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  • Jack January 6, 2021, 2:20 PM

    Other than the American Revolutionary War that established the freedoms enjoyed by citizens in the US, the only other useless and hyper destructive event that occurred within the boundaries of the US has been the Lincoln inspired horror show known generally as the Civil War that ended roughly 155 years ago.

    There have been other wars in other places but nothing on US soil to disturb the growth of all of the love, peace, harmony, goodwill, brotherhood and mutual concern that we Americans show for each other (sarc off) and simply put, Americans have no friggin’ idea of what that kind of life another Civil War would foster. Sure, people think they do but they’re childishly fooling themselves, just as US citizens did in 1860: “It will be glorious and it won’t last long” or “I’ll be home by Thanksgiving”, or “Our boys will have those Yankees (or Rebs) running for their mamas after the first fight”…….etc.

    Those projections for a quick and dirty war didn’t occur and Americans spent 4 long years slaughtering each other over causes that most soldiers didn’t remotely comprehend and it was a crisis that the Left did not permit to lay idle. In the ensuring years the Left has twisted the truth of the causes and effects of that War to suit a socialist narrative that is often so far from the truth that its unrecognizable and now it is common practice to wipe the slate of history clean and substitute whatever narrative can be dished up and served to the uninterested, uninformed adult and even worse to young minds who want to know the actual history of the country, warts and all.

    The drivel of 1860 was childish and it fades in the face of contemporary Leftists who rant that “all Trump supporters should be sent to internment camps”, or “all Trumpers should be executed wherever found”….and on and on….the preponderance of that hatred being rendered by elected political officials and various loud mouthed fuckers who work in sports, entertainment or the MSM and who aren’t about to step up and do jack squat themselves. But their idiotic supports will and with this Biden/Harris power and control transfer, Americans who have any position other than support for these ‘winners’, need to understand that they are in the same category as the most supportive ‘Trumper’. You are a target and that category isn’t going to fade unless you join them.

    If there has ever been a cause for American men (who love their country or just simply hate Communists) to contest, it will be the efforts of the Biden/Harris army to forcefully remodel the US from a Constitutionally based Democratic Republic to the whatever model the newly emerging American communist might desire and inspire to implement. Be certain, they will definitely call it a model form of democracy or a republic but just remember that North Korea, China and Russia all use the same terms in their descriptions of their governmental model and try to remember that when they take your God given freedoms or those rights guaranteed by the US Constitution, its Amendments and the Bill of Rights…you’re screwed.

    Remember, these people are going to work to control your family and deny you your home and other real property, your children and other family members, your bank accounts, your medical services, your food sources and they’ll cut the power and water too. These folks will use every thing that they can as a tool to make you submit to their demands and if you aren’t willing to fight and try to kill these bastards and every other thing or person they want to use to enslave you then seriously chum, you don’t deserve it in the first instance. You should understand well in advance, you will have to harden your hearts into stone and you will not like it.

    I know it’s coming and I’m only curious to know how long it will be before the action begins.

  • captflee January 6, 2021, 6:57 PM

    I was earlier thinking that old Glubb Pasha fellow might well have been pretty damned prescient after all. The clock is ticking on the Yankee Empire, I suspect. You thought 2020 was wild, my friends? I fear that year will all too soon be regarded as halcyon days by comparison with what’s likely to come.

  • M. Murcek January 7, 2021, 3:22 AM

    Nobody does unintended consequences like the left. The right can never match in that regard because there is an inbred failure of imagination on the right. Interesting times just up ahead…

  • ghostsniper January 7, 2021, 7:42 AM

    So where are we at now?
    Is Ashli the 21st century Crispus?

  • Dirk January 7, 2021, 9:52 AM

    We lost our republic officially yesterday. who was it that said, it’s ours, if we can hang on to it.

    DC was a shit show yesterday. To you who went, what did you hope to accomplish? . Do you ” Feel Good now” we’re you praying for THAT miracle? What did you learn yesterday? I’ll try and help, walking down Penn ave, with a hundred thousand others was a dog and pony show!.

