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February 24, 2011

Egypt: The Reality-Show Revolution

So a revolution in Egypt is fake. It may not end happily in the long run; I doubt it will; but in the short run, it's no more than a reality-show coup.
Government has changed hands - to the extent that Egypt, now, is governed by any entity but Foggy Bottom - and it's a wrap. Everyone can party. It's true that the party was cut a little short when one of the revolution's producers was gang-raped by her own little brown brothers - so badly she spent five days in the hospital. Apparently either not everyone in that crowd was a doctor, a lawyer or a filmmaker. But who said they were? Really? And it's a wrap. But a revolution in Libya is real. This always happens: the fake revolutions start the real ones. -- Unqualified Reservations: Viscount Hinchingbrooke demurs

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