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January 8, 2013

300 million guns. 100 million owners.

Roughly. A third of the nation owns guns. And the Constitution did not admit a natural right to them for the purposes of shooting bunnies and squirrels.
It is for the more stringent task of shooting tyrants, wherever they raise their heads. That's the whole point. Does this guy think he can make 33 percent of the country criminals with a stroke of the pen? Well, he has extraconstitutional czars, signing statements, executive orders, and appointments without Senate advice and consent with no blowback. Why not? FDR drank four martinis and decided to see if he could pack the Supreme Court. Why wouldn't this guy mainline a bit of narcissism and see where it takes him? Even a failure brings no rebuke. Just a minor setback. He'll try again. Dangerous times. This bastard reeks of Huey Long, and Hugo Chavez. I smell the sulphur. -- Velociworld: The Line In The Sand

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