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October 30, 2008

Friday, October 31


Pumpkin Eaters of the Deep



Page of the Day: The Classic Bleat by LILEKS (James) Serving America Rants Done Right Since the Year Dot.
"Once you start to believe in the dark shadowy forces, you're done with the world. You're done engaging it, you're done enjoying it. There's no point. It's a sham, a shell, a shiny facade erected by the Jews / Bilderburgers / Trilateral Commission/ Council on Foreign Relations / Project for a New American Century / Masons / Knights Templar / Illuminati / Federal Reserve / Rockefeller-Royal Family Nexus / Bush Crime Syndicate / League of Grim Intent, and all you can do is post on the internet and call talk radio to argue with the hosts who think we're free people."

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October 29, 2008

Thursday, October 30


Gas Prices in Des Moines

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October 28, 2008

Wednesday, October 29


Page of the Day: Sippican Cottage
Let me tell you about the blade.... You think that you're smart. You think that you can put your hand near the blade, as long as you don't push your hand right in it. It doesn't work that way.... You have to avoid putting yourself in the position where your hand will be drawn into the blade and there's nothing you can do to stop it. There was no danger, really; you were maimed without danger announcing itself first. It was there all along in a way you'll never "get" until it's too late." - From Politics

Rev. Wright's Home Courtesy Poor Black Parishioners.

Via the invaluable Brutally Honest.


Red Star Over Obama

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We want our people to be obedient...

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Tuesday, October 28


Page of the Day: Jaded Heaven
"Wild forays into rambling farce, swaggering opinion and villainous stories, sprinkled with a ribald lagniappe of jolly smut."


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October 27, 2008

Monday, October 27


Poor James and the Swamp Crows "OBAMA, NO MERCI BEAUCOUP"

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October 26, 2008

Sunday, October 26


Available now @ ExUrban League

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October 24, 2008

Saturday, October 25


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October 23, 2008

Friday, October 24

Role of the "Undecided"/"Lying" voter in the coming All-American Autofornication Festival:

Via nime

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October 22, 2008

Thursday, October 23


Transcript HERE

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Wednesday, October 22


Who's that knocking on my window?

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October 21, 2008

Tuesday, October 21


Pull pin and get away.

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October 20, 2008

Monday, October 20


YUM! Lattice-Top Bacon Apple Pie



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Not About Race. Right.
"Secretary Powell says his endorsement is not about race," Limbaugh wrote in an e-mail. "OK, fine. I am now researching his past endorsements to see if I can find all the inexperienced, very liberal, white candidates he has endorsed. I'll let you know what I come up with. I was also unaware of his dislike for John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Anthony Kennedy and Antonin Scalia. I guess he also regrets Reagan and Bush makinghim a four-starand secretary of state and appointing his son to head the FCC. Yes, let's hear it for transformational figures." - Powell endorses Obama

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October 19, 2008

How about a nice hot cup of cute?

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October 18, 2008

Hedge Fund Manager to Everybody Else: Goodbye and F---- You
I was in this game for the money. The low hanging fruit, i.e. idiots whose parents paid for prep school, Yale, and then the Harvard MBA, was there for the taking. These people who were (often) truly not worthy of the education they received (or supposedly received) rose to the top of companies such as AIG, Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers and all levels of our government. All of this behavior supporting the Aristocracy, only ended up making it easier for me to find people stupid enough to take the other side of my trades. God bless America.... I will no longer manage money for other people or institutions. I have enough of my own wealth to manage.

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A new low in disgusting political advertisements. But it won't last. There will a new "new low" along any day now. Depend upon it.
HT: Ken Wheaton @Advertising Age - Campaign Trail

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Re-educating Rapists the Old-Fashioned Way: Woman walks through market holding severed head of man who tried to rape her
'She put the head on parade,' said Mr Bharose. 'She walked right through all the crowds who were buying their vegetables, holding the head up high. 'All her clothes were covered in blood, but as far as she was concerned that didn't matter. She just wanted to make a point and she definitely succeeded in doing that.

