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February 24, 2009

VIA Wednesday, 2/25

Stop with the straight lines already. Thank God he didn't say "The check is in the mail." "In fact, the recovery plan provides a tax cut -- that's right, a tax cut -- for 95% of working families. And these checks are on the way!" Full text of Obama's speech to Congress
Radiohead vs Dave Brubeck - Five Step
Never Enough "Did anyone really think $787 billion would be enough to quench the Democratic Congress' thirst for play money from the taxpayers? Now they want $410 billion more."
When it comes to global warming, you must remember this: "The facts don't matter, it's the narrative that's true.- Sense of Events: Shrinking sea ice? Oops! Never mind...
Who says there's no good news? San Francisco Chronicle to be sold or closed if owner can't lower expenses dramatically
SpyTalk - 'Secret' Troops a Last Chance for Pakistan -- and Maybe Us When Islamabad's nuclear weapons fall into extremists' hands, not much else will matter.
Cobb: Silence of the Wealthy Yes. I lost millions, but let me give you an analogy. When I lose millions, it's like Kobe Bryant only scoring 10 points in a game. I can have two losing seasons, but I'm still Kobe Bryant. In fact I can retire, but I'm still Kobe Bryant.
Go away, kid. Ya bother me. Slumdog Child Actors Treated to Disney Trip, Shipped Back to Slums at Deceiver.com
How now the Dow? It rose 44.88 points in Bush 43's first month in office. Dropped 913.96 in Obama's first month.

Ready to tune them up: "One good thing about the transcendentally shallow political mindsets of the cynical culture priests... when the counter-revolution comes, and I think it will come soon, they will be too addled by art prattle to recognize its manifestations. They will think the pitchforks mere signifiers of threat, possibly an antiquated reference to the biblical character beelzebub, and the flames nipping at their heels a merely academic arrangement of tongue-like ornament in the baroque manner." -ILLUSTRATION ART: KERRY JAMES MARSHALL
Twitter is a huge waste of time Which is of course the appeal.
Book of the Year So Far: $15,000 For A Harry Potter Paperback? - Luxist
Somewhere a large stall shower is missing its curtain: Webutante: Quick Oscar Fashion From Best to Appalling

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