    Each of you got played, out smarted, by some dumbass Antifa clowns dressed in horns, and other Outfits, screaming to you 100.000, we are not you, we are Antifa, and in 1/2 a day, we WILL destroy everything you gained in the past four years.

    If your not well versed in the Book titled, The Turner Diaries” a sick and despicable book, you need to purchase it, read it, comprehend it. Yesterday was a disaster, we need to learn from it, lots of valuable lessons.

    Perhaps the most important is this. How to blend in and fight like Antifa did yesterday, fade away. Yesterday’s ” Charge of the light brigade” should have taught patriots this. We Will Be Treated Differently then Them, We Will Be Met With Force!.

    This American GOVT, is scared to death of real patriots. They know what we can and eventually will do. You want evidence, how about this. EVERY malitia, or small gathering of freedom loving a,ericans has been penitrated by three letter agencies, or their stooges. ” Informants”. Not so much the left? How’s that working for us?

    A patriot woman died yesterday, for NOTHING, except loving her country!. A Vet, a Mother of four, an American.

    Be sad if her death was for nothing.

    GV, sorry, post,,,,don’t post. The other blog daddies are all hat, no horse, anymore.

    God Bless these United States.


  • M. Murcek January 7, 2021, 10:03 AM

    Thomas Paine spoke of the “sunshine patriots.” Today, after the debacle in the capitol, we have the “sob-sister patriots,” who thought riots were all good fun in Portland or Kenosha, but suddenly are aghast and teary-eyed when the same thing happens on the “magic dirt” of Washington DC. Oh, wait. The same thing didn’t happen. No police stations burned, no honest businessmen watching their lifes’ work go up in smoke while the TV crews gleefully ran cover for the arsonists. Just people petitioning their government directly. No word yet on agents provacatuers in the crowd, but does anyone really want to stand and say there were none? To those saying this is “unprescedented,” and “a stain on the Republic,” go sit over there and read up on the Whiskey Rebellion.

  • Casey Klahn January 7, 2021, 10:12 AM

    Yes, Ashley is a martyr. Why didn’t officers find it necessary to shoot more rioters? Because there was no cause to. Schumer’s security guy did the killing; was his trigger finger itchy or was it on purpose? Why did others get into the area she was killed to prevent passage into? Because it was not a life or death event. Taking the forcible entry part out (civil disobedience but at the capitol building), and the deaths and this was kind of like a church picnic compared to the aftermath I expect to happen now. When libs demonstrated through the capitol, the LEO smirked and the congressmen danced and marched along; do not support Trump and march through the capitol. That shit ain’t allowed.

    This was a Color Revolution, which is a CIA and every other professional cloak-and-dagger organization throughout the world operation. Doesn’t matter who gets elected, the idea is to create unrest, then topple the country. Your new president was voted in the dark or night by a cowardly Congress. This means: elections are over as you knew them; no SCOTUS protection and congress is fuck-all, suck our dix to you, the American people. Lawlessness. Now, we had this in the Frontier West – the law going forward will be the Code of the West. Money? Guns? Civil Rights? Speech? Press? Internet?

    What makes you think Chrome and Firefox will allow you to read conservative voices?

    Color revolution. I’ll play Scott Adams for a minute. Ask yourself what has the character of Antifa/ BLM demonstrations been up till now? Ask yourself what has the character been of MAGA rallies up till now? Did the riot on congress of 6 Jan look like the typical MAGA rally outcome? No, it looked like the mythical media version of Righty Rallies.

    Yes, MAGA are ready to explode, but they up till now have not. Remember Virginia. Peaceful. This was 3 van loads and more of Antifa agitators, in costume, using the MAGA mass as fuel, and they act as the accelerant. Check out the side by side pictures of Antifa and BLM members in the thick and the van of the riot yesterday. The guy who filmed Ashly’s bleed-out was a BLM professional. WTF was he doing at the crisis point yesterday; at the front of the Trump crowd?

    It was a planned coup. Why was it that easy to enter congress with all of congress present? What is the potential outcome of this event? Trump out, Biden in; Bob’s your uncle and fuk you America.

    And finally, I want to ask (because I cannot find it on google or duckduck) where is President Trump this morning?