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The Uses of Disenchantment:
The circumstances may vary, but maybe human folly is constant. That is paradoxically encouraging in its way because it implies that human virtue, courage and endurance can be counted on to ride to the rescue. The Greatest Generation always exists for those who are forced to assume that mantle. Inspiration has always been the handmaiden of necessity and perhaps renewal is often forced upon society by collapse. -Belmont Club サ A blast from the past

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And the coveted ScrappleFace Editorial Board Endorsement Goes to... Barack Obama!
According to friends (who he calls ‘Obam-associates’) , Barack Obama is so cool… The only reason he doesn’t smoke very often is that the flame on his cigarette keeps going out.

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Urban Primitives:
"The over-urbanized are the willing clients of the nanny state. They are loathe to take responsibility for anything; they assume when anything goes wrong, some specialist or expert will fix it. Even when they have children they expect “child-care facilities”. They are salaried people; few have ever taken a risk on their own dime. Their taxes are lifted from them at source.... They think of the city and the government as something that was always there -- as a second nature. They are defenceless when primary nature reasserts itself (as we saw, poignantly, in New Orleans). Like isolated and primitive peoples elsewhere, they develop superstitions -- “urban myths” -- that account for the mysterious provision of their public services, and they worship their “rainmaking” urban political gods. Their lives are regulated by principles of “political correctness” bound in on every side by taboo." - David Warren

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"Have we replaced the electoral college with the editorial college?"
The Obama-Biden ticket maintains its strong lead in the race for newspaper endorsements, picking up 17 more papers in the past day, - Treacher: Why hasn't McCain conceded yet

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October 16, 2008

Ah, er, about that "loss of species everyday" meme that's been going around... Hundreds of New Species Found off Tasmania - National Geographic

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Jaswinder Singh, 45, was found by police making kebabs at Pappu Sweet Center and Catering in Wolverhampton in August in a kitchen where a dead man was lying on a sofa. As well the corpse, the policeman discovered another man smoking and spitting repeatedly on the floor, while in a room near the kitchen, a defrosting chicken, oozing blood and juices, was covered with flies. - File under Restaurants from Hell

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Right now,
a typesetter is laying down the words Dewey Wins! Right now, Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democrat nominee. Right now, George Washington is refusing a crown. Right now, Barack Obama is training ACORN workers. Right now, Margaret Sanger is preaching eugenics. Right now, a Pole is made Pope. Right now, Nero is watching Rome burn. Right now, Peter, that city’s first Bishop, is being crucified and turned upside down. - Presumption, Illusions & Reality The Anchoress

Right now.

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Midori-san, the blogging houseplant:
If houseplants could blog, what would they say? To find out, Kamakura-based IT company KAYAC Co., Ltd. has developed a sophisticated botanical interface system that lets plants post their thoughts online. A succulent Sweetheart Hoya (Hoya kerii) named “Midori-san” is now using the system to blog daily from its home at bowls Donburi Cafe in Kamakura.

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O don't know nothing about nobody:
"The thing I find so amazing, however, is how easily Barack Obama denies the persons with whom his ties are deep, meaningful and long-standing. How easily does Obama abandon his friends! Is there no such thing as loyalty in that crowd? Perhaps it’s a natural lack. -baldilocks: The Other Peter Principle

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We know a lot about very little:
"96% of all matter and energy in our universe is some unknown variety we call dark. It is clear that "dark" is a euphemism for ignorance.  We really have no idea what the bulk of the universe is made of.  We find a similar state of ignorance if we probe deeply into the cell, the brain, or even the earth.  We don'€™t know nothin'€™. -Kevin Kelly -- The Technium

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Joe (The Plumber) Wurzelbacher gets it:

"Well, I mean, quite honestly, why should they be penalized for being successful. I mean, that's what you're telling me. That's what it sounds like you're saying. That's wrong. Because you're successful, you have to pay more than everybody else? We all live in this country. It's a basic right. And Obama wants to take that basic right and penalize me for it, is what it comes down to. That's a very socialist view and it's incredibly wrong. I mean, $250,000 now. What if he decides, well you know $150,000, you're pretty rich too. Let's go ahead and lower it again. You know it's a slippery slope. When's it going to stop?" - Campaign Spot

He's right. You've got to look at the starting point and then ramp it out for five or ten years.

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October 15, 2008

Smash Shack Because sometimes...you just need to break something!

