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Going Full Orwell: Social Media’s all fun and games until somebody’s head ends up in a cone

Sooner or later Facebook and Twitter’s offices can expect visits like this. Depend upon it:

“Exterminator. You got rats. Rats.”

Sooner or later, some GooglePlex executive jet taking off from Los Gatos will find a black market Stinger seeking to mate with its right engine. Depend upon it.

Sooner or later, mortar rounds will start dropping onto the veranda of Zuckerberg’s gated and walled home in Palo Alto.  Depend upon it.

Increasing security will simply increase the length of the telescopic sights.  Don’t get me started on drone swarms or even a single hobby drone with a nasty C-4/Cellphone payload tapping its “whip on the shutters when all was locked and barred. ”

In the future, the social censoring elite, should they wish to remain both elite and capable of consuming oxygen, will have to live in situations like those of the all-powerful Presteign clan on the fully globalized no-borders Earth in The Stars My Destination:

Presteign was ushered to the jaunte stage within his New York office. It was a circular platform in a blackhung room without windows — a masking and concealment necessary to prevent unauthorized persons from discovering and memorizing co-ordinates. For the same reason, all homes and offices had one-way windows and confusion labyrinths behind their doors. To jaunte it was necessary (among other things) for a man to know exactly where he was and where he was going, or there was little hope of arriving anywhere alive. It was as impossible to jaunte from an undetermined starting point as it was to arrive at an unknown destination. Like shooting a pistol, one had to know where to aim and which end of the gun to hold. But a glance through a window or door might be enough to enable a man to memorize the Location Elevation and Situation coordinates of a place.

The Prevaricating Plutocrats Choice: Either live inside a labyrinth or buy a private island and ring it with sharks and security only to realize that in an era of private space exploration they will still be vulnerable to black-market nukes from a low earth orbit.

Sooner or later people will need some sharp reminders that when you mess with the First Amendment, the Second Amendment becomes the First.

And we ain’t talking muskets in this century. Depend upon it.

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  • Kevin in PA May 19, 2020, 8:23 AM

    No one is untouchable.

    Personally, I believe that bullets (or C-4) are too good for these traitors.

    Rope and a stout tree or city lamp post.

  • ghostsniper May 19, 2020, 8:28 AM

    And that’s exactly why I don’t play with that childish shit.
    As my ol’ gray haired Pap told me long ago, “Son, look way ahead for trouble then steer yourself around it.”
    Social media has made clear it is trouble. It is assembled by children, for children, and it despises adults. If you do adult things in social media you can expect childish tantrums, and worse, in return. At which point you will be driven to do dangerous things to children, which will bring you untold grief.

    Here’s your GS thought for the day,
    “If it don’t make sense, don’t try to make sense of it.”

    Memorize it. Live it.

  • CK May 19, 2020, 1:41 PM

    Personally, taking out zuckerberg, an assortment of politicians as well as media douche bags would be for fun and shits and giggles…

  • Nobody Atall May 20, 2020, 7:19 AM

    I’m too old to fight. Where can I donate?