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ZMAN notes: “The Sarah Jeong story has probably been the best thing to happen to our side since Trump came down that escalator. The challenge of this age is in convincing typical white people that it is not socialism they should fear, it is extermination. There are still people waddling around in their tricorn hats talking about the socialist menace. Mention race to them and they start hyperventilating about their constitutional principles. What the Sarah Jeong story does it make it impossible for the normies to avoid the elephant in the room.

“It’s not so much that this Asian airhead hates white people. Blacks have been out in public talking about how much they hate white people since the Civil Rights era. The typical white person has been trained to accept this, by assuming it is meaningless. Blacks are powerless, so their hatreds are no threat. Then you have the subversives like Ben Shapiro telling them that black hatred of whites is really bad for blacks because it keeps them from showing up at CPAC every year to take selfies with adoring white people.

“Asians are supposed to be different. They are the model minority. Typical white people just assume that Asians are on their side. They work hard. They avoid crime and social dysfunction. They come here looking for a chance, give their kids nice names like Sarah and send them off to good colleges. You’ll note that you never hear anyone suggest we should end immigration from Asia. In the blossoming race war, Asians are never in the discussion, because white people just assume they are on the side of Team Whitey.

“All of a sudden one of the model minority has revealed that she hates white people as much as the black street hustler. Even more disturbingly, the people known for eating dogs apparently think white people smell like dogs. It adds a whole new element to what the coalition of non-whites has in mind for us once they get total control. More important, this white hating Asian migrant is defended by so-called conservatives. Ben Shapiro wore his tiny little fingers raw tweeting out defenses of the Times decision to back Jeong.”

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Let’s Review 110: Straws In the Wind

Starbucks Bans Plastic Straws, Winds Up Using More Plastic – 2018 will forever be remembered as the year that hating plastic straws went mainstream. Once the lonely cause of environmental cranks, now everyone wants to eliminate these suckers from daily life.

Peter Strzok Summoned Before Congress Again For Texts Calling Trey Gowdy ‘A Pissy Little Shithead’

One of the Obscenely-Paid Official Angry Black Guys – Van Jones I think – called the result a “whitelash.” It was endlessly repeated. He could not explain how voting for a white GUY instead of an awful white WOMAN was racist, but he didn’t have to. Nobody was going to argue with such a felicitous turn of phrase. Never mind that the original word was “back”- not “black”- lash, so the “pun” made no actual sense. It’s racist to ask black people follow-up questions, which is why Obama never got any.

Universities and their endowments are still converged, and all the mass media and internet giants are converged. Trump has few loyalists among his political appointees in government. But it is a start. A start that denies the inevitability of Blue Empire power, a start that tells us that surrender is not the only option. That Trump had the last laugh over Gay Mulatto gives every man a shot of testosterone. That Melanie is hot, while Michelle belongs in a zoo, makes every progressive everywhere look and feel bad.

Traditional Mexican Values: Great Pyramid of Cholula – During the course of excavations of the Great Pyramid over 400 human burials have been uncovered. Most of these burials date to the Postclassic Period, showing that the Great Pyramid was an important center of worship well after its use as a temple was discontinued. These burials include a number of human sacrifices, as demonstrated by mangled body parts and skulls from decapitated victims. The remains of eight individuals were found under the slab flooring of the Courtyard of Altars. These included the remains of a number of children that were deposited in ceramic pots. These children were messengers to Tlaloc (the god of rain) due to the drought occurring at this site. The disarticulated remains of at least 46 individuals were found in the area of an altar in the center of a plaza at the southwest corner of the pyramid. These remains included individuals of all ages and both sexes. [click to continue…]


This off-the-cuff report by author and Dilbertor Scott Adams is worth the time just for his candid comments about meeting President Trump in person in the Oval Office. Takes a few minutes to find his pace and then it just rolls out from there.

Bonus feature: This homemade clip of the President getting out of his car to meet the local firemen.


Panel 1W, Line 119

In that long gone summer,
He was a star,
Played the guitar,
And drove a fast car.

Life was a whirl.
He got the girl.
Kissed her once
And sailed off into the sun.

Now he’s just a name on The Wall.
Cut into stone.
Cut to the bone.
Long gone. That’s all.

LCpl Samuel Walter “Sam” Yates (1945-1973)


Sunday Hymns: For the Beauty of the Earth

Two variations on a theme by John Ritter.

Call for votes: Youth Choir or Mormon Tabernacle Choir?

For the beauty of the earth
For the beauty of the skies
For the love which from our birth
Over and around us lies
Over and around us lies

Lord of all, to thee we raise
This our joyful hymn of praise
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Happy Birthday, Louis

Louis Armstrong (August 4, 1901 – July 6, 1971)  performing 1967-12-20 at Fort Hood

“He was born poor, died rich, and never hurt anyone along the way.” — Duke Ellington

“It’s checkout time now. But before we cut out from here, let’s take those saints down one more time!”