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More from Surveying the Abyss @ The Doctor Is In
For years we have tolerated incompetence, corruption, dishonesty — and yes, greed — in government while looking the other way. On those rare occasions when politicians have made principled stands, we have rewarded them with a firestorm of political assault, full-throated media ridicule and criticism, and enormous financial pressure from lobbyists pouring money into the pockets of those who purport to represent the people. We have elected a government of the people, in the most literal and disgraceful sense: we have elected, and kept in office, those who share our desire for self-gratification and materialistic acquisition at the expense of character, moral integrity, honesty, and prudence. The cesspool which is our current Congress is what we have reaped by our own actions — or perhaps more accurately, by our inaction. We have elected those politicians who are like us in every way — and we hate them for it. They are, after all, created in our own image.

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October 14, 2008

Ringo Starr gives you the warning. He's got no time for fan mail.

Ringo who?

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$15 bucks for F The Economy @ Rumplo, A Place for T-shirts

It'll be cheaper by Christmas.

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October 13, 2008

NOW HEAR THIS! Note to everybody who can't stop moaning that it's all over and we're going to end up in Room 101 with rat-cages strapped to our faces
"What you're feeling right now is not natural. It's the result of prolonged exposure to harmful radiation from a highly toxic, media-infected presidential campaign. Symptoms may include nausea, sweating, constant checking of poll results, dizziness, fever, irritation at glaring double standards, coughing, Googling, loss of appetite, bewilderment at a world seemingly gone mad, vaginal dryness, and Drudge." - Treacher

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900-Pound Giant Squid Joins Cast Of 'The View'
"Like many past hosts, who have come from such diverse backgrounds as law, stand-up comedy, and local news, the squid was a virtual unknown before joining the cast. Plucking it from relative obscurity, producers discovered the squid 26,000 feet below sea level in the Mariana Trench and said to themselves, 'This is the perspective the show has been lacking.'

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You must remember this.... :
"Technology unguided by strategy, intellectual integrity and purpose doesn't guarantee anything but the faster eventuation of stupidity." - Belmont Club サ Man and machine

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The Redistributionist Obama: "When you spread the wealth around it's good for everybody."

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"Even a dead cat will bounce if it falls from a great height."
The Dow Jones industrials gained more than 900 points in a stunning rebound from days of big losses to close at 936.42.

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"With today's award to Paul Krugman,
the Nobel as gone to an economist who died a decade ago. The person alive to receive the award is merely a public intellectual, a person operating in the same domain as Oprah Winfrey. And even as a public intellectual, the prize is inappropriate, because never before has a scientist operating in the capacity of a public intellectual so abused and debased the science he purports to represent. Krugman's New York Times column drawing on economics is the equivalent of 2006's Nobelists in Physics, astromers Mather and Smoot, doing a column on astrology -- and then, in that column, telling lies about astronomy." - The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid

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Wordplay and Wordsmithing -- Excellent Headline of the Day: The audacity of empotence by Exurban League

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Current confirmation that our contemporary culture is garbage: Jeff Koons exhibit @ Versailles 2008

New Hoover Convertibles, in the Antichambre du Grand Couvert

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October 12, 2008

Ole! A dumber and poorer California coming right up:
"California provides a glimpse of what such changes might mean for America’s economic future. The Center for Public Policy and Higher Education predicts that unless the rate of college matriculation among “underrepresented” minorities (that is, Hispanics) immediately rises, the state will face an 11 percent drop in per capita income by 2020." -Honesty from the Left on Hispanic Immigration by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal 8 October 2008

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It's Just This Simple: A continuing series.

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October 11, 2008

Don't worry. Be happy. Things can always get worse....







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Days of Future Past:
"JUNE 15, 2027: A startling revelation comes in the form of Obama's postpresidential autobiography, Cutting Backdoor: He admits that the decision to keep troops in Iraq was forced upon him by the Bilderberg Group, a secret society of world leaders who control the global economy. The book explains how Bilderberg's leadership concluded that the U.S. would not be prepared for a post-oil society for at least forty years; the only solution was to establish an American presence in the Middle East that provided unlimited access to petroleum, thereby staving off worldwide economic collapse. Three months after the book's release, Obama disappears in a mysterious boating mishap." - A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century - Esquire

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"On like a pot of neck bones:"
My frothing at the mouth family member isn't alone in her belief that something wicked this way comes, and it isn't just the conservatives, or the liberals, it's a bipartisan epidemic of temporary insanity. Both sides are firing up the mudslinger, sharpening their tongues, they are as we say in certain circles, Mother Fucking each other. Both candidates are getting a little rough, McCain pulled the "liar liar pants on fire" card at some Republican Rally, Obama fired back with the "I know what you did 20 years ago" defense, the press picked up the ball, and now as my Okie cousins like to say, it's on like a pot of neck bones. - Is that the mark of the Beast or just a mole?

