time to get everyone together and briefed and armed and deployed.

All of these stores that are closed or looted or torched? They are where I make my living, or used to. But I guess there will be lots of work cleaning and restocking.

Down at the AutoZone the Fire Sale is heating up.

The police abandon their house in the 3rd Precinct. And then rioters set it on fire.

And Gordon Scott adds

Yeah, right Chris. The cop who is the chief suspect is over at the Auto Zone kicking out windows.

That cop and his family are in hiding, as there is a 24/7 protest at his house.

If you are a store owner, or a retail employee in Minneapolis, it became abundantly clear in the last three days. The City of Minneapolis does not give one shit about you or your livelihood, your safety, or your property. They care more about looters. Oh, and a CNN crew.

I’ve been saying this for years. In fact, our boy mayor Jacob Frey was luvved, luvved by businesses in his downtown district when he was on the council. Not because he got anything done for them; they all said he talked a lot but did little. No, his claim to their support was that he listened to them. None of the other 12 council members would listen.

And every retailer learned that it was useless to call the police. They would not come, would not seek, would not bother to hand a case to the prosecutor because the prosecutor would ignore it.

If you were an independent retailer, you had some degree of freedom to threaten and hell, drag thieves into the back room for a beating. It happened. The Mexican-and Muslim-owned stores would tolerate a lot less. But CVS, or Walgreens, or Target, or Auto Zone, either had to just take it, or hire the Badge Gang. And we learned this week that the Badge Gang won’t even cross the street to stop a looting.

24 metro Target stores are now closed, all the way out to the third-ring suburbs. CVS and Walgreens have boarded up those stores that weren’t already looted. Every pharmacy and pawn shop has been looted and burned in a zone that saddles I-94 well into St. Paul.

Can you fill a prescription in Minneapolis today? At the county hospital, and the other big two, perhaps.

Oh, they busted out the very, very expensive Pelli-designed windows at the library. Because justice, man.

Later Scott adds:

Much more burned Thursday night. The National Guard arrived, but had no clear orders, and did little. The area around the 3rd Precinct, the center of protests, is now secured by a couple of hundred police.

In north Minneapolis where I live, pretty much every business has been destroyed. None of this is in the news. They were still looting here as of an hour ago. The media are concentrating on downtown and Lake Street.

Unless you go to a hospital pharmacy, you cannot fill a prescription in Minneapolis.

I don’ t think you can buy a bottle.

Facebook is full of tales of how an off-duty St. Paul officer started the whole destruction thing. In other accounts it was the cop who killed the guy. None of the tales account for how so many people were eager to do the bidding of the cops by looting.

The boy mayor is walking in little circles muttering, “but I thought if I was nice and kept them from being arrested, they would love me.”

The governor is telling us how his top priority is protecting the media.

The attorney general is telling us how we have to make the merchants feel safe again, after we have justice, of course. I have news for Keith, who was once my state representative and later my congressman: The merchants didn’t feel safe before the riots. How about you investigate why Minneapolis won’t defend the merchants from the feral?

And Casey Klahn sums it up with:

“Trump: open America and rebuild the economy fast. Dems: race war! Next slide!”

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  • Roger in Republic May 29, 2020, 11:56 AM

    As a young boy passing thru the Jim Crow south I was appalled at segregation. I could not understand the separate but equal public facilities. Whites here, colored there, no mixing allowed. While staying in a small town in Arkansas I was amazed that a town so small that it only had one doctor had two school districts. It made no sense to me. Now, 65 years later, it does. Am I a racist? I don’t think so. But I am a culturist and this culture has proven time and again that many of them are incapable of sharing our values and mores.

  • Jack May 29, 2020, 12:08 PM

    How’s about Trump sending in the Army and Marines and have them impose martial law in Minneapolis.

    Shut this bitch down and close everything, just like it was done when we all had to shelter in place due to the CV.

    No one enters and no one leaves.

    Turn off every utility except water and electric.

    Close grocery stores and service stations and impose a 5:00 PM – 10:00 AM curfew. No one except police or military on the street during those hours with road blocks and checkpoints during the open hours.

    Hospitals for births or for life or death emergencies only.

    Home delivered meals to the infirm and the elderly only.

    No meals or shelter for the friggin’ homeless.

    Instruct the military to arrest, by whatever means is necessary, every swingin’ d*ck that hits the streets. These assholes despise the idea of due process and they want revenge. Give them exactly what they’re rioting to obtain and the only due process or justice they receive should be delivered for the destruction that they are causing. Throw their collective asses in jail and put them on road gangs. No racial preferences.

  • ghostsniper May 29, 2020, 12:30 PM

    One day in the future people will look back at this time and wonder why the didn’t listen when I said, “Break out the sheen gunz!”

  • Casey Klahn May 29, 2020, 1:18 PM

    I’m sorry. I was just now watching Gov. Marxist on YouTube talking about everything’s on fire like it’s his badge of honor. Then, his hand interpreter sign-languaging the shit with her gay haircut and facial added dramatics.

    I busted out laughing. Left is a parody of itself.

    There are serious Soviet-style governments sewn throughout the US and they do not plan good things for us. If a war comes, keep the bullshit out of your mind. Know right from wrong. Protect yourself.

  • James ONeil May 29, 2020, 5:38 PM

    I was going to comment but shucky darn, Casey just said it all much more succinctly that the 5 paragraphs I’da taken to say it; “…keep the bullshit out of your mind. Know right from wrong. Protect yourself.”