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February 22, 2009

VIA Monday 2/23

ThreatsWatch.Org: Mexico - A Narco-Insurgency At America's Border
THE 1960S "when the movie industry in the United States became fatally infected with the virus of Christ-hating Communist scum imported from the Soviet Union and Europe." -Big Hollywood on The War for the Castle of our Imagination
TEOTWAWKI: "When the Sun heats up enough, our oceans will boil permanently. And when this happens, we’ll experience the ultimate in the greenhouse effect. -When The Oceans Boil… | Starts With A Bang!

The 2009 Oscars in one line: "The Oscars were once again all about scumbag millionaires." -Dan Collins
It is a shame that racism still exists in this country. But the Eric Holders, the Jesse Jacksons, the Al Sharptons, and the Barack Obamas of the world are keeping this issue alive. Mr. Holder, the shame and the cowardice of racism belong to you -- not to my son and me. -American Thinker: Racism, Eric Holder, my Son and Me
Obama Unveils Bold New Plan to Wreck U.S. Economy
Hi, everybody. As you all know, the failed policies of the previous administration have plunged us into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. If something isn't done immediately, every single citizen of the United States may soon die.
lines and colors on Crayola Crayons A box of eight is a little over a dollar and you can buy them just about anywhere (worth the price just for that wonderful smell).
Russia's got its head on straight about global warming. “The heating season will be reduced and this is a positive factor for us as it will allow us to economise on fuel,” Alexander Bedritsky, head of Russia’s state weather centre, was quoted as saying by RIA news agency.
American Thinker: Primates Fear Backlash "I fear that many people not familiar with the primate culture will use this incident as an excuse to further alienate and demonize the primate community," said Moko Zimbabwe, CAAR (Congress for American-Ape Relations) spokeswoman.
Is it any coincidence that the decline of California coincides with, among other trends, the idolatrous narcissism of California elites? I think not." - Sense of Events: Religious environmentalism & California's decline

Oscar's finally out of the closet. To low ratings. "Trophy boys. The result is thatvery handsome young men will now join very beautiful young women on stage carrying out the Oscar statuettes. If that's not an acknowledgement thatviewership for the Academy Awards these days is limited to only females and gays, I don't know what is." - Nikki Finke OSCARS CRISIS!

No longer morning in Gaymerica: "I used to be for gay marriage. I watched how they harassed Prop 8 supporters. Piss on gay marriage." -- Don Surber サ Blog Archive サ Just ask me

Blog headline of the day: bioephemera : Soft as the womb of a marshmallow mermaid
It's always something: Office Chair Explodes, Sending Shrapnel Into Boy's Rear, Killing Him - Geekologie

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