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October 10, 2008

Sterilizations Skyrocket as Economy Crumbles
“I first considered sterilization when the stock market was getting hammered and big banks were failing all across the country,” said 23-year-old Zack Cox of Ballard. “But what really sealed the deal for me was when Congress passed that absolutely insane bailout package. I realized that the only way to avoid having my children, and my grand children, and my great-grand children saddled with the bill for the reckless, irresponsible economic blunders of today was to ensure that I never have any children to begin with.”
....In just the past week since Congress passed the $700+ billion Wall Street bailout, Seattle Reproductive Medicine (SRM) has performed over nine thousand tubal ligations, thirteen thousand vasectomies, and seventeen castrations. Hundreds of these were for couples that had been working with SRM for years in attempts to get pregnant, but abruptly changed course after last week’s bailout.

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Advertising. Nothing Left Untouched.


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IsLaMI cIhAD ate my blogroll:Sense of Events: Blogrolling.com hacked

I'll have to rebuild over time.

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October 9, 2008

Because the male children of the American Elites have no dicks:
Human Vs. Zombie Tag A Growing Trend On College Campuses, Having Sex Declining

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ACORN Files Voting Rights Suit on Behalf of Imaginary-Americans
"Whether we are obituary notices, hallucinatory giant rabbits, or strings of random keyboard strokes, it's time for the chimera community to stand up and claim our rights as citizens," said ASDFG. "We will no longer be silent and invisible. Okay, maybe invisible." - iowahawk

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October 8, 2008

Fools rush in where fools have been before:


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Prayers for Dean Barnett:
Omnipotent and eternal God, the everlasting Salvation of those who believe, hear us on behalf of Thy sick servant, Dean Barnett, for whom we beg the aid of Thy pitying mercy, that, with his bodily health restored, he may give thanks to Thee in Thy church. Through Christ our Lord.


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We'd suggested sending in an Iranian Rosa Parks, but she'd just be hung.
"Iran's hardline Islamic government encourages gender separation, and last year backed a proposal to create a womens' bicycle which covered the rider's legs and upper body. A women-only taxi service, with female drivers, has been launched in the country's main cities and buses and underground trains are segregated." - Women's car with electronic parking aids unveiled in Iran

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Buy? Not Just Yet: Captain Capitalism sez The Stock Market is About Where It Should Be
"You should not be loading up on stocks now, because you’d be paying the historically average price of a stock which is $16 in stock price for each $1 in earnings. You’re not getting a deal, you’re paying retail. People should wait for the market to REALLY go on sale, and with a recession guaranteed, it’s almost a surety it will. You laugh at Cramer suggesting a 7,700 Dow, just like my big time former employers laughed at me when I said there was a housing bubble (and an Asian currency crisis and a Dotcom Bubble), but you might just want to (for a change) listen."

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What's for dinner? How about SWEET AND SAUCY GRILLED SALMON?
Recipe by Alaska Fisherman Sarah Palin Wasilla, Alaska

HT: Ninme

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Virtual Memories- Pet: noun or verb?

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Flying Rule of Thumb: Three mistakes equals one crash.
"Events may now be driven by forces that are beyond short term human control, as if some dynamical system boundary into nonlinear response has been crossed.  In that chaotic environment, Presidential leads don't switch on things like "who won the debate" any more than the financial meltdown is responding to bailout packages. They respond to a combination of things which we don't understand, though we pretend to. So we pull back on the stick and stomp on the rudder pedals but the crate just has a mind of its own." - Belmont Club » The second debate

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Brokow's got questions. Surber's got answers:
"Tom, listen to me. And yourself. You just admonished my worthy opponent for speaking longer than you want. And then you break the rules by asking another question instead of allowing these good people who waited in line to be part of this audience to ask their questions. And only a Washington-based journalist would ask about "a date certain." Setting a deadline to grapple with such a long-term problem is a recipe for a disaster. In one word, no. In two words, hell no." -Don Surber Just ask me

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Two Sharp Points:
"If this financial crisis "proves" that capitalism and free markets just don't work, isn't the generally lower standard of living in nations with other systems a far more conclusive proof that other systems are much worse? Second, as the example of Zimbabwe amply demonstrates, it is not the zeroes in the end that matter but what those zeroes can buy. If the financial crisis makes everything cheaper the same percentage as my net worth goes down, I am no worse off than I used to be. " -The Fourth Checkraise: Purchasing power

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Sign O' The Times

From EU Referendum: God help us!