James Bond’s Tactics for Figuring Out If Someone’s Been Snooping in Your Room  “Doing all this, inspecting these minute burglar-alarms, did not make him feel foolish or self-conscious. He was a secret agent, and still alive thanks to his exact attention to the detail of his profession. Routine precautions were to him no more unreasonable than they would be to a deep-sea diver or a test pilot, or to any man earning danger-money. Satisfied that his room had not been searched while he was at the casino, Bond undressed and took a cold shower.” —Casino Royale, by Ian Fleming

 San Francisco Bans Everything    The straw ban was the brainchild of Supervisor Katy Tang. Katy was excused from the straw vote because she had to take her bar exam. She had previously won a proposal to ban sales of fur coats. In her press release, Katy noted that “fur farming contributes to water and air pollution” because each mink produces “44 pounds of feces in the mink’s lifetime.” The press release doesn’t state how many pounds the Board of Supervisors produces a year. Or how much the homeless population that San Francisco’s insane government has cultivated does.

The Hunt for Earth’s Deep Hidden Oceans     This hydrous mineral isn’t wet. But when it melts, out spills water. The discovery was the first direct proof that water-rich minerals exist this deep, between 410 and 660 kilometers down, in a region called the transition zone, sandwiched between the upper and lower mantles.

Leave the shirako, take the cannoli: Shirako – Gastro Obscura Creamy, briny, and filled with sperm, shirako is the sort of seafood delicacy that some folks prefer to savor before they learn of its provenance. But dishes featuring these sperm sacs of fish, also known as milt, sell for a pretty penny when they’re in season in Japan.

Crime without punishment :   My first shocking discovery about the “modern” liberal is, that while he might give lip-service still to some “antiquated” ideals, and gratuitously pose as virtuous, his first instinct when faced with serious responsibility was to cut and run. My second was to find that he was now brainwashed by ideologies and slogans; that it was impossible to argue with him from reason or fact; that faced with any difficulty he would present himself as the helpless victim of forces he would not even try to define coherently. My third was the discovery that he was now, instinctively, on the side of the criminal; that he identified with the lawless; that he admired “the transgressive,” trespass, violation.

The Eternal Poor Sports: Democrats Pull Out of Annual Softball Game with Republicans

The Commerce Department reported today that more Americans than ever went to work in July, and that unemployment hit a historic low. The latest jobs report virtually dooms President Trump’s Republicans in the 2018 mid-term elections, because Trump’s son, Donald Jr., met with Russians, his former campaign chief, Paul Manafort, bought an ostrich coat, and the president won’t apologize to CNN reporter Jim Acosta for calling the news media “the enemy of the people.”

This isn’t a culture war. It’s worse. Culture has nothing to do with it. It’s war on normality by Brownshirts, incited or paid for by the likes of George Soros and Tom Steyer. It has now graduated from street-fighting to trying to take down the U.S. government.

Modern anthropology — now the various “Studies” — is useless, because they’ve gone all-in on relativism.   Everything is a “social construction” to these folks, which makes not just anthropology, but the humanities in general, worthless.  What could, say, the Ancient Greeks have to teach us, other than the self-evident fact that it’s possible to “construct” a society in the way they did?

Bill Kristol, Hedgehog King Remember when Bill Kristol said the Iraq War would last two months? It (officially) lasted nine years and cost Americans more than $2 trillion—and we’re still there. How about when Kristol boldly stated that Barack Obama wouldn’t win a single primary against Hillary Clinton? Or when he claimed Iraq was “not in a civil war?” What about when he predicted that 1993 would be the “high water-mark” for the gay-rights movement?


The Three Faces of Eve’s Degradation

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Slip slidin’ away

Slip slidin’ away
Slip slidin’ away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip slidin’ away


The story begins with Jump Start by azlibertarian @ American Digest   Then it is picked up by the Blogfather with an item: Instapundit サ Blog Archive サ BE PREPARED: Leatherman Tool saves the day for USAF C-130…     and he points at Knife Story: Leatherman Tool saves the day for USAF C-130 – The Truth About Knives

As the author says, he is no longer in the military and any statute of limitations has come and gone. In peacetime, the military frowns on improvisation instead of SOP. But when you are stranded in a remote tribal area of the Philippines, necessity is what it is. And a brand new (at the time) Leatherman tool saved the day and got the Herc back home. After leaving the plane for a while, while some SeaBees unloaded it, the author returned to find himself in a bit of a pickle….  More at Knife Story: Leatherman Tool saves the day for USAF C-130 – The Truth About Knives

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Rehearsing Vietnam by Commenter Rick Parker

In midsummer of 1968 the 25th Infantry Division, stationed at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii, was going to ship out to Viet Nam. Before they left they were to do a practice beach assault on what I believe was Kawa’aloa Beach on the north side of the Moloka’i. The brass and politicians made a huge deal about it as it was to be the largest beach assault made since WWII. About 10 of us from the Fort Shafter photo lab as well as about 100 other troops were set up in a tent camp out by the Moloka’i airport to provide all kinds of ground services. Three of us were still photographers, 2 were film and the other guys were lab techs or clerks. No press was allowed so we detailed to cover the entire landing for Army records as well as to provide the press with still and film.

