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February 27, 2011

Dr. Helen on "Why Should Child Men Man Up?"

Addressing Kay Hymowitz’s new book, Manning Up:
What do you have to offer these men you call child-men if they do man up? Are you going to ensure that they have fair access to their children should they divorce? Will you make sure that they aren't hauled off to jail if the wife makes false accusations of domestic violence? Will you let them keep the earnings and property that they worked for over years rather than have them turned over to their wife, even if she cheated and was abusive? Will you shield the millions of men who live in fear of their significant other but have nowhere to turn for help? Will you make marriage, in other words, as valuable to men as you think it is for women? -- Manning Up or Wimping Out

And Captain Capitalism underscores this with: When Men Leave the Market
The "man world" is DIRECTLY related to the economic crisis we face today AND IS ALSO THE SOLE SOLUTION to our economic problems today. It is the forefront of the battlefield and is precisely where all economic analysis should be focused (that is assuming we care to solve our little economic problems we face today). You want the recession to end? You want unemployment back to 4%? You want oil back below $2 a gallon? You want the US back on the road to supreme economic and military dominance and security? You want a world where your precious little children actually have a future? Put men back in charge (of course, what is funny, is if things keep going the way they are, men will inevitably end up in charge again, but it won't be the nice ones who appreciate democracy and the sanctity of women).

HT: Morgan, who pulls the two together at Washington Rebel

Posted by Vanderleun at February 27, 2011 2:14 PM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

Honest reaction from a mother of both -it's not as simple as either one of these.

As my son's mother, I know men will reply "yes it is that simple" and as my daughter's mother I know most women will agree with me. And in that result, you would see I'm right.

As a traditionalist, however, I think most women are best suited at home. I think a woman can find TREMENDOUS intellectual interest and challenge and fulfillment right at home, if they'd quit goofing off at bunco and yoga classes, which in my opinion, are pathetic answers to poker night and sports.

I left the mundane "play-date" circuit for more interesting adventures in motherhood as soon as my kids could count to 10 and that was just after they found discovered their fingers. Some women can't get their kids in daycare fast enough, for work or for self-indulgence. This is never a dilemma for men. Because it just isn't.

Men don't stay home because it would never occur to them to do so. And certainly they wouldn't spend all day burning calories for fear their working wife decides to dump them for a younger model.

At some point, someone needs to ask THE ONLY VALID question which is, which parent is better at caring for the home and kids? And in nearly 100% of the cases, the answer is mom. Period.

The simple solution is putting kids first. Women may be great in the workforce and in academia.. and they NEED to be educated and informed for the sake of raising educated and informed kids, in the unexpected situation they are suddenly abandoned or widowed. But men would not be so adaptable domestically.

So it complicates this issue to make it about men-vs-women or a question of who is better equipped intellectually and/or legally. It's not about that or at least it shouldn't be. It IS, however, about the kids and the family.

Not all women are great housekeepers or great cooks, but most women are good mothers. Not all men are great bread-winners, but they would work harder for a more clearly defined and "chivalrous" society with the encouragement and guidance and discipline of OTHER MEN.

And YES...with the vile and very real threat of Sharia.. I agree.. it's NO time to be PC regarding our economy, military and/or national security. Put men back in charge of what they are DESIGNED for.. and put women in charge of what THEY are designed for. Lara Logan assignment in Egypt is a perfect example of stupidity of blind equality re: international relations.

While I am a huge Palin supporter, I believe a President Palin would weaken America's image. It's become a deadly game. And in Sharia, not only do females suffer, the males suffer as well. It's a vile, beyond misogynistic, violent, existence in which violence toward women is celebrated. And I wouldn't wish it on either of my kids.

When they treat their own flesh and blood this way, it's no wonder they are so eager to kill infidels. But at the same time women should be warned of the violent men who might gain control, the ones who don't value the sanctity of women, we must also understand that if women are not cared for, and their children are not cared for, they will gravitate toward a Socialistic or even Islamic safety net.

Like I said, it's not as simple at the examples given in the post. But the priority should be kids and family and BOTH genders must be willing to follow a basic framework and abide by the behaviors that are condusive to such an aggreed framework.

I have found, from experience, even the most traditional of arrangements can go bad and "society" looks the other way. There are few advocates for the unprepared mother and even less sympathy. Men have to have their rights, parental rights, financial rights, etc.. but women have no support except government programs.

When BOTH sides prioritize the family and the kids and a fair model is developed and enforced by society and traditions, then there will be hope. But we are FAR from that. Very far. I know that from experience. I know that a a mother who desires a better way for BOTH my sons and daughters.

Posted by: RedCarolina at February 28, 2011 12:26 PM

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