    Ok, wait, I wanted to say that Dan Bongino relates how the White House was in imminent danger of being overrun last summer during BLM riots. Where was congress on that issue? Fucking absent. Absent on all the riots across America. The NG came in, and between them and the Secret Service and few others, the White House was saved from being overrun. The next day, the media and congress laughed and mocked Trump.

    Future predictions. Look for military show of force patrols, designed to keep your ass in its place. Look for no speech, gun confiscation, economy, and infrastructure to tank. It won’t be Lenin, but it will bear a resemblance.
    God be with us.

  • Joe January 7, 2021, 2:15 PM

    I thought it was very appropriate that Lindsay Graham was waving his purse in the air as an act of surrender. What a ——–

  • EX-Californian Pete January 7, 2021, 2:48 PM

    I agree 100% with Dirk.

    We’re at a crossroads- the likes of which has not been seen in our country for over 100 years.

    I just read that 1 in 3 Americans know/believe the election was stolen through deceit and tyranny. Amazingly, almost half of my Liberal friends (that I still have) agree, but “don’t want to make waves” among their Liberal peers by stating that to them.
    In other words, they ADMIT they are spineless, “woke” cowards.

    At this point in time, I see no way to reclaim our country without another Civil War, and if anyone would like to correct and enlighten me on that subject, please feel free to do so.

    In the meantime, I’ll be taking my newly approved & received NFA item to the range tomorrow to see how she runs- after waiting 14 months and spending over $18K. Hopefully, it’ll only serve as a investment and a “safe queen,” and not something needed to survive the next 4 years.

    Out of respect for yesterday’s “events,” I’m flying my American flag at half-staff. I will also be adding an “IMPEACH BIDEN” flag underneath it, and flying another one on my shop.

    Molon Labe

  • ghostsniper January 7, 2021, 3:00 PM

    Pete sed: “I’ll be taking my newly approved & received NFA item to the range tomorrow to see how she runs- after waiting 14 months and spending over $18K.”

    You ain’t gonna drop that and haul ass without saying another word. Spill it. Now.

  • Casey Klahn January 7, 2021, 4:43 PM

    If I change my mind and order the regular barrel instead of the Scout model M1A, will it improve the ballistic accuracy? What is more street available, .308 or 30.06?
    These are the only questions I am asking myself.
    What is the most rugged, high-end scope that goes to 9 power? BDC (yes, but integral or add-on?).

  • Dirk January 7, 2021, 6:23 PM

    Casey, I own both, a m14E, and a socom, and a bunch of BM-59s. The longer barrels do generate more velocity, yet the short barrel models have very much practical application. The wise man ” You” would determine your specific need for which rifle.

    Most m-14s, are 308. Some are 6.6 c and I suppose some in 3006. I’m shooting 168 bullets, I’ll lay it out. VV, N-150 powder, match primers and match king bullets. . ” just happens to be what I have a lot of”

    These are battle rifls. If I’m doing my part, I can ring out 1 inch groups, on average 1.5 groups at 100y. The socom is 1.5 all day long. The BM 59s, or the BM62″s. Are very high end 14s. Great shooters. Right at 1.2 ish.

    Also own m-1 3006’s rifles. Our turf here in Southern Oregons is best served with the 308 and 3006, big open country.

    Casey hope this helps. If I can answer you questions, ask away.

    Ex Calif, I dont want to be right, I just want to be left alone. Think,it’s obviously not going to happen

    I’ve grown disgusted with the Blog Daddies, perpetual spinning bullshit, I wonder if these guys are going to talk em to death. The problem is duly noted, when these men going to start talking solution.

    I have a high regard for the guys, but I’m not in need of leadership pep talks. I’m seeking solutions.

    GV, I don’t include you in the all hat no saddle crowd. I co,e here for my sanity, for the fellowship of your crowd.


  • Casey Klahn January 7, 2021, 9:50 PM

    Dirk, my compliments.

    I had the M1a in mind as an upgrade to my Browning A Bolt .270 deer rifle, and as I am getting older and less mobile I did consider the shorter barrel because “easier to carry; I’m not an infantryman like I was when I was 17”. Now, I have the need for more rifle than I did before (no reason, really). Standard wisdom is that longer barrels generate more velocity, but new ballistic ammo has made short actions and barrels better. I just feel that the longer barrel will reach out (I live in open country).

