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January 8, 2014

Not So Fast, Fido: Problems the Canine Poop Compass


Do Dogs Poop In Alignment With The Earth’s Magnetic Field? | William M. Briggs Then there were problems with the dogs.
What in the world happened with “M07″, a 40-kilogram 4-year-old male Borzoi, who during the course of this most scientific study peed 2,478 times? Why, “M63″, a 25-kg 5-year-old Husky-Australian Shepherd mix, didn’t pee at all—though he pooped 46 times. The average looks to be (I did this by eye) around 50, um, efforts. All the authors said about this was that, sometimes, M07 was “analyzed separately”.

Posted by gerardvanderleun at January 8, 2014 9:10 AM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

Having taken my 2 female spaniels out 8 times or more each day for the past 13 years I have never noticed a specific direction in their headings.

Knowing that a dog is at it's most vulnerable while it is conducting business I might lend some credence to the idea that they may point in a particular direction to the wind. But I wouldn't bet on it.

Our Cocker tends to walk in circles while releasing the solid payload and takes all day to do it. Go figure.

The Brittany stands stationary, gets it over quick, then instantly leaves the scene of the crime with ears held high and a disgusted look on her face.

Dogs is funny people and my favorite kind.

Posted by: ghostsniper at January 8, 2014 10:01 AM

Mine has, but not usually.

Posted by: Sam L. at January 8, 2014 10:26 AM

These researchers are climate science majors who got an A in Advanced Data Manipulation 401.

Posted by: BillH at January 8, 2014 1:38 PM

By my reckoning, he looks to be about 3 degrees off.

Posted by: ahem at January 8, 2014 3:36 PM

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