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Clown Cars in the Center Ring Too
"The whole election has become a surreal freak show; it's like watching a German game show with dancing monkeys and talking sausages and accordion music and sternly pursed lips. It's freaking me out! -Rachel Lucas

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October 7, 2008


Darfur has all the luck:
Sudan hit by Apollo Asteroid TC3 is estimated to be only two to five meters in diameter but exploded with the force of a one kiloton nuclear device. Asteroids of this size hit the Earth every few months according JPL scientists.

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How McCain can win election tonight:
"Promise the American people that if he is elected, he will appoint Rudy Giulliani as Attorney General and his first order of business will be to investigate, indict and prosecute all those involved in any wrong doing in the sub-prime mortgage debacle, from Wall Street, to K Street to Main Street." -The Anchoress

Will McCain be this smart? As LBJ once said, "I don't want to hold out any hopes for you I don't hold out for myself."

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GADE (Googles Against Drunk Emailing) says "Don't drink and email."
"When you enable Mail Goggles, it will check that you're really sure you want to send that late night Friday email. And what better way to check than by making you solve a few simple math problems after you click send to verify you're in the right state of mind?" - Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Stop sending mail you later regret

Hummm, I wonder what other bits of your personal behavior the passionate butt-insky prigs at Google are going to try to "help" you with.

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Today's "I'm Writing As Bad As I Can" Award Goes to Paul Tharp at the New York Post:
"The seismic jolt sent through global stock markets yesterday has ratcheted up the pressure on Fed chief Ben Bernanke, New York Federal Reserve Bank President Tim Geithner and SEC chief Chris Cox - three pivotal players who had hoped for a period of post-rescue bill calm in order to surgically attack the time bombs still ticking on their watches. Pulling the trigger first was Bernanke...." - BEN BERNANKE, TIM GEITHNER, AND CHRIS COX LEAD FIGHT TO SAVE MARKET - New York Post HT: Virtual Memories

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Low class politics:
"The political class isn't attracting the best talent in the nation. It's not even attracting the second-best." -Instapundit.com -

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October 6, 2008


SNL Skit YouTube Banned Available: Pat Dollard @ Young Americans Puts It Up: It Is Here! The Banned SNL Skit Cannot Hide From Louie"
It gets put up, it gets yanked, put up, yanked.
Yank this, bitches...

HT: Malkin

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"Suckers on a Grand Scale:"
"Marxism, Freudianism, global warming. These are proof--of which history offers so many examples--that people can be suckers on a grand scale. To their fanatical followers they are a substitute for religion. Global warming, in particular, is a creed, a faith, a dogma that has little to do with science. If people are in need of religion, why don't they just turn to the genuine article?" -Paul Johnson, The Nonsense of Global Warming - Forbes.com

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Rabbi Daniel Jackson on the view from Israel:
"From this side of the big pond, the US appears to be suffering from gout and totally self absorbed ignoring Iranian-Syrian-North Korean nuclear deals and Russian fleet deployments--as if they do not exist. The US election has become reduced to a variation of a "You ain't prejudiced, baby?" pick up ploy while Congress is frantic over reelections and Bush is reading retirement flyers." - Sense of Events: We ARE Meshuga

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Valuable Lies of the MSM:
"The fact that the MSM continues to publish the lie about Palin's stance on matters such as the rape kit is unlikely to be due to either stupidity or ignorance. The rape kit allegation has been mentioned to me quite prominently by the women I know; it seems to strike a special chord and to provoke tremendous outrage. Even if the MSM knows it's a lie, it's just too valuable a lie for the MSM to give up." -neo-neocon Palin's women problem

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"Love's the Only Engine of Survival" Leonard Cohen's Brave New World Anthem
The Future

Give me back my broken knife,
my mirrored room, my secret life.
It's lonely here,
there's no one left to torture.
Give me absolute control
over every living soul,
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!