We flew to Moloka’i a week before the action started to get our tent and makeshift lab and office set up for a 2-week stay. By now I was a Specialist 4th Class or E-4 but was outranked by one of my friends who was a Corporeal E-4 who had time in grade over me. He was in charge of our little detachment but generally didn’t care what we did. We had a truck to use so most days we would pile in and drive the 5 or 6 miles to the isolated, beautiful beach. It really was isolated as were all the beaches of Moloka’i which had a small population and virtually no tourist trade at all. Moloka’i was a farming island that raised cattle, pineapples and produce.

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On fake news: We are easily angered, but we are not curious. We grasp at what straws are offered, and if they fit our preconceived views, we are content to repeat the half and full lies. We choose news sources to suit our preconceptions: to provide ourselves with the emotional comfort of being told what we already know and expect. The news outlets don’t dare to contradict us; they make their money on our credulity.

They ate raw centipedes — and then the headaches began

In the 1960s the turn to nihilistic violence preceded the Tate murders by at least two years, as the once idealistic New Left—pledged to free speech for all and ending racial apartheid in the South—turned murderous. Students for a Democratic Society’s Tom Hayden went from calling for withdrawal from Vietnam to hoping America would be obliterated by the Vietcong. Tired of sit-ins, by 1967 Hayden was toting a rifle and calling for an American Vietcong to make the streets run red with “establishment” politicians and citizens. Similarly, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s non-violence was overtaken by the homicidal Black Panthers, who admired the Holocaust and pledged to do the same to American Jews.

Ginsburg: ‘I Am Mentally Fit Enough To Serve Through The End Of President Eisenhower’s Term’

I don’t know about you but I kind of layer my defenses. Number one is a pair of dogs – one little one to let me know somebody’s creeping and a great big motherfucker to keep the intruder busy for just a second. Then there’s a cocked and locked 45 ACP on my nightstand with a pair of extra magazines. On the floor right next to my bed is a loaded AR with another spare mag on the nightstand. Then, just in case the bad guy made it through a 130 pound dog, an ankle biter, 54 rounds of 5.56, 22 rounds of 45 ACP and I can’t make it to the next room for another 8 mags of 5.56, there’s a K-Bar stuck between my mattress and box springs.It’s true, I can be ill-tempered when woken unexpectedly.

Get ’em while they’re not hot. 3D-printed gun designs   at CodeIsFreeSpeech.com [click to continue…]


In which we discover that THE FAMOUS CAKE is left, by some highly irresponsible person, outside in extreme precipitation with the predictable result that all the sweet, green icing ends up flowing down much to the distress of the singer who laments that he or she will be unable to repossess the evidently highly secret recipe to said baked good.

Which FAMOUS CAKE, as it turns out, was actually sitting there; sitting out in the rain in the Los Angeles park dedicated to the famous American general.

Despite the rather poetic homage paid to it in the 1968 song, MacArthur Park became known for violence after 1985 when prostitution, drug dealing, shoot-outs, and the occasional rumored drowning became commonplace, with as many as 30 murders in 1990.

Jimmy Webb discusses famous lyrics in ‘MacArthur Park’:

“I’ve also tried to tell the truth, which is that it’s just a song about a girlfriend of mine, Susie Horton, and this place on Wilshire Boulevard where we used to have lunch, which is called MacArthur Park. And the truth is that everything in the song was visible. There’s nothing in it that’s fabricated. The old men playing checkers by the trees, the cake that was left out in the rain, all of the things that are talked about in the song are things I actually saw. And so it’s a kind of musical collage of this whole love affair that kind of went down in MacArthur Park.”

Muse Then

Muse for Jimmy Webb’s ‘MacArthur Park’ treasures those days: Suzy Ronstadt — then Suzy Horton — was the flesh-and-blood muse Webb immortalized for “the yellow cotton dress foaming like a wave on the ground around your knees” that she wore one afternoon while the couple ate lunch in L.A.’s MacArthur Park… But Webb was more smitten with her at the time than she with him. “It was unrequited love,” said the woman who once held the title of Miss Colton — and who today sings in a pop-folk vocal quartet I Hear Voices!

Muse Now

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A Small Favor

In the account books of friendship, a balance can never be struck. Favors are always owing. True, there’s some sort of record and you can, if you really push it, get overdrawn, but the Bank of the Friend is very forgiving of minor transgressions and small inconveniences. You can be lounging about on a weekend morning with no intention of dressing and driving out into the cold, but the call comes in and you saddle up.

Ringtone: “Hello.”

“I need help with my equipment I used in the sermon.”

“I thought that was just going to be one telephone.”

“It got more elaborate.”

(“Elaborate” is a word he uses when he let his imagination get the better of his judgement. In general, he believes in simple things: zen gardens, books of quotations or jokes, a single perfect leaf next to a perfect rock, wood floors instead of shag rugs. Over the years his friends have learned to fear “elaborate.”)

“More ‘elaborate’ huh?”

“Well, I wanted it to be a memorable sermon.”

(This was in response to an invitation to give a speech at a certain Seattle church’s 50th Anniversary.)


“It started when I decided to give the sermon in the chicken suit.”

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Unpaid Political Advertisement

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