    Sources on the ground tell me that 5.56 is no question unavailable in times of scarcity, and all of a sudden I plan to shoot any round I can collect, but wonder what the actual availability for .308 vs 30.06 is. Ought-six is historically popular, but anyway the supply chain matters. Not saying why; just like to think like a chess player.

    I need the tight group at 200 yrds, and the 9″ bull at 400, and the 18-24″ bull at 500 yrds – you get my drift.

    Shooting is great sport, huh? Deer taste so yummy especially when supply chains go down. coughs.

  • Casey Klahn January 8, 2021, 5:52 AM

    Read Breitbart this morning: the entire page from top to bottom is a knife in the back to you and Trump. The GOPe is closing ranks, the summer soldiers are sneaking off the field, and you are left holding the bag of shit. It is dripping the brown ooze of your “shame”.
    On the subject of the riot on the 6th, be sure to sort #antifa on Parler, and see a whole page of fux at the head of the riot whose faces also appear in BLM and antifa events. They take you for an idiot because they riot out in the open, and nobody will take it seriously. They pin the blame on you, blithely and with malice. I wasn’t there in the 30s, when Brown Shirts rioted in Germany, but after the slick work done to us on the 6th, I have to say Antifa is perhaps better at their game than the Brown Shirts were. It was an historic defeat of Americans, but of course now we just more pissed off.

  • ghostsniper January 8, 2021, 7:35 AM

    These days you hafta have patience. Lots of it. I’m 3 months into building a new gun from scratch and I don’t know when it will be completed, though I see light at the end of the tunnel. I think. The problems are shitty websites, parts availability, wide variances in pricing, and abysmal delivery times and prices. This gun is “off the books” (not registered to me) and will knock the nob off the natz dik at 300yds every dam time. If it doesn’t the whole thing is going in the shitcan. j/k

  • Dirk January 8, 2021, 7:36 AM

    Bonnie and Clyde called em “Wippits” shortened rifles, BARs, etcetc, for ease of handling. As for ammo, Casey, nothing’s available right now ammo wise, well some wild cat related stuff. I,suspect .308 will arrive in quality before 3006. But I’m often wrong. The key to life’s acknowledging being wromgL. Ha ha.

    We say these times coming, thirty years ago, started salting ammo away for this rainy day. Stored in a dry, reasonable.climate,ammo last along time. I’m still shooting, well in possssion of ammo from WWII, shoots fine.

    While we believe we have allot of ammo, end of the day it’s a drop in the bucket. I also load ammo, match grade stuff, for lomg range work. We also stacked powder, pro,era and casings for years. Got enough to roll another ten thousand roumds of mixed calibers.

    Where I’m headed with this is, even loading supplies have dried up. My best guess is, it’s going to be a long dry spell for ammo, with the new admin.

    I was able to snap up one last 556 a sweetheart deal, from an unlikely source. Picked up an ARMILITE Ar15 with a,24″inch bull barrel, and an older Lupold gold ring scope. The rifle came from my old police agency, I knew the rifle some twenty years ago.

    Casey, right now,your best bet is purchase five or ten 70% lowers in either 556 or 308. And the correct build jigs to drill and machine the action part. I’ve got several, with a dozen more I purchase from 5-R tactical, the lowers are selling for 99.00 right now. I’m back ordered.
    Machining the lowers really easy, a drill press and a router bit, and some time. I use a mill to,do,mine, and it takes about an hour.

    Lower parts kits are available from WINGTACTICAL, and BlackRifle tactical. ” their going quick” these guys tell me, their running three shifts to meet demand.

    Casey contact me at dirkandcarole8495@gmail.com. I’ll gift you an 80% lower.


  • Jack January 8, 2021, 11:07 AM

    It doesn’t take much of a round to do the work that is needed as long as the shot is accurate. Even a diminutive .17 caliber pellet, fired from a break barrel airgun can kill or certainly put an end to cognitive awareness forever and the single most important element of doing either is accuracy.