Give me crack and anal sex.
Take the only tree that's left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture.
Give me back the Berlin Wall.
give me Stalin and St Paul.
I've seen the future, brother:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions.
Won't be nothing,
Nothing you can measure anymore.
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold,
and it has overturned
the order of the soul.
When they said REPENT REPENT,
I wonder what they meant.
When they said REPENT REPENT,
I wonder what they meant,
When they said REPENT REPENT,
I wonder what they meant.

You don't know me from the wind.
You never will, you never did.
I'm the little Jew
who wrote the Bible.
I've seen the nations rise and fall.
I've heard their stories, heard them all,
but love's the only engine of survival.
Your servant here, he has been told
to say it clear, to say it cold:
It's over, it ain't going
any further.
And now the wheels of heaven stop.
You feel the devil's RIDING crop.
Get ready for the future:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide ...

There'll be the breaking of the ancient
western code.
Your private life will suddenly explode.
There'll be phantoms.
There'll be fires on the road,
and a white man dancing.
You'll see a woman
hanging upside down,
her features covered by her fallen gown,
and all your lousy little poets
coming round
tryin' to sound like Charlie Manson,
and the white man dancin'.

Give me back the Berlin Wall.
Give me Stalin and St Paul.
Give me Christ
or give me Hiroshima.
Destroy another fetus now.
We don't like children anyhow.
I've seen the future, baby:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide ...

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October 5, 2008

No point value

neo-neocon Politics as Scrabble
"Fifty-nine percent of those polled want to turn in their Congressional tiles and pick some new ones. Of course, when you do that, sometimes you get an even worse hand. But if the tiles you're holding are bad enough -- all vowels, for example - you're willing to get rid of them and take your chances. I suppose that's part of what makes some people want to vote for Obama. Especially those who see him as that magical blank tile that can be anything you want it to be."

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Either the greatest or the worst sandwich filling since the invention of, well, peanut butter. The P.B. Slice We report. You deride.

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"People spewing crap
that makes no sense, bucking tradition just so they can brag about doing it…showing off for each other. End times. They’re a-comin’. If frogs wuz raining down out of the sky, the signs wouldn’t be clearer." -House of Eratosthenes

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Professors of Depravity:
"So I guess academia naturally goes to the lowest ethical level. Professors should be expected to support moral monsters and tyrants. Most of the tyrants of the 20th century had a lot of professors behind them. - The Dartmouth Review: TDR Exclusive Interview: Peter Kreeft

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DIDN'T YOU EVER NOTICE... ...there is no female equivalent of male bonding.
Why Some Women Hate Sarah Palin With all this extra baggage a female candidate has to bear, the chances of finding a woman whom other women won't hate seem skinnier than last year's jeans. But don't despair, if all else fails, we could just do what we always do and just vote in some guy. It's worked so well for us in the past.

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"Hit 'em again. Hit 'em again. Harder. Harder."
"The Associated Press is wrong,” Palin said. “The comments are about an association that has been known but hasn't been talked about, and I think it’s fair to talk about where Barack Obama kicked off his political career, in the guy's living room.” -Palin

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Boss Bombs at Obama Bash Line short for [Free] Springsteen tickets at Eastern Michigan University "Springsteen will be the headliner at an Obama rally at Oestrike Stadium."

"... because chumps like us, baby we were born to bomb."

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Time to thank God, yet again, that you live in America:
Female fan's kiss ends music concert in Kuwait Al-Adwani also said Sunday that the fan's behavior broke controls on public entertainment, which were imposed by influential Muslim fundamentalists after they failed in 1997 to ban concerts altogether. Concerts have to be licensed by the government, and monitors from the Information Ministry watch the crowd to make sure nobody stands up to dance.

HT: The Hemmerdinger Report

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Doug Ross is begging the RNC to run this ad: Complete story board at the link.


Can the RNC possibly be that smart?

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October 4, 2008

One minute of Wow!:

Vianeo-neocon, "€œCaught"€ in mid-air

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Global Labor and Politics: Who "sent" Obama?
Thus, we have one possible answer to the question: Who "sent" Obama? It was the Ayers family, including Tom, John, Bill and Bernardine Dohrn. It is highly unlikely that a 30-something second year lawyer would have been plucked from relative obscurity out of a left wing law firm to head up something as visible and important in Chicago as the Annenberg Challenge by Bill Ayers if Ayers had not already known Obama very well. One possibility is that Obama proved himself to the Ayers's in the battle for local school control when he was at the DCP in the 80s.

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by Ray Van Dune

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Walking the Walk vs. Talking, talking, talking... When It Comes To Charity, It's Not Even Close. The Palins Are Almost 12X As Charitable As the Bidens when measured by charitable contributions as a percent of Adjusted Grosss Income in 2006 and 2007:

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How's that independence from France thing working out?: BBC: Guineans mark '50 years of poverty' [HT: Chicago Boyz ]

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Sun gets a small zit:
Speckwatch « Watts Up With That? The question now is: how long will the sunspeck last? Longevity has not been a virtue for similarly sized sunspecks this year.

"There's a little black spot on the sun today
It's the same old thing as yesterday
There's a black hat caught in a high tree top
There'€™s a flag-pole rag and the wind won'€™t stop."

-- Sting, King of Pain

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Big Bangs All the Way Down:

Big Bang or Big Bounce?: New Theory on the Universe's Birth: Scientific American

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October 3, 2008

World's Cutest Octopus: The "Dumbo."



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What This Family Needs is a $700K Emergency Loan
"Sure, we could sit around all day and argue the petty details, like whether or not it was a good idea to spend $600,000 on a 4-bedroom rambler in Renton on our family income of $35,000, or whether we should have given you children credit cards to buy lottery tickets."

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Pit Bulls - An Appreciation:
"Kill them all. I am a dog owner and a dog lover, and as such, I say again, KILL THEM ALL. All current Pit Bull rescues or shelters or tenements should immediately be converted to crematoriums." - The Dipso Chronicles: First Installment of "Let's Get Rid Of"

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Metaphor of the day:
"Sarah Palin saved John McCain again Thursday night. She is the political equivalent of cardiac paddles: Clear! Zap! We've got a beat! -Declarations - WSJ.com

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Slam-bam I'm feelin' alright

Troubles take a hike in the blink of an eye

Don't need to psychoanalyze or have a stiff drink

All she's gotta do is just give me that wink

Here's lookin' at you: Final: 69.9 million viewers -- Palin-Biden the most-watched vp debate ever

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Unchanging Forever:
"Alternative weeklies (such as our our Eye Weekly) are the most conservative form of all media, in the sense of there never is any dissent or change. Across the continent, all these independent weeklies are totally interchangable in that the "alternative" weekly of one city is identical to that of any other city, with the same scathingly left-wing columns, avant-garde comic strips and articles about local bands named Crank Shaft or Gutbucket." -The Fourth Checkraise: But does he shop at Brooks Brothers?

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The Cowboy Way:
"Being a cowboy is the pinnacle of evolution. Once you’re at cowboy, there’s nowhere to go but down. Cowboys don’t look for fights, but they don’t run away from them either. They do what they have to do, when they have to do it. And they usually have to do it alone, because everyone wants Black Bart’s gang out of town, but no one wants to walk down the street alongside the sheriff and get shot doing it. " -Cowboys and Secret Agents by Bill Whittle on National Review Online

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We're Number One! Seattle tops the Forbes list of Hardest Places To Sell A Home -Forbes.com

Philadelphia has had by far the steepest increase in home sales, with transactions more than doubling from the same time the previous year. Seattle marks the other end of the sales spectrum, having seen its transaction numbers drop by 43.7% from the previous year.

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Door. Ass. Bang. NYT Maureen Dowd Kicked Off McCain's Campaign Plane: He's 'Dismissive of 1st Amendment'

Or just dismissive of bitter, unfunny columnists in clown hats.

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Working Men:
"They'd all smoke all the time around flammable things and never cause a fire. They'd drink themselves blind after work, but never miss the following day. They were late if they weren't 30 minutes early, too. They always carried a newspaper. If someone brought them a phone while they were working (It's for you.) there was someone dead on the other end of the line." -Sippican Cottage: It's (Still) Coming

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The Army Sea-Smurfs Coming soon to a home town near you, the CBRNE Consequence Management Response Force, or CCMRF (pronounced “sea-smurf”)

“We’ve been all over the world during this time of conflict, but now our mission is to take care of citizens at home ... and depending on where an event occurred, you’re going home to take care of your home town, your loved ones.” -Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1

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October 2, 2008

Prediction: Watch for a whole new, severe strain of Palin Derangement Syndrome to begin tonight. They hated her before tonight. They are going to pour on more unfathomable hate at a level we have never seen before. Sarah, we're praying for you.