    I love to reload and I’m as happy as a clam to spend time working on load development for my rifles by reloading to SAAMI recommendations on COAL, choosing the proper bullet selection for each barrel’s twist and by playing around with powder, rather than with worrying about how far my bullet is off the lands and other tweaking that a reloader can spend time on.

    I never run my rounds thru a chrony and I load strictly for accuracy and not so that I can pick up 200-300 more FPS when the round is sent. As a result of that I can usually get dime sized 100 yard groups from my Hornets and from my .243 and .257 Roberts rifles and with Jack O’Connor’s recommended sight setting of 3″ high at 100 yards, I just never worry about being able to hit a target out to around 250 yards with no holdover.

    I haven’t seen any .223 factory ammo in weeks and it’s becoming harder to find ammo for common hunting calibers, and, in many cases a dealer will not let you have but one or two boxes. Some of them are also doing a bit of price gouging but the reputable local dealers aren’t going to cross that line with their customer bases.

    The worst thing for reloaders is the limited availability of commonly used powders and most particularly, with primers. I haven’t seen any small rifle primers, CCI200 or Federal Bench primers in months and that is very troubling.

    There still appears to be plenty of very reliable .22 and .22 magnum ammunition available and while you may not get bench accuracy out of some of it, it will certainly work in a pinch in most rifles and it will do 10x the job of the little .17 caliber lead pellet.

  • EX-Californian Pete January 8, 2021, 12:22 PM

    To Ghostsniper-

    Sorry to drop a “teaser” here, but I’ll just relate that it came from Germany, is air/water-cooled, and has one of those “belt thingies rather than a clip” as a Liberal might say.
    Of the 161 items in my current “sporting goods” collection, I’ll gladly blab all day in great detail about the majority of them- with the exception of about 5 or 6. That one is one of those 5 or 6.

    These days, a lot of things are better left unsaid, like where I currently get 209, and Federal SP & LR primers for $32 and $33 per 1000. Before anyone starts a-hatin’ on me for that, it’s a 2-1/2 hour drive to get them, and a limit of 4000 per month. And NO, I don’t resell them- much less resell them for $100 to $275 per brick like so many A-HOLE SCALPERS I’ve seen doing.
    I’ve given MANY hundreds of free primers to my buddies who are in need, though- I’d be some kind of a jerk if I didn’t.

    Word of advice to reloaders here- if you aren’t already, start casting your own lead projectiles. I use X-Lox (not Alox) lube or powdercoat them, and with great results. Powdercoating consistently gives a 3% to 5% higher muzzle velocity with the exact same charge. It also leaves your lands & grooves a LOT cleaner.
    Lee bullet moulds are inexpensive, and work great.

  • ghostsniper January 8, 2021, 2:44 PM

    Thanks Pete. I understand everything you wrote. You fortunate dawg!

  • EX-Californian Pete January 8, 2021, 7:44 PM

    Ghostsniper- I haven’t met you, but would like to someday before I get to “dirt-nappin.”
    Obviously, you’re a “gunny” like I am, and from what I’ve seen here, a stand-up guy, too.
    Old saying- “only the good take care of their own.” That’s one of my permanent creedos.

    Let us hope and pray that those who are like us will prevail, and carry on the hope for future generations.
    Thanks for deeming me “fortunate” instead of “lucky,” as I don’t believe in “luck.”

    On that note, if it gets to the point where surviving depends on your having reloading components or not, just ask. The Good Lord didn’t put me on this Earth to keep all my good fortune to myself and not share with those who might be in need. And with great thanks to the “Big Guy Upstairs,” today, I just secured a VERY large amount of pure lead (and linotype) from my supplier, to be delivered in around a month. Dollar per pound for 99.81% pure lead, $1.25 for pure linotype.

    BTW, my new friend’s name is “Max M.”

  • Casey Klahn January 8, 2021, 9:49 PM

    Dirk, you’re very generous and kind, there. I learned to dislike the AR platform as an infantry soldier (peacetime). I always say that if the time comes for me to need one, there will be plenty of them lying around on the ground for me to pick up.

    Actually my deer rifle is effective (proven) out to 500 yards, with a BDC. I wore that one out hunting coyotes; now it is best used out to 400 yrds and less. Zeroed at 200 because of the long ranges available here.

    I guess I just wanted one more rifle to fill a niche, but everything from 400 to 40 yards is double-covered. It’s all about the ammo. I wish I’d had the itch to be a reloader.

    On politics, I said yesterday or late the day before that your fave websites would start to grow scarce. Tonight, on Pro Trump News, and NewsAmmo, come several stories of google and the like beginning to eliminate the new conservative rivals. Can’t let Righty have a viewpoint, it “ain’t ‘Murican.”

    Looks like the capitol police either yielded or just plain opened the doors to protestors. The damage and drama was caused by false-flaggers, and the gal was killed by a bloodthirsty coward in the Congressional security. Saying the Capitol was “breached” is rather high dungeon, and at any rate keep your ear to the ground. Believe your gut and think inductively at least at first. The greatest American I ever knew was one dangerous mother fucker and he was the definition of “‘Murican.” Everyone is pissed, Right and Left side. Things are not going to be quiet; remember the attitudes and anger of the Left under Obama.

    I am watching many of my political Right side analysts devolve and dissolve before my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want war or blood, but demeaning Trump ain’t gonna happen anywhere near me. Trump has been a self-sacrificing and gracious T-up, and it may be time for the rest of us to swing at the ball soon.

  • ghostsniper January 9, 2021, 4:46 AM

    Imagine, if you can, that in spite of your long distance foresight and deep preparations there they are, maybe 50 or more terrorists advancing in your direction and your compound is under imminent threat. You are, for the most part, alone, though surrounded by those you care for, and you already know that they will offer you little support for the chore that now faces you.

    Instantly you realize a mistake in your foresight, a blind spot based in memories 40 years past. You also realize your outdated methods are failing before they even get off the ground. You, and those you care for, are going to be over run by savages and your best will never be enough. Oh dear, what if you could go back, back to a time when the tools you need now were available and you hadn’t had such a narrow view of the future possibilities.

    You grab your bolt and start eliminating subjects at distance, and then closer, as they become closer still. Soon, you can see the whites of their eyes and you reach for the lever, the faster deliverer of promise. But they keep coming, and coming, and you keep delivering, but they have you out numbered 10 to 1. Oh how you wish you hadn’t erred in fore thought. How much more confidence you’d have if only a semi or 3 was closely available, and all of the food you would fed it in the next few minutes left in your life.

    For 40 years I too clung to old memories and new confrontations and only after considering the broad realm of potential possibilities did I decide to add the method of new technology and skill in the new millennium. While I am confident of my skill with old skool technology and methods I realize that the potential possibilities that await are vast and can only be met with a new view, so I decided that that view will be the best that I can make it. I have not been disappointed and my confidence level has grown exponentially.

    Don’t let the past slave you from the future.

  • Casey Klahn January 9, 2021, 6:34 AM

    Ghostie Backsight Forethought: you’ve convince me. I need an M-60. Throw in a Blooker, just for the fun of it.

  • Jack January 9, 2021, 10:00 AM

    Ghost, we all think of situations like that and like most bad dreams they won’t occur but, if they do and the scenario you describe becomes a reality, my only regret will be that I was not able to service more of them; but I will rest in peace knowing that I sent a number of them to whatever awaits them, fulfilling their death wish and my own.

  • ghostsniper January 9, 2021, 2:50 PM

    @Casey, there was a double purpose in my wanting an AR15. I like building guns from scratch, just a table full of parts, and the time and effort to learn how they work. Some watch ball games, some hang out in bars, some congregate with others. I spend a fair amount of time coordinating my mind/eyes/fingers in a variety of ways. It is my ultimate entertainment and my daily life goal. I spent $4k building a $3k gun because there was some learning curve. With the new gun on the bench right now the learning curve was much less expensive. I usually only need to learn stuff once and it sticks. If you know which end of the screwdriver to stick in the bad guys eye socket you can build a gun. All 3 guns I have built are off the books, which can be the most difficult part of the whole thing.