And so say we all.

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It's baaack! The Obama Youth - Junior Fraternity Regiment which was pulled off of YouTube by the "owner" after getting a bit too much attention, has been reposted by another user. We'll see how long this lasts.
Watch and be amazed.

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I've only got about 15 left to go. I'd better get busy: Types of Skills Everyone Should Know – Video – Top 100 Important Skills - Popular Mechanics

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Ifill clears Ifill:
WASHINGTON - As expected, a blue ribbon panel from the Ifill Center for Media Ethics cleared award-winning political journalist Gwen Ifill of all charge today, ending a lengthy 20 minute investigation into "ethics" charges that most observers believe were motivated by politics and racism. Ifill, like dynamic groundbreaking President-in-Waiting Barack Obama, is Black. The complete exoneration clears the way for Ifill to moderate the Vice Presidential debate tonight between respected Senate veteran Joe Biden and former beauty pageant loser Sarah Palin. -iowahawk

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NYT Circulation - The Starbucks Factor
Speaking of starving the weeds, the New York Times has a circulation of 1,077,256 from info I found on the web (fortunately declining). I noticed that my local Starbucks (central valley California) carried the NYT. So I enquired with management who said they were required to purchase 10 copies a day it was part of Starbucks image I was told. We have four Starbucks and it was the same in all. If all US Starbucks stores are forced to carry 10 copies and there are 11,434 Starbucks in the US that alone represents 10.6% of the NYT circulation. If all stores world wide (16,226) were forced to carry the NYT it would represent 15.1% of their circulation. I don't normally agree with secondary boycotts, but if those who want to impact left wing media would write Starbuck about there policy, it might make a difference. I take my business elsewhere. - From a comment on a previous item

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Greatest Mug Shot. Ever.

Udderly Confused: [Bumped because of new mugshot]
(Middletown, OH) -- Saturday night, people in the 3100 block of Wilbraham Road called police to report a woman wearing a cow costume was chasing kids, and blocking traffic. Michele Allen also allegedly urinated on the porch of one neighbor.
When officers arrived, they told her to go home. But later that night, they found her again, in the 2400 block of Verity, standing in traffic. This time, officers say, Allen smelled of alcohol and swore at them. [Additional details: Despite having two nights to sober up, Allen was in a foul mood Monday, yelling at jailers. "She was challenging people to 'suck her udders,'" Hoffman said. "I'm not joking."] She was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Allen plead guilty, Monday morning, in Middletown Municipal Court, and sentenced to a month in jail. - The Big One

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The Dish
Obama worship: I don't care if it rains or freezes / As long as I've got my Plastic Jesus
On Biden: I think Team Sarah is petrified.
How to defeat the MSM:Starve the weeds, feed the flowers.
No Remote Fast Enough: Channel 073-00 on the Dish Network is now labeled OBAMA. The channel plays his two-minute ad laying out his economic plan on a loop, over and over. -Politico.com

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The Poetry of Panic:

And other parables.
American Thinker: Clowns in the Cockpit
Capitalism: the worst system except for all the others
Six Social Policy Myths: Most of these people believe similar things and think in similar ways. They were educated in the same kinds of degree courses, reading the same books and internalising the same basic theories and perspectives. They interact regularly at seminars and conferences where they reaffirm the core ideas they share. They referee each other’s writings, award each other research contracts, and evaluate each other’s job applications. They often live in the same neighbourhoods, send their children to the same schools, and read the same newspapers and periodicals. Collectively, they ‘know’ what our society is like, and they ‘know’ what needs to be done to improve it.
Kevin Kelly -- Narrow Gates of Inevitability My death is inevitable, but how I die is not.
WaMu moolah: CEO Alan Fishman may make $19 million for 17 days' work
Francis W. Porretto - Eternity Road It is worth noting that 90% or more of what the Federal Government does today is forbidden it by the Constitution.
The Little Death: Secular humanists often have no backup plan beyond the government saving their sorry backsides.... Fear is a big city menace, a symptom of the disease of liberalism.

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October 1, 2008


Happy